Top 5 Cities for College Students to Visit in Europe

There’s no better time to travel then in the peak years of youth. With minimal obligations and commitments, there is an inherent freedom associated with those early years – that time when kids slowly start to become adults, still eager to learn about the world while beginning to carry out enough responsibility to take care of themselves. In a dream world, all young adults would be afforded the opportunity to traverse the globe and experience all cultures far and wide, without having to worry about time or expense.

Yet, reality unfortunately puts restraints on the globetrotting excursions and adventure plans of young adults today. Whether it be financial limitations or time constraints or the schedule of school, lengthy and extravagant trips abroad aren’t always possible or practical. Even with these limitations, it’s important for college students today to spread their wings and experience new and different cultures through travel.

To help, we’ve put together the top five European cities all college students should visit. No matter your budget or the busyness of your schedule, you absolutely must visit these cities during your higher education career.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic

Ever wanted to stop reading about fairytales and the land of make-believe and actually visit one? There’s no closer replica to the picturesque landscapes of those classic storybooks than Prague, with its winding cobblestone roads and ornate architecture. Treat yourself during the day to a stroll around the popular tourist site of Old Town Square, sampling hot sweet rolls and visiting the many galleries. At night, pop on over to Lucerna, a famous nightclub that only plays American hits from the ’80s and ’90s on Friday nights, and explore the various other bars and clubs that make up the city’s booming after-hours scene.

  1. Barcelona, Spain

While Madrid may be the official capital of Spain, Barcelona is no doubt the youth capital. Full of passion, culture, and art, it’s one of the most popular European destinations for college students. You can check out the incredibly fascinating architecture designed by Gaudi on your way to Sagrada Familia, a major church construction project that’s over a century and a half years old. Be sure to book your plans in early March when Abroadfest is happening, which is basically a massive continental party for students across Europe.

  1. Rome, Italy

What list wouldn’t be complete without Italy’s famed capital city? Whether you’re five or ninety-five, everyone must put this historical landmark on their bucket list. Why is it even more important for college students to see? Having come right off the heels of having read and studied the city’s history in school will afford students more appreciation when actually seeing and experiencing it in person. Toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain, channel your inner gladiator at the Colosseum, and enjoy a little gelato on the Spanish Steps. There’s so much to see and do in Rome that one trip likely won’t be enough.

  1. Paris, France

Like Rome, Paris too is a must-see for all ages. Spend a day devouring the Louvre and finally getting a glimpse of the (often less-than-impressive) Mona Lisa followed by a voyage out to the ostentatious Palace of Versailles where the royal family escaped used to escape the city (and where Kim and Kanye got married). Then climb the Eiffel Tower and watch the skyline light up in the most romantic city in the world. Whether your single or taken, you’ll fall in love with ol’ Parie.

  1. Munich, Germany

College and beer go together hand in hand, so what better way to pay homage to the world’s best brews than to jet off to Germany? Stop by during Oktoberfest for a citywide celebration of live music, festive dancing, and tons of drinks. It’s a one of a kind experience that’s beyond belief. While you’re there, check out the cars of your dreams at the BMW Museum and enjoy a pretzel at Marienplatz.

Just because you can’t see it all in one single trip doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of any and all opportunities to traverse the world. Whether you’re a senior at USC Online or a sophomore at Cornell University, traveling students far and wide absolutely must put a trip to Europe on their to-do list. So get off your computer, pack your bags and head off to one of these five fabulous cities while you’re still young.

Top ways to be a travel agent

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It is one of the best ideas to be a travel agent, as these days in this hectic schedule there are lot of people who try to be on long trip holiday that will help them to make their journey more interesting and amazing.  This is one of the best thing in which you will get to travel the world and can get perk of income out of this business.  But it is also true that a good travel agent must be aware about each and every destination and have to know the history and the current situation of the destination the people have to visit.

For becoming a great travel agent is not at all a big deal, just you need to have good education qualification and a degree that will be a proof of your trustful travel agent and you can easily apply all over the world.  The travel agent is one who can help you in booking up your tickets, hotel, arranging the vacations, etc. to make your trip more interesting and happening.  People can find number of place for their holidays and one of the finest places is Koh Chang Island. It is the among the most beautiful you have ever visited. Before booking up your agent you can easily search Koh Chang reviews for making up your journey more interesting and happening.

