Air travel is the most exciting way of travel

Everyone loves to travel. Usually people arrange for a long tour either on their vacation time or summer period. Long travel need to be a safe journey, hence most of the people prefer to book flights. And also flights are the most convenient vehicle when you go for a long travel. People love to celebrate their holidays with full of enjoyment and they choose the travel place according to them. Some people like to prefer historical places for a tour and some may prefer temple places and tourist places. According to the taste variation, there are several travel places are found all over the world.

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If you are a regular traveller,then you can select travel packages, since there are several packages available. The travel packages are really helpful for regular travellers and it save considerable amount of time and money as well. Most of the people prefer cheap travel packages, and they are searching for many packages to buy the best one. Also there are many travel agents are available. To get the best one you can find over the internet, and you can get the reviews over here. There are several travel reports which explains different destinations which is very helpful for the travellers.

Air travel is the most preferable one and most of the people like to travel by flight especially if it is their first time. But getting good air travel with low cost of ticket fare is the most important one. For air travel, there are several facilities are available and you can find out the cheapest one also. Also you can book your tickets using flight hub, where you can find various cheap services for air travel.  Searching over the internet help you to get best services of air travel. There are multiple number of flights are travelling each and every day and you can find the best air travel of best flight to travel your destination. Due to the development of technology, there are several air travel agents, guides, packages are easily available and you can select the best one according to your choice.

Online booking is the easiest way for any kind of travel. You can book flights for any place easily with the help of online ticket booking. It is a very simple method and there are several online booking websites are available in the internet and you can simply login the website with your name or else if you are a new user you can register in that site and search for the flight and the destination which you are looking for. And you can check the available flights for your destination with the timing and it is just similar to the train ticket booking. You can also book your flight tickets through flight hub which shows the cheapest air tickets for the place which you are searching for. But you should be aware on checking the flights, timings and the ticket price.

Enjoy your time in Norway by visiting all the best places

Norway is one of the best tourist places in this world as it has plenty of attractive locations. This is the only place in this world which offers both the cultural wonders alone with the natural wonders. Oslo is one of the best cosmopolitan place along with various other snow-capped mountains along with the peaks and deep places. People will never get tired because of the colourful sightseeing and the beautiful nature. There is plenty of sightseeing opportunities available for the people who can be easily achieved by rail is some other steamers. Norway tours are one of the best countries in this world as it has many historical places with different architecture. There are various activities available in this country legally which includes fishing, seafaring and many other activities. There are various places available which includes the long mountains along with various glaciers. All the important places are easily accessible by the tourist and also proper guides will be there to explore.


One of the right ways to spend the time in Norway is by travelling in the train as it provides more scenario beauties. Most of the places will have the mountainous path and the rail routes are active all over the places. These train paths will involve plenty of tunnels along with bridges which show the clarity of the rail constructions. Proper cooking is mandatory as it helps in getting the right routes in proper time along with various other tactical sceneries. Hurtingruten is another major place in Norway which have plenty of beautiful time pass places. The presence of the cruises will help in enhancing the sea driving in different way. There are daily services available which helps in providing proper sea driving from one city to another. Norway tours are famous for geirangerfjord which will provide proper sightseeing opportunities for the people. There are various hills available in this place which will provide the right option for the people.

Arctic Circle is another major sightseeing option available which helps in providing perfect results for the touring people. Mainly the northern Norway has the sizeable places where they are covered with the Arctic region. Midnight sun is one of the best attractive options available which will provide unique experience to the people. During the summer region, the complete place is surrounded by days always. There are lot of magnetic fields involved during their period which makes the people to enjoy the new kind of excitement. National day is one of the best day which involves lot of colourful attraction. The complete celebration will happen in Oslo which will be covered by huge crowds during that time. There are some places which is fully filled with snow and hence there are options to play snowboarding. There are various parks available which will provide proper beauties and it will be right place for photography. Choosing the right and experienced guide will help in exploring all the places within suitable time.


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Traveloka provides you the several deals having price less than the even official deals carry on for airline reservation services. Traveloka determined to deliver their best and whole time services with uncomplicated procedure of booking the flights. Traveloka is recommended as the most reliable as well as trustworthy reservation site for the plane as well as for hotel reservation. One can get the best deals based on journey to his/her destination. Booking procedure through Traveloka is very easy going as you just have to fill your details and give your check in time, you also have to give entire information about the number of passengers accompanied you. You will get ticket on line with entire information regarding your departure time and landing time with flight name and number.

Traveloka is the best service for the business persons and tourists who have usually to be on flight most of the time; traveloka will give you opportunity to select the cheapest service for ticket booking or reservation. Thus traveloka service is most wanted and most deserving service. If someone is getting any difficulty in regard to reservation as well as other ordeals related to travel booking process then he can contact the traveloka web portal where you can get the easy solution for all your problems as well as queries.

