Renting a Party Bus in New Jersey- Tips to Bring Down the Rental Costs

Party buses have become tremendously popular in the United States. They are primarily used for making a grand entrance at a particular event. For instance, if you are going to a wedding with your family, going in a party bus altogether will help you make a great entrance. Furthermore, many students also rent party buses for prom, or other school functions. These aren’t ordinary buses, and you won’t find them at a local rental company. Instead, there are only a handful of companies that currently offer party bus rentals in the city.

If you want to rent a party bus in New Jersey, there are several options available to you. However, if you are renting a party bus for the first time, it’s very likely that you will end up paying too much for the rental. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind in order to bring the costs down.

Choose the Right Model

Two of the most popular models that are used for party buses include the Ford F 750 and the Hummer Transformer. Obviously, the Hummer Transformer is smaller than the Ford F750, and so accommodates fewer people. It’s good for up to 30 people. On the other hand, the Ford F 750 is a bigger bus, and can easily accommodate up to 50 people.

These buses are decorated on the inside. You won’t find the conventional bus seating arrangement on party buses. There are plush seats and disco lights installed inside the bus, along with hi-fi stereo speakers so that you can enjoy the journey. When making a booking, it’s important that you select the right model. There’s no need to rent a bigger bus if you are a small group of people. However, if the number of people is higher, you should rent the bigger bus, removing the need for a fleet of vehicles.

Make a Booking in Advance

Another great way to save money on your party bus rental, is to make a booking at least a week or two in advance. Because most companies only have one or two buses, it’s important for them to prepare the bus and get it ready for the event. If you make a booking a day or two before, you will probably have to pay a premium.

The prices also vary depending upon the time of the season as well. For instance, if you make a booking during the wedding season, when the party buses are mostly overbooked, you will have to pay a higher rental price. Therefore, making a booking in advance is actually a safe bet, and can save you a considerable amount of money. If you have any specific requirements or decorations that you want put up in the party bus, you can also let the company know beforehand, and they will make arrangements accordingly. You will have to pay a premium for additional decorations, however.



Popular And Most-Visited Parks In New York City


NYC is home to some really beautiful public parks and green spaces. These natural monuments are a great way to relax, get some sun, laze around, enjoy a picnic and have quality time. There are some 1,700 parks in the five boroughs promising you a great escape from the bustle of the city. So, head to one of these popular parks and enjoy nature’s riches!

Here is a list of some of popular parks in New York City:

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park may lack the rustic charms of a typical public park but it makes up for it with its facilities. A portion of the Brooklyn waterfront was used to make this 85-acre green space teeming with natural beauty and manmade attractions. Attractions here include a carousel, merry-go-round, sports fields, playgrounds, basketball courts and a skating rink.


Central Park

A walk through the lush green setting of Central Park is a dream for people who visit NYC. The park is a manmade wonder giving visitors a lot to enjoy. A day is not enough for wandering around this massive park that has some 50 fountains, 35 bridges and arches, numerous sculptures, monuments and playgrounds. It’s so big that visitors often resort to central park bike tours to explore it fully.


Flushing Meadows – Corona Park

This park is the second biggest in NYC and it’s much more than ample green spaces. The park has created many milestones in  art, architecture, culture and sports. It has hosted some of the world’s biggest  fairs and its mammoth steel globe icon was actually created for the 1964 World’s Fair. Major attractions include the zoo, boating lake, Skate Park, playfields and a hockey center.


The High Line

When in NYC, take time to visit the outdoor park, The High Line, a 1.45-mile-long linear park built in Manhattan on an elevated section of a disused New York Central Railroad spur called the West Side Line. The High Line has been redesigned and planted as an aerial greenway and rails-to-trails park.[Go along the walkway adorned with splendid gardens and outdoor sculptures. A stroll along the walkway will offer you a great view of the Hudson River. The park is a great place to find calm in the midst of urban chaos.

Hudson River Park

This park gives you the prospect of gazing at the Hudson River and New Jersey while you walk or bike. You can skate as well while taking in the views of the river from the strip of Waterfront Park stretching from Battery Park to 59th Street. Other major attractions here include kayak rides i and youth sports.