Let’s discuss some of the finest ways to be a perfect travel agent

  • Get a certification from the right institute: For becoming a perfect travel agent it is commonly very important to get an accurate certification of travel agent from a reputed institute. It is totally true that these days for getting a good job means you have to be well polished from a reputed institute.
  • Visit a travel planning classes: You need to attend the travel planning classes. If you will want to get income out of this field you need to be increase up your income.  You can check out the entire nearby institute and the colleges from where you can attend classes and get great experience. Set up an accurate timing for attend the classes.
  • Get an accurate license: If you are starting up your career as an travel agent then it is totally very necessary to make an accurate license, license is one of the important document that is been checked by all the country authority. Whether it is anywhere in the country you need to have a right travel agent license for making a right business.
  • Be a destination specialist:In order to be the good travel agent specialist you need to learn and take a look of each and every finest destination of the world. You can visit number of destination and can get great knowledge in brief about each and every location.  This travel should be based on grapping up good knowledge about the place, lifestyle, hotels and other special things over the places.
  • Join the reputed firm: For getting great money out of this field now it’s time to entered the reputed firm and be a qualified and an experienced professional travel agent.


How to choose best Limo hire with Affordable price

Getting the best cost when choosing a limo is not complex if you know what you are looking for and how much you are willing to spend. There are several facts to consider before you begin your search for the best costs on a limo hire. Any reliable limo service will be pleased to respond concerns.


Before you can question costs, you have to research what you want in the limo, the amount of lease time desired, and the places it will take you. This information is essential to have prior to looking for a limo because they will ask what limo and solutions you wish to have. Some companies offer package services for such things as marriages, birthday parties, and other special events. Be sure to ask the Toronto limo about any packed solutions they may provide.

Take a chance to know more about limos and find out from buddies who have hired limo before as to the different aspects you need to remember before choosing one. Here are a few aspects to the information you.

Decide on the design you want

Toronto limousine have different types, ideal for different events. Before choosing one, be sure that you have selected the one you want. You could get tips from family and buddies but create sure you choose the one related the occasion you want it for. You also need to consider a number of individuals you want to take with you while determining the design.

Do not drop for inexpensive limos

Cheaper prices are a fascination for everyone. It’s possible; therefore, that the choosing organization you go for would have limos that are cheaper. However, it’s better not go for them. If they are cheaper there will be reasons for that. Maybe it’s not the inappropriate situation or it’s too old. Hence, go for the best one, even if it’s a little more expensive.

Clarify the add-ons that come with the limo

A limo service Toronto comes normally with a driver. Also, there might be other add-ons which you should talk about and explain with the organization. You do not need to fulfill any invisible costs later on.

Check for the essential records

Make sure that the limo has the insurance policy in case there is an incident. Also, get an itemized contract from them before you hire the automobile with all the conditions mentioned clearly. Come to a binding contract on how long the service would last and how much range it would protect.

A limo hire is the best way to add beauty to any essential occasion in your life. Leasing a limo is a great way to journey in style. Get the best one, spice up wisely, achieve the place and get the doorway started out by a driver, and you can sure to get jealous looks from the viewers. Hire a limo and create your trip a pleasant and memorable one, which you will value for a lifetime!


How to Get Cheap Kilimanjaro Flights?


You have listened about the cheap Kilimanjaro flights that are available sometimes to your due to some certain reasons and promotions as well. But, the most important thing is to hit the cheap flights on time and get them for your next upcoming tour to Kilimanjaro. Getting to know about the cheap flights is not just important for the travelers but also for the travel agents as they need to provide the ultimate an economical services to their clients and they have to know about such kind of offers and promotions as well. With the information about such flight the agents can make sure their client will get the best flights as this will enhance their profit margin and also increase their good will image among their clients. To know more about such flights and also to track them down here are the following sources then can help you to the major level.

Call Your Agent!

If you are a traveler then your first approach is your agent who uses to manage your flights and other arrangements all the time. Only he will help you to know more about such flights scan arrange one for you on your demand. But if you are an agent yourself then you can contact your follow agents and ask them about the sources or can also discuss about the latest approach and promotions with reference to the cheap flights.

Search Online!

The next thing that could help you is the internet, you can simply make online searches for the cheap flights, as a number of online portals do have mentioned such flights and the airlines also mention their low cost flights sometimes to inform the angers and passengers as well.

Subscribe To Airlines!

You can also subscribe to the airline and a traveling agent and get their regular newsletters and updates that will help you to know about what is next coming by the airlines. To manage your business and to provide you clients the best options and services you have to get this subscription form all the airlines so you will have a number of options and a wide range of information as well.

Visit Blogs!