Traveloka in its marvelous years of service raises the economic status of the Indonesia to sky high level, and it is all due to the long lasting endeavors of the team members of the Traveloka. More over base of Traveloka is technically strong because of its cofounder who had been serving the IT sector for long time. Thus traveloka is spreading its broad wings throughout the world by providing its incredible services. Traveloka sees the comfort and assess ability of the customers to top priority level. Services given by the Traveloka are very swift and customer friendly. Users find it very easy and comfortable to take any kind of information about the flight booking and this reservation process is very simple and easy.

Going Out on the Town? Why Getting a Party Bus may be Right for Your Group

If you’ve never been on a party bus, leave alone a party bus in New York, you’ve been missing a lot. These are vehicles kitted out for over-the top celebrations; services tend to try to outdo one another with onboard entertainment, large-screen TVs, dancefloor lighting, smoke machines and strobe lights. Many tour companies go much further, and turn their party buses into theatrical experiences where visitors both take in the sights passing by, and have a blast with fun experiences in the bus.

The Ride, one of the top party bus experiences in NYC

The Ride is one of the best-known party bus experiences in the city. According to the New York Times, the bus is pure theater not only because it entertains those on board, but also because it actually takes the party to the city outside.

At $1.3 million, the coach itself does not fail to impress. It’s a fun, high-tech ride with glass walls for great views, window-facing stadium seating and great professional commentary from the onboard tour guide on the sights passing by. With high-tech lighting effects and large-screen TVs all over, it makes for a very pleasant time.

What makes the ride special is the way it turns the entire city into a theatrical spectacle. The company installs street actors all over the city to reenact iconic New York moments such as the Alfred Eisenstaedt V-J Day Kiss or the Marilyn Monroe billowing skirt spectacle; depending on the tour, there could be street dancers and many other fun events, all of which tend to add up to a very New York experience. It’s something that only an artist could create. As it happens, the talent behind the ride is Michael Counts and John Bobey the avant-garde Broadway creators. The Ride is a special experience that can quickly put any visitor in the New York state of mind. It takes less than $50 to take a party bus tour in NYC.

Other choices exist

While The Ride may be the foremost of the party bus tours in New York, other attractive choices exist.  TMZ and On Location offer party bus tours of New York’s world-famous movie locations, for instance, and Hush Hip-Hop works wonderfully for hip-hop fans. One adventurous party bus company called The Party Ride offers unlimited drinks. You can have a great time when you pick a ride that works for you.

It’s worth doing a party bus tour for the sheer theater of it all

New York is world-famous for its attitude and its creative spirit, and much of it tends to be in ample evidence on any good party bus tour. Finding one that addresses your interests can be a great way to spend a few dollars and a couple of hours, and in the process, get to know the city in a unique way.


About traveloka and its tech services

Traveloka is an Indonesian company that offers services such as online hotel bookings and air tickets. This company focuses on domestic travel within the country. The headquarters of this company is in Jakarta. This is a leading technology startup company in Indonesia that aims in revolutionizing human mobility through latest technology. Ex Silicon Valley engineers founded this company in the year 2012. This company has been building huge impact consumer services and products, real time systems, data systems and platforms. It also devises creative solutions for solving the engineering and business problems. Using the latest technology this company has been deriving insights from huge data and transforming markets. The main focus of this company is making revolutions in the travel and tourism industry of Indonesia. It is the largest flight booking and search site in Indonesia as of 2013.


More information about traveloka

Actually this company has wanted to become a successful mobility technology company in Indonesia with respective changes in the roadmap and scope. The company no longer likes to be known as a travel agency or company. This company has a fast growing and talented team members who hails from popular universities of the world with backgrounds of national and international science Olympiads in several disciplines, consulting, multinational technology companies, academic researchers and entrepreneurship. The founders of this company are information technology practitioners. They came from the US to Indonesia to start their own company. Derianto Kusuma is a graduate of the Stanford University. He was worked in Silicon Valley as a software engineer. Another founder is ferry unardi who graduated from the Harvard business school. He worked for Microsoft before he found this travel company in Indonesia. In early 2015, the team of this company consists of over 50 people.

Traveloka in the air traffic control

In the recent years, comscore a US based firm provides marketing analytics and data to several large enterprises, publishers, agencies in the world. This firm confirmed that traveloka firm is ranked as the first flight booking and search service in Indonesia apart from direct airline sites. Online travel agency industry in Indonesia is relatively niche. The co founder of this company Ferry Unardi says that his firm has over 270 employees. In March, the desktop traffic of this travel company portal is estimated to 3.95 million visits. Even though it is quite impressive this number is not higher than December’s estimation which was 5.45 million desktop visits. The closest local adversary of this company got desktop visits of about 1.95 million during the month of December. Back in November, this company stated that it was getting around 250,000 daily visits. If this number is certainly accurate, it means the combined mobile and desktop traffic of this company online portal exceeds 7.5 million visits every month. Overall, this travel company can become the first startup unicorn of Indonesia. This company makes reliable collaboration with several hotel and airline in presenting the special price and promos each day. The operating cost of this travel agency is lower.