Prospect Park

The 585-acre Prospect Park is in the heart of Brooklyn. Visitors come here to get lost in the serenity, right in the middle of the city. Landscape enthusiasts consider this park to be a masterpiece and it truly lives up to their expectations. Enjoy a picnic,, strolling through the vast stretches of green or watching the leaves turn–you can do it all here.

Visit some of these popular parks in NYC and enjoy nature in the city.     —

Have a go at a helicopter flying lesson in England

Have you ever thought about taking flying lessons of one kind or another? You might think first of a light aircraft or a glider, but think again. Helicopters offer a fun and exhilarating challenge to really get your aviation juices flowing. Why not indulge your lust for adventure?

Helicopter flying lessons can really engage your mental faculties in a way that piloting a plane cannot. In a plane you can push a few buttons and the machine is almost capable of flying itself whereas a helicopter is far more whimsical and a great deal of physical and mental coordination is required of the pilot.

The sight-seeing possibilities from a helicopter far surpass those of a plane; with all round visibility you can enjoy a 360 degree panorama. Not only that but helicopters can fly slow and low offering great opportunities to enjoy the views of your choice.

The freedom in a helicopter is truly liberating; the pilot has the scope to land in a great many different places and terrains. Not so with a plane, here the pilot is restricted to land strips and airfields.
Helicopters are more exotic flying machines than aeroplanes, and the experience of piloting one is a never to be forgotten thrill.

You might even find yourself excelling at it: think of the career possibilities. There are far more plane pilots than there are trained helicopter pilots so, if you find that you have a talent for the skill, you may find that your services are in demand. The salary of a North Sea helicopter co-pilot begins at £50,000, and from there the pay slope rises steeply as experience is gained, topping off at around £100,000. Moreover, think of the prestige. Becoming a helicopter pilot will impact your life in many unforeseen ways; to an inexperienced lay person the pilot of a helicopter is a rare and dashing individual indeed.

But, are helicopter’s dangerous? Perhaps, in the wrong hands. But taking a few flights with a capable and fully qualified instructor is an exciting, and safe, way to spend a day. There is a reason why many plane pilots want to fly helicopters in their spare time; it’s because they offer a flying experience that cannot be bettered, a real adventure in the air.

There are some drawbacks with helicopters. They are slower than planes and cannot carry the larger weights, nor can the travel so far without refueling. However, taking into account all of the above benefits there can be no doubt that taking a helicopter flying lesson will lead to a far more exhilarating experience than that of a plane.
How is one to go about looking for a good instructor? You want one that is relaxed and who will inspire confidence in the students, one that has good communication skills and who can explain rather than just demonstrate. A good tip is to try a few different instructors at the school of your choice to find the one that suits your temperament and needs.

So why not try some genuine hands-on flying? It’s right there in a helicopter.

Charming B&B in Abruzzo

Abruzzo is located in central and southern and stretches from the heart of the Adriatic Sea on a mainly mountainous and wild land.
In the high mountains, amid pristine mountains and cliffs rise tourist resorts and well-equipped facilities for skiing and winter sports, as Pescasseroli, Rivisondoli and Roccaraso.
The natural scenery of the high and steep peaks of the Gran Sasso, Monti della Laga and Majella, slopes down to a wide range of hills, before finally reaching the Adriatic coast.

The route from the Gran Sasso to the sea crosses territories rich in history, traditions and art, which never cease to surprise visitors.
Among the mountains and the hills are wedged narrow valleys and memorable natural paths, including the amazing and fascinating Aterno valley, dotted with ancient villages.
There are numerous nature reserves such as the National Park of Abruzzo, the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga and the Majella, which ensure protection to species of plants and animals typical of the area, such as the golden eagle, the wolf and the ‘Marsicano bear.
The Abruzzo coastline is characterized by long and sandy beaches in the north, while to the south prevail pebble beaches.
Abruzzo allows those who want to do a different trip than usual to admire nature and its majesty experiencing its beauty that regenerates and reconnecting with the inner self.
Many are now the charming B&B in Abruzzo that are created to meet the needs of those who are seeking an accommodation that allows you to visit places of interest while staying away from the chaos. Thanks to the charming B&B in Abruzzo tourists will stay in comfortable accommodation, welcoming and that have absolutely nothing to envy to luxury hotels.
Among these charming B&B we recommend Altrocanto, a charming hotel in the village of Farindola, in the province of Pescara. The B&B was born as a furnace and then transformed in the 20s in a dwelling, subsequently it became an ideal accommodation for those wishing to visit the region and want to do it from a direct and sincere contact with nature.
The furniture, household and deliberately very little standardized, allowing guests to feel at home instantly. The rooms, five in all, are very large, bright and decorated with light furniture. All around the property there is a lovely garden, a reading room with library and a comfortable lounge with fireplace.