As a traveler or an agent you can visit the traveling related blogs on regular basis as your primary or secondary source to locate the best price flight tickets. As on these blogs the bloggers mention such kind of things to make their blog more effective ad helpful for the people. So here you will definitely get to know more about such cheap flights and you will understand the technical procedure behind them. Just keep on thing in your mind that these are totally legal and authorized flights.

Have Follow Ups!

To know more about the cheap Kilimanjaro flights you need to have follow ups of the information that you have got once. If you keep traveling to Kilimanjaro then you have to make sure you will have all updated information. On the other side an agent it is your duty to keep tracking such useful information.

Common Problems With Holidays

Holidays are meant to be a happy occasion for the entire family. However, problems can arise which can mean that the holiday does not go as well as planned. It is important not to panic when faced with these issues. There are always solutions available, no matter how challenging the situation may be. Instead of panicking, think calmly in order to save time and money. This is a guide to the most common problems which occur with holidays, and how to solve them.

Holiday Cancellation

One of the most upsetting issues can be if a holiday has to be called off or re-arranged. Trips can be cancelled due to a variety of reasons. The most common cause of cancellations is an illness to family members which means that people are too sick to fly. If you find yourself asking ‘how do I sell my unwanted flight?’ then go online to search for websites where you can offload it to other holidaymakers. It may be difficult to sell the tickets for their original worth, but this is a better option than letting the tickets go to waste for nothing.

Holiday Sickness

It is very common for people to become ill on holiday, especially if travelling in a country with unfamiliar food. Stomach bugs, dehydration and diarrhoea are extremely common problems on holiday. Don’t ignore any symptoms because they may only worsen over time. It is important to get medical treatment for more serious problems such as infections. Ensure that health insurance is bought for the entire family before the trip. Proper insurance could potentially save a lot of money on medical bills or emergency flights home.

Car Crashes

Driving in an unfamiliar country may be a challenge for some people. Common issues include difficulty with driving on the wrong side of the road and being unprepared for how recklessly the locals may drive. Make sure to have full insurance before driving abroad. If you are taking your own car on holiday, have a full service beforehand to ensure that any problems are completely fixed.

In the event of a car crash, make sure to exchange insurance information with the driver and collect witness statements. Do not attempt any repairs on a hire car before contacting the company first. Repairing a car before notifying the rental company could result in them withholding the final deposit.

Other Accidents

Slips and falls are common on holiday, which can result in visits to the doctor. Activities such as water-skiing and rock-climbing can lead to broken bones if there are accidents, so it is important to follow all the relevant health and safety measures.

Trouble With Locals

Be culturally sensitive when on holiday. Many innocuous actions which are taken for granted in the west may be offensive to other cultures. For example, it is offensive to touch people on the head in Buddhist cultures. Read up on the local culture before leaving on holiday.


Three Reasons Why You Need to Jump on a Flight to Las Vegas Now

Are you looking for an energising weekend escape from your everyday life stuck in routine? There is no place like Las Vegas. Even if don’t you like spending great amounts on gambling schemes that never pay off, there are so many exciting things to do in Vegas that you won’t be able to get too much sleep while on a trip.

And if you want to do it in style, there is no time like the present to pack a bag, look for the most incredible first-class flights to Las Vegas, and start on the adventure of your life. You won’t regret a single moment.

The Main Reasons Why Vegas Is the Ultimate Destination for You

  1. It is one of the most affordable places you can think of

If you are surprised by the above statement, know that you can find accommodation and a lot of amenities at just a fraction of the price many other tourist destinations across the United States would charge. You may easily find five-star accommodations for little over £75 per night, even at such iconic hotels like the Bellagio or the Wynn. Your dining options are just as affordable.

  1. The to-do list is never ending

The rightful owner of the title “The City that Never Sleeps,” Las Vegas has such a wide array of things to do that you won’t be able to resist coming back every year just to discover more things to do. While dining, gambling, and entertainment get all the press, you should know that this is not by far all you can do here. Love exploring the outdoors? It is enough to mention the wonderful Red Rock Canyon that is just 20 minutes away from the city, the scenic Lake Mead, or the Zion National Park. These are all within an hour or so travel from the city and offer the most spectacular sights you will ever get to see.

Some of the most interesting museums will be found in Vegas, from the Mob Museum to the National Atomic Testing Museum. Shopping is another activity you will indulge in while in Vegas and some of the outlets available in the city will offer the most incredible bargains on luxury items. If you would rather go on an adventure, the list of things to do is so vast you won’t get enough of it, from getting behind the wheels of a NASCAR vehicle to swimming with dolphins or shooting automatic weapons.