5 Tricks to Fly Cheap Within the US

Going on a vacation gives you time to relax and forget your worries. You can refresh from your busy lifestyle and enjoy fun destinations. Unfortunately, the cost of your airline tickets can get in the way of the fun.


By using tricks to save money on airline tickets, you will have more of your budget left for entertainment. If you want to have a great vacation, get cheap tickets. Use the following 5 tricks to learn how to fly cheap within the US.

#1 – Travel During the Work Week

If possible, you should try to travel during the middle of the week. In fact, Wednesday is the cheapest day to travel within the US.

Most people wait until the weekend to start their trip. They leave late Friday or early Saturday. This makes the weekend the busiest time at the airport.

Airlines often have trouble filling the seats during the middle of the week. So, flights are generally cheaper during the week than on the weekends.

There is no golden rule that says you must travel during the weekend. See if you can work Monday and Tuesday and then take the rest of the week and the following Monday off. This gives you the time to plan your trip around the best times to book a flight.

#2 – Follow Airlines on Social Media

If you know that you will be leaving on a trip within the next few months, you should start following airlines on social media. Follow the official accounts of the top airlines.

During the past couple of years, airlines have begun targeting customers through social media. They offer discounts and special savings to their followers.

While you may not receive a deal that you can take advantage of, you may get lucky. It does not hurt to follow these airlines and keep an eye out for these deals. After your trip, you can always decide to unfollow these airlines.

#3 – Book Your Tickets on a Tuesday Afternoon

Numerous studies have found that Tuesday around 3PM is the best time to book flights in the US. On average, airlines offer the largest discounts during this time.

You should use online travel aggregators to find the lowest price. Start looking in the early afternoon and then book the cheapest flight.

This will not guarantee that you will get the lowest price, but it does provide the best chances of getting cheap tickets. You should continue to check prices each day of the week.

#4 – Use the 24-Hour Rule

Almost every travel expert will tell you that you should check the rates for a flight 24-hours after booking your flight. Airlines may offer a price drop as the seats begin to fill.

If you notice a price drop within 24-hours, there is a good chance that you can get the airline to refund you the difference in price. Or, you may be able to cancel your existing flight and book a new ticket.

The exact details of how to get a refund or cancel your existing flight will depend on the airline. Before you book your flight, make sure that you read their cancellation policy. Find out how their refunds work. Some airlines may convert the difference into frequent flyer miles.

#5 – Book Your Flight at the Last Minute

The final trick for booking cheap tickets within the US is to book at the last minute. When an airline cannot fill the seats, they will often slash the prices of the remaining tickets.

This gives you the opportunity to get amazingly low prices on flights within the US. The only problem is that you may find yourself traveling to second or third choice destination.

The key to booking at the last minute is to have a few destinations in mind. Make a list of three or four places that you would like to visit. Check the rates for all locations.

Plan your vacation as you would any other vacation. Pack your bags and take the time off from work.

A day or two before the day that you would like to travel, look for deals on last minute flights. You can save even more by combining this tip with the previous tricks.

For example, you could plan on leaving on a Wednesday and book your flight on a Tuesday afternoon. In the morning, before departing, check the rates. If they decrease, then ask for a partial refund.

This way, you are combining the idea of booking on a Tuesday, traveling last minute and checking for lower rates within 24-hours.

You now have 5 solutions to help you fly cheap within the US. You should not have to spend a major part of your travel budget on your airline tickets. Use these suggestions to get the best deal possible.


Your Handy Checklist for a Safe Travel Overseas

If your email subscriptions are like mine, you probably are receiving a lot of airline promos, too. I have always wanted to explore the famous beaches of Southeast Asia. For now, I would need to plan it well so I can get the best out of my trip.