  1. You can enjoy food like nowhere in the world

The Las Vegas dining scene is so rich you may need two lifetimes to sample everything on offer here. No matter what food you enjoy or if you have any special dietary needs, you will find everything in Las Vegas. The place boasts of three- to five-star restaurants with multiple Michelin stars and famous chefs. The food options are so varied and the food will taste so fabulous, it almost makes this the most excellent culinary experience you will get to enjoy in your life.

Most of the above is just scratching the surface. There are hundreds of reasons why Las Vegas is the ultimate destination you should choose for either an extended stay or an adventurous weekend.

Why is camping good for health

Whenever we talk about camping, the first scenario that comes in our minds is that some young people who do not like to live the life of responsibilities are running away from home and wasting their time on the mountains and jungles and spending the money of their parents. We usually think that these people are not good friends because they can make us like them too. However, when we examine the same situation with a keen lens, there are many benefits of camping which can actually produce great effects on our health.

download (60)

1.    Distraction from the routine:

No one can digest the change easily. People these days are dealing with their lives like a robot. They have forgotten that they are human beings and they have family, friends and relatives in their life as well. In order to be the first in the race, they don’t like to spare any time for themselves too. Going camping is the best thing that can distract you from the routine and in turn it will help you make yourself connected with nature. This is necessary to function properly in life. Let’s understand it with the example of a machine. If you continuously run a machine for many hours, it will lose its life. In the similar way, if you continue working day and night, it will cause bad effect on your health.

While on the other hand, if you take some break and go for some camping with your friends. It will help you to fresh your mind and you will come back energetic and enthusiastic.

2.    Closeness with nature:

As many of you may have heard that nature is a great healer, it is a true statement. The power of nature is immeasurable. It has the power to heal each and every thing. In these days, almost more than half of the population of the world is suffering from depression. This is because everyone is in the fight to be the first. Now if you consider it, only one person can be the first. That person will be so happy and satisfied, but the other people in the race will lose their motivation and their self-esteem too. This makes them the patient of depression. Taking some vacations and going to the camping is the best option for them because in this way they will be close to the nature and this can help them heal their psychological wounds.

3.    Endless health benefits:

Apart from the best impacts on the psychology, there are many physical benefits of camping as well. Camping can make your body active because it requires an active effort. In this way, it is a good exercise for each and every muscle of your body. On the other hand, camping means so far away from the urban life and this means there will be no pollution of cars and industries. So you can fill up your lungs with the fresh air and stay healthy. Camping require tents and other equipment too. If you are planning to go, check out the family tent reviews before buying anything. They can help you get the best thing for your best journey.

Tips and tricks to help you pull off the perfect prom

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Prom season is finally here, and most kids are only going to get one or two cracks at making sure that their prom night is a night they never forget – which is why you’re going to want to pay close attention to all of the inside information we offer below.

Yes, the majority of your prom has likely already been planned by a prom committee (and you’re only going to have a little bit of influence over those decisions, if any at all), but you are going to be in complete control of most every other detail of prom night.

This gives you a lot of leverage (and a lot of responsibility) when it comes to making sure that prom night is something really special for you and your date or group of friends.

To help you really had the ground running and to be sure that you pull off the most successful prom night possible we’ve put together a couple of quick tips and tricks for you to focus on below.

Let’s dive right in!

Go off the beaten path when looking for a prom dress

If you want to make sure that you are the only one wearing your prom dress that night shopping at the same stores and locations that all of your friends are shopping isn’t really the approach to take.

Instead you want to jump online and look for dresses, get outside of your local area and shop at stores you may never have visited before, or begin looking into vintage pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind. That’s the best way to make sure that your prom dresses totally unique outside of having someone sew one for you!

Start planning early – especially when it comes to transportation to and from prom

Most people are going to be attending prom with a big group of friends, and if you want to be sure that you make a big splash when you arrive at the venue you’ll want to be sure to get the best prom car hire West Midlands service to help you out.

Unfortunately, a lot of your classmates are also going to be looking to work with the best prom car hire West Midlands service as well, and that means there are only going to be a finite amount of limousines available that night.

This is why you’re going to want to get your group of prom attendees finalized as early as possible, getting everyone together in figuring out how you’re going to get to and from prom together (usually with the help of the top-tier prom car hire West Midlands service), and then pool your money together to put down a deposit on these services for the date of your prom.

Knock this piece of the puzzle out early and you’ll have a lot less to worry and stress about, but will also begin are indeed a completely safe and professional method of transportation to and from your prom without any headache or hassle whatsoever.

Lion Country Safari in Africa

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It can be safely said that, most of the travellers who visit Africa have fascination for one animal the most and that is the African lion. These animals are one of the treasured animals of Africa and yet, its population is fast dwindling due to many reasons that are accounting for its habitat loss. Yet, Lion Country Safari in Africa is definitely the most popular safaris in the continent.

The main countries that offer lion safaris are Botswana, Tanzania, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Zambia.

Visitors can take the help of camps and guides that offer lion safaris along with other packages. Since the behaviour of the pride differs from place to place, their spotting too can vary depending upon how your safari is. It is best to check with the lodges where you are staying in advance to find how you can get to see the lions.  You may get to choose road driving or even night spotting depending upon the lodge you are staying at.

Lion country African safari Tours

If you are planning on a lion safari tour to Africa, you can check with the six countries mentioned and check into the safari lodges of any of the national parks in the country. Along with spotting the king of forest, you will also get to see a wide variety of flora and fauna. That is the best thing about planning a lion safari tour to Africa. It is not just the king you get to meet but its subjects as well, which is truly a pleasing, exciting and unforgettable experience of life.

Kruger National Park in South Africa,  the Masai Mara National Reserve  in Kenya, South Luangwa National Park in Zambia, The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe are some of the regions where you can spot the lion.

At a time when, concrete jungles are rising fast and green jungles dwindling, the African wildlife gives us a reminder that this world is still beautiful and kind. With its massive wildlife population, though some are dwindling, Africa is also a place that shows the world the importance of ecology conservation.  Going on an African safari tour means education, reflection, reformation, and more.  For any traveller, in fact, for any human being, at least a single African safari tour is recommended for the lessons that it brings with it along with experiences and memories that can last a lifetime.

The South Luangwa National Park: Located in Zambia, this park is one of the most visited safari parks in the continent. With exotic zebra and giraffe species, a huge population of hippos, wild dogs, elephants, lions, leopards and 400 species of birds, the South Luangwa National Park is definitely a must-see destination for any nature lover.  The Luangwa River on the banks of which you can spot so many wild animals, the park is a picture of serenity and adventure at the same time.

Lion Country wildlife safaris are quite interesting and have a lot to offer to the adventure enthusiasts visiting them.


Europe’s Best Destinations for Retirees on a Budget

Europe, it’s truly one of the most magical and beautiful parts of the world. There’s the old world beauty of Paris, the stately grandeur of London, and the unforgettable beaches of the Mediterranean.

Unfortunately, many European cities can cost a pretty penny (Euro penny, that is), making travel difficult for some seniors living on a budget. But those with a little travel savvy know that there are many great parts of Europe that are still affordable, and offer experiences that will rival or even best the classic destinations. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of these fantastic destinations across the whole continent, and learn a few neat tricks to make sure getting there is cheap and easy as well.



Let’s start our eurotrip off with one of the biggest names out there – Berlin, Germany.

Just because we’re travelling on a budget, doesn’t mean we can’t get cultural and historical amenities on the scale of London and Paris. While those two cities have become obscenely expensive, Berlin has managed to retain most of its downmarket charm, all while conveniently staying in the Eurozone.

Don’t believe us? Well,’s cost of living calculator proves that Berlin is a whopping 30% less expensive than London.

So what are the best things to do with those savings? We’d say make use of all of Berlin’s amazing museums! While the city is filled with hundreds of world class museums and galleries, we’ve got some favorites, including the Hamburger Bahnhof: an amazing contemporary art museum located in a beautiful former train station, and the very Germanic Museum for Architectural Drawing.

Of course, no visit to Germany would be complete without touching on the country’s dark history, and there are a number of powerful institutions that will assist you with this. The DDR Museum and the Stasi Museum offer looks into the workings of old East Germany, and its espionage activities, respectively. The Jewish Museum and the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe offer two very powerful insights into Jewish experience in Germany, and the tragedy of the holocaust.

Next, there’s the East Side Gallery, a 1.3 kilometer long section of the former Berlin Wall. Just as it stood as an amazing graffiti art project during the time it divided Berlin in two, it continues to be an eye-catching mecca for street art, all visible completely free of charge.