As with anything, health and safety are priorities and should not be compromised nor be put in the least of things to check.

Let me share with you a checklist that I develop for safe travel overseas. Note that this is not final yet and still a work in progress. Here my checklist:

  • Regular checkup with my doctor – yep, even for healthy persons, making sure that you are in top shape is a must. You don’t want to be in a foreign country to discover you have diabetes, don’t you.
  • Exercise at least once a week – try to make this routine. Exercise will make you healthier. If you plan to do strenuous activities overseas, like mountain climbing, white water rafting, etc, you might want to increase your exercise routine to 3 times a week, three to four months before your trip. Exercise will condition your muscles for more work.
  • Prepare your travel itinerary and research information about the location – make sure you list down all possible entry and exit points of your overseas destination. Be prepared to use all available modes of transport, in case of emergency. Know where the nearest hospital or clinic. And if you have a long-term illness like diabetes, check if the hospital has the capability for emergencies.
  • Check available travel insurance. Singapore, London, and other major cities around the world have expensive emergency facilities like hospital and accommodations. Having travel insurance covers you for any unforeseen emergencies like delayed flights and emergency hospitalization.
  • Know your allergies – this is one of the things why you need to visit your doctor. If you have known allergies, ask for a prescription and keep your medication fresh or make sure don’t have expired medicines. Check local cuisines and local condiments that can be incorporated into your food, know if you are allergic to any of the ingredients and make sure you avoid these foods.
  • Know historical weather condition – if you’re going to go somewhere you haven’t been to, check their historical weather condition and plan a trip on the most excellent schedule where there are no storms or other inclement weather.
  • Prepare things to bring – if you plan to go diving and like to take pictures underwater, make sure you have a waterproof transparent camera case or a waterproof underwater camera. If you are traveling to a tropical location, make sure you bring light clothes and shorts. If you are going to Canada in December, make sure you bring a winter coat. Itemise the things you will need and align these with the activities you plan to do.
  • Know your local embassy hotline – keep this information with you at all times when traveling Also remind yourself to check in with your local embassy as soon as you arrive at your destination, this is to monitor your safety better when traveling.

Here are my safety checklist for now. I know as I travel more and get more experiences, this list is going to get longer. Hope this will help people who will be traveling overseas, and if you do have something to add, please let me know.

7 Benefits of Using Transekur for Travel in the Dominican Republic

Planning to visit the Dominican Republic? There’s something for everyone here, whether it’s for the beautiful beaches or exciting nightlife. If you’re visiting the Dominican Republic for the first time, consider a luxury SUV that will add a new dimension to your visit. When you travel in style, you feel like royalty – imagine traveling with your friends and family in high-end vehicles all over the city. No matter where you plan to visit, renting a car service in the Dominican Republic is safe and affordable with Transekur.

Not only that, Transekur is a luxury transportation service in the Dominican Republic. They can take you to the airport and back, to your hotel, or to any of your travel destinations during your stay. Here are some of the amazing benefits of using Transekur on your next visit:

  1. A diverse fleet: If you’re planning to impress, you should make sure to check out their extensive fleet. Not all agencies have the latest models, but Transekur is always up-to-date in the latest models with safety features and other extras. They have a wide array of luxury cars you are sure to enjoy. Their fleet contains Cadillac Escalades, Chevy Suburbans, GMC Denalis, Chevy Tahoes, and Ford Escapes.
  1. Feel like a king: Driving around in a luxury car is one thing, and being pampered is another. Make sure the luxury cars you rent have all the features that you just can’t live without. Here are just a few of the features that Transekur provides for their clients:
  • Leather interiors
  • Cold beverages
  • Air conditioning
  • Wi-Fi internet access
  • Mobile charging ports
  • Cold refreshments
  • Music and stereo system
  • Secure GPS tracking
  • First aid and emergency kits
  1. Safety: Make sure your luxury car rental agency has a good track record for safety. Checking ratings on forums and asking people who’ve previously traveled to the Dominican Republic for referrals is a good way of knowing which transportation company to use. A reputable agency like Transekur can provide you with reliable, friendly drivers. Not only are they bilingual for your convenience, but they are also well-trained for your safety as you travel all around the country.
  1. Accommodations for large groups: Whether you’re going for your honeymoon or an executive retreat, it’s important that your luxury car rental company can accommodate everyone, even the largest groups. Transekur is not only able to transport everyone in your group with their fleet of vehicles, but they are also able to handle all of your luggage as well.
  1. No third party contracting: In this day and age, it’s difficult to maintain a luxury car agency with the huge overheads involved. Therefore, it’s easy to fall into the trap of third party contracting companies who would rent out fleets and drivers from other agencies. Transekur actually owns all of their vehicles and updates them regularly, so you know you’re getting the best deal with them.
  1. Executive protection: Transekur offers executive protection services no matter where you go in the Dominican Republic. If you choose this option, armed and unarmed staff will be able to escort you to all of your locations. In the areas of Santo Domingo, Punta Cana, La Romana, and Puerto Plata, elite protection services are available from Transekur.
  1. Airport limousines: With all of the trouble that typically comes with international travel, the last thing you need to worry about is hailing a cab once you get there. From the moment you touch down in the Dominican Republic, Transekur treats you and your family like royalty. Take a ride in the luxury airport limousine to your hotel, kick up your feet, and feel free to relax.

About Transekur

Don’t wait before it’s too late to try something you’ve always wanted. It’s time to pamper yourself with Transekur. If you’re ready, then don’t waste any more time! Browse their site for luxury SUV rentals. Transekur definitely stands out with their exotic SUVs. They all have tinted windows, leather interiors, Wi-Fi, and they are fully stocked with cold beverages. They’re a car service in the Dominican Republic that you’d really want to rely on.

Transekur also has car services in all of the major parts of the Dominican Republic, such as Punta Cana and Santo Domingo. You can have an ultimate transportation experience for day and night excursions all over the main cities in the Dominican Republic. Their drivers are professional and reliable, and Transekur offers personalized services to their customers.

Finally, Transekur offers VIP treatment to their valued customers. Whether you’re a celebrity, a tycoon, an elite, or even an average clientele who wants to experience the best VIP treatment, Transekur is your way to go.


Guide to choose the right villa for your Bali holiday

Have you ever considered booking a villa for your Bali trip? Staying in a villa will give you a different experience from staying in a hotel. While many believe that renting a villa is more expensive, villas can actually be the more cost-effective option, especially when you are travelling with your family or group of friends. Unlike in hotels, where your privacy is limited to your room, the entire space and facilities, such as living area, pool, garden, belong to you alone. If you are thinking of renting a villa for your travel, here are a simple guide to help you choose the most suitable one for your trip.

  1. Location



The first thing you need to consider is the location. Wherever you stay, it needs to fit the purpose of your travel. What are you there for? A relaxing trip will not be the same as an adventurous expedition. Every area is different in Bali. Seminyak is the tourist hotspot with plenty of restaurants and boutiques. Canggu is known to be the surfers’ paradise, and Ubud brings you closer to nature with lush greenery of the Monkey Forest.

  1. Villa design


One special thing about villas is that each has a unique design that reflects different styles and feelings. Do you like a fashionable, modern design or a traditional one that gives off the authenticity of the local culture? You will need to take a look at photos of the villas to find out what suit your taste.

  1. Number of people in your trip



Unlike booking hotels, whereby each room can be booked independently, you will need to pay attention to the maximum number of people a villa can host. The price of a 6-room villa will be different from that of a 4-room villa.

  1. Budget


Another thing that you need to consider is your budget. The price of a villa varies depending on the number of rooms, location, add-on services, and so on. Do pay attention to make sure that there is no hidden cost. Furthermore, you can also check out last minute discounts to benefit from the promotion.

  1. Special needs


If you travel with young children, you may want to choose a villa that has child-friendly facilities. On the other hand, if you are going with a group of friends, you may need a different villa. Do you want breakfast, BBQ dinner, or driver? The villas will have dedicated staff to take care of your specific needs.

  1. Quality


Not all villas are the same. When you are booking a villa, you need to make sure that the villa has a high standard of service. Looking at other travellers’ reviews will help you get a good grasp of the villa’s quality. You can also check out a trusted booking platform to ensure that the villa’s quality is guaranteed.