All this museuming will leave you hungry, so cap your adventure off with a visit to the Currywurst Musuem, and sample many varieties of the city’s most famous food. Best of all, Berlin’s U-Bahn and S-Bahn train systems cover the entire city, so you’ll be able to get around from destination to destination with an affordable multi-day pass that also gets you discounts on many of the city’s tourist highlights.

So as they say in Germany, auf widersehen!



Our next destination is also in the Eurozone, but has a decidedly different climate. While many head to Italy for warm weather, delicious food & wine, and millennia of history, they quickly find their pocketbooks drained.

Instead, head to Greece, a land so rich with history that many of its amazing archeological sites were already considered ancient history during the time that Rome ruled the earth. While an amazing meal and wine may set you back at least $30 in Italy, you’ll find you can have that same experience in Greece for under $10.

Consider starting off in Athens, the country’s charmingly chaotic capital. Ever since investing billions for the 2004 Olympics, getting around town has become a lot simpler for tourists, meaning you can easily access must-see sights like the Parthenon, the Ancient Agora, and the National Archeological Museum.

Once you’ve had your fill of the city, head to the coast!

Greece is full of many amazing and affordable beaches, both on the mainland and separate islands. Mykonos and its surrounding islands are renowned for their warm water, beautiful sand, lush sunsets, and laid back vibes. Or save yourself the ferry fare and head to somewhere like Corinth, where you’ll have your choice of beaches on both sides of the country’s narrow isthmus, as well as more ancient historical sites to keep your mind full of wonder.

Czech Republic


If you want to stretch your savings even further, look to a country that doesn’t use the Euro. We heartily recommend the Czech Republic, especially its fairytale like capital of Prague. People of all ages will love strolling the historic Old Town Square (featuring the world’s oldest operating astronomical clock), or crossing the Charles Bridge, first built in 1357.

Anywhere you look you’ll see the country’s rich history, including the Vyšehrad (good luck pronouncing that!), a beautiful historic castle on a hill overlooking the Vltava River. For an only slightly less ancient castle, head to Prague Castle, home of the country’s president, and the largest castle in the ancient world. Next, mix your state with some church, and take a look at the breathtaking St. Vitus Cathedral, first founded over a millenia ago.

If those are enough historical sites for you, Prague has some great modern offerings as well. The Dancing House, an amazing contemporary structure designed by the world renowned Frank Gehry, is a feast for the eyes, and completely free to view. And for those that still love The Beatles, don’t forget to stop by the lovely Lennon Wall, a free artistic tribute to the late, great John Lennon.



Looking for a beach getaway that’s even more affordable than Greece? Then head to Croatia, a European country that, like the Czech Republic, hasn’t yet adopted the Euro. This means you can head to historic beach towns like Dubrovnik, and still manage to snag a high amenity, well located hotel for under $100 per night. Renowned as “the Mediterranean as it once was,” you’ll find this to be a quiet getaway, with many hotels having their own private beaches, all with crystal clear water and warm waves lapping at your feet.

The country is lined with hundreds of other amazing beaches, such as Zlatni Rat (meaning “golden horn”) or the island of Rab. While some locales may become a bit hectic with nightlife, such as Zrće, for the most part you’ll find every inch of sand to be more enjoyable than the last.

Once you’ve gotten your fill of the sea, head inland to Zagreb, the country’s capital. While the city might not have the most name recognition, you’ll quickly find it to have an unexpectedly rich history, as it dates back to the first century, and is adorned with many historic sites and wonderful museums. The Museum of Contemporary Art is especially well regarded, while the Museum of Broken Relationships is a humorous testament to the frailties of love, and something unique to only Zagreb.

Getting There


These destinations may all be affordable and senior friendly, but what about getting there?

Depending on which country (or countries) you choose to visit, a rail pass can be quite affordable, starting at under $100 for multiple uses within a month. Europe is also rife with discount airlines, such as Ryanair and Easyjet.

While these airlines may have some amazingly cheap fares (for example, you can fly Ryanair from Athens to Berlin for under €20,) they might not be the most senior friendly, as they contain very narrow aisles / seats, and like to trick you with hidden fees and upcharges. So, make sure to do your research before you book a flight with them, or stick to the wide aisles and low hassles of train travel.

Getting to Europe is also surprisingly inexpensive right now, thanks in part to lower oil prices. While this means traditional carriers are offering lower fares, we also recommend checking out a new carrier: Wow Air. If you book far enough in advance, they’re offering deals as low as $400 round-trip from America to Europe. They may not serve every city yet, but if you live near LA, SF, DC, or Boston, they’re worth checking out as an affordable way to cross the Atlantic.

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