Above are the things you need to consider when booking a villa. In case you are not sure where to look for villas, you can always check out booking platforms such as Be sure to reach out to their customer service for help when necessary. All the best for your travel!

The benefits of getting a rental car

Going on a trip to a foreign land seems like something that is bound to be exciting as well as mind boggling. Of course, there is so much time that we spend deciding what part of the world one wants to visit, is it going to be Paris or Portugal? Are you going to decide on some exotic island or you want to visit the culture filled streets of Japan? There are so many amazing countries and cities that you can spend your vacations and holidays in and explore their language, tradition, customs and culture. No matter what country you decide on, there are other preparations that you should always plan ahead. For example, while planning a holiday in the Bahams you need to carry a lot of swimsuits as well as clothes that you can wear outdoors an not get a heat stroke Etc. Apart from packing all your essentials and things like cameras, your phone chargers, your credit cards Etc. You also have to make flight arrangements and look for the different hotels and resorts that you want to rent a room in. It would be smart planning on your behalf if you reserve rooms at some hotel early because then when you reach at your holiday destination you don’t have to roam all the hotels to look for which one suits your financial needs best. A smart move will also be to make reservations for rental car as well. This will be a great help because as soon as you land there will be a rented car waiting for you outside of the airport that you can take to your hotel and later drive in it to explore the city.

Imagine if you are planning to spend your vacations in London or New York and if you have your own car as well, you can enjoy the trip double with less worries. You can go wherever you want to. Your wife can do a lot of shopping  for the people back home and you an carry out other activities like going to the famous clubs and playing different types of games. You can visit the beaches and take the sun bath for as long as you want. You can fulfill even your little desires which you couldn’t if you don’t have your own car. So if you have plans, include this one in it too, and cherish your trip more. There are so many companies who give you the facilities of renting a car outside the country. All you have to do is to contact them and tell them the date and time. One of the famous and trustworthy one is Playa del Carmen They have different packages for different days. Select the one which suits you the best and when you arrive at the airport, the car will be there waiting for you. All you have to do is to jump in and drive it wherever you want. Now you can enjoy your vacations to its fullest.

The Ultimate Checklist for Every Traveller

Travelling for some can be about leisure while for others it is about business. But travelling can also be very daunting if you are not prepared to face the natural and man-made deficiencies of your destination. Before you embark on a trip to any part of the world, glance through the checklist below to get the best out of your vacation.

Get Fit Before You Start Out

Travelling involves experiencing different climactic conditions, new varieties of food, and several other environment changes. It is, therefore, important to examine one’s health before setting out on a journey. Visit your family doctor and obtain prescriptions for all existing conditions, avail the required vaccinations and have a thorough dental check-up too.

Load Up On Your Knowledge

Every country across the world has its unique set of customs and traditions. Travellers should respect these practices to avoid the wrath of the locals. Thus, it is important to learn in depth about a destination before travelling to that same place. Additionally, garnering more knowledge about a country makes one feel at home.

Keep Your Finances in the Right Form

Credit cards, debit cards and travellers’ cheques are some of the common ways through which people choose to pay for their overseas expenses. A Forex card has an edge over other modes of payment as it is cost-effective (unaffected by currency conversions), easy to use and dependable too. Load your Forex card with sufficient funds to support you throughout the travel. Also learn about the procedure that needs to be undertaken in the case of loss or theft of the Forex card.

Carry All Essential Documents Without Fail

Passport, visas, travel insurance, a copy of the itinerary and emergency contacts are some of the important documents that you must double check before taking off. It is recommended to have scanned copies of these documents in your email account to make sure that they are easily accessible in case of an emergency.

Put Your Electronic Gadgets to Best Use

Using the right electronic gadgets can add so much fun and ease to your vacation in any part of the world. Use your smart-phones and tablets to access maps and local information within seconds.

Pack Right

Finally, and most importantly, be smart while you pack your clothes and other essentials for a long holiday. Employ the mix and match technique by coordinating a variety of tops that can go with a few lowers. Make a list of all travel essentials like travel adapters, medicines, socks, an extra pair of shoes and a vanity kit when you set out for a holiday.