Book Danang Travel Package for Comfortably Exploring the Place

qaweqweTravelling to a new place is a delight. This is especially true with a city like Danang. When I wanted to visit the city, I decided to opt for a Danang travel package that covers the best spots in the city and ensures you get to see everything around. I have always been fond of cultural activities. I am always curious to know about the cultural traditions of various places. I usually make plans to visit culturally rich places. I like to explore cities, which host a lot of cultural festivals that are of interest to people. I have read a lot about the cultural festivals of Danang and wanted to experience it.

I have another friend who is also interested in learning about traditions of new places. We usually read up online or in books about the traditions of places but this is never enough. Nothing can beat the experience of personally visiting the city and actually experiencing it. You get to know about the lifestyle of the people and what they do for a living. One of the amazing things about a new place is that you get to taste and relish the delicious cuisine of that particular place. If you are a foodie, then Danang is a great place to be. You will be amazed at the variety of tasty food you get to try. This is one thing my friend and I loved Danang for was that there was so much to eat.

While we were in the planning stage for a trip to Danang, we were completely clueless as to how to go about. Both of us do not know much about the city and were confused about how to go ahead. As it is, a place that both of us are not familiar with, we surely did not know how to reach there and then struggle for accommodation or travel. This is why we thought that opting for a Danang travel package made more sense. This package includes everything required for a comfortable travel ensuring you do not have any issues in the new place.

One more highlight of the city was that it is rich in folk cultural treasure. It has a lot that you can experience. It boasts of a huge variety of folk songs and dances along with boat racing. If you like performing arts, then the folk songs and dances of this city are surely going to amaze you.

The Danang travel package covers many festivals, which you can be part of. It has a unique Ca Ong festival. This is a significant festival for the fishermen. It is connected to the progress of fishing villages. It happens every year and is amazing to attend. Another festival is the Quan the am festival that is also completely worth visiting. It is organized in Marble Mountain on a very huge scale and the celebrations are done for three full days. We visited this festival and found it to be extremely good. It includes dancing, singing folk songs and opera. It includes many other activities, which we participated in.

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Why Yacht Charter Dubai Is Better For Holidays Than Hotel?

To some inquisitive minds, life in Dubai is less piquant without chartering a yacht or a dhow. Hiring a yacht is extortionately expensive that a hotel, but a day out on its deck proves to be a lifetime experience. All you can do in a hotel is indulging in the luxury and the top-notch services, which can be done along with sightseeing, cruising, fishing, parasailing, snorkeling and open air party on a yacht. A myriad of reasons prove why yacht rental Dubai surpasses a luxury hotel when it comes to spending a holiday full of adventure and thrill.

Luxury and Comfort

This is something associated with both a luxury yacht and a lavish hotel. But, a yacht sails away to breathtaking while nestling you down in the comfort. On the other hand, the well-mannered crew members carrying a beatific smile on the face stay around to ensure that you are enjoying the trip to the fullest. Most of the yacht charters have a number of crew members to cater to the requests of individuals. Be it relaxing on the deck under the scorching heat of the sun, rejuvenating yourself with bracing sea breeze around or enjoying the adventurous activities, nothing can be as pleasurable as the life on yacht is.


What is worth loving about being aboard the yacht is the flexibility of steering the course to the spot you would love to see from the available options. Moreover, you can change the schedule if you find something spellbinding and appealing on the way. All you aspire to have and see can be customized as per your choice. Even the menu is prepared to please your taste buds and is changed for culinary delight. In the hotel, you rarely enjoy the flexibility of changing things, especially the menu to be contented.

Spectacular Sights

Imagine catching a glimpse of new spots with scenic views while you are pampering your tongue with the scrumptious breakfast served on your bed. In contrast to a luxury hotel, yacht charter lets you turn your dream vacation into a reality and enjoy it the way you want devoid of restraint locations. Panoramic views along the way that keeps on changing prove to be a treat to the eyes.


Privacy is another great reason to opt for a yacht over a hotel for your vacation. The privacy aboard the yacht is unparalleled, starting from the appetizing dishes served to suit your personal taste to basking in the sun on the deck and feeling the cool sea breeze of the beautiful endless sea. Most importantly, you need not get out in the crowd to reach to your favourite destinations. The privacy of guests aboard has always been the priority of captain and its crew.

All In One Option

Chartering a yacht sounds better than paying an impressive amount for hotel rooms and that too only for lodging and devouring. Other than having an ample space to accommodate a large family, yachts are incorporated with modern gadgets, lavish amenities and an array of options for entertainment. At the same time, you can enjoy water sport activities, plan a party and tap your feet to the music. In short, yacht charter Dubai is an all-in-one option for a memorable vacation.

Milan city break: history, fashion and delicious food on one place

Milan is becoming one of the top travel destinations in Italy and one of the most interesting cities to explore. Known as the world capital of fashion and Italy’s financial powerhouse, at first it may seem that everything in Milan is about business and money. If you dig deeper, you will see that Milan has so much to offer starting from famous historic attractions to new mind-blowing skyscrapers. This city is perfect for wandering around its streets and exploring hidden gems.

Arriving in Milan

If you’re flying to Milan, you’ll probably arrive at Malpensa or Linate airport. Many passengers use Bergamo airport, as well, mainly for flying with budget airlines. The airports are well connected with Milan and its surrounding via public transport, airport shuttles and Milan airport taxi.

Public transport includes regular bus lines operating from these three airports, while the Malpensa airport has its own underground station with trains departing every 30 minutes to the city center. The Linate airport, on the other hand, has bus connection only during the day up to midnight.

There are many Milan airport transfer providers which will organize door-to-door service from these airports to your accomodation. Usually this service requires online booking prior your trip.

Famous landmarks in Milan

One of the most impressive buildings and historic attractions in Milan, is the Milan Cathedral, one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in the world. The impressive facade as well as the interior, with a rooftop featuring the most amazing view over Milan, will make your time worthwhile visiting this landmark.

The church Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan houses the most famous piece of religious art in the world – The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. This masterpiece displays one of the most important event in Christianity in an intruiging and unique way, and has been admired by the art historians all over the world.

Porta Nuova is a fairly new district in Milan which displays the modern side of the city with skyscrapers and unique contemporary buildings. Here you will find the tallest building in Europe, the Unicredit Tower and the award winning Bosco Verticale residential building which is the first vertical forest in the world.

Shopping in the fashion metropolis

Being in the world capital of fashion means only one thing: shopping. No matter how big is your budget, you will not be able to resist the temptation from those beautifully decorated store windows.

It’s merely a coincidence that the oldest shopping mall in the world is located in Milan. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is both a hisctoric attraction and a destination for haute couture shopping. The glass dome roof and the mosaic floors are one of the things which make this building one of the most impressive Milan landmarks.

Concept stores are a major hit today, but 10 Corso Como was way ahead of time and was introduced 22 years ago. They manage to blend in fashion, art, design and cuisine in a unique way. You will find fashion boutique, books and interiors store, art gallery with a courtyard cafe, as well as a boutique hotel.

For those who are looking good bargains, there are many outlet stores around the center of Milan (Il Salvagente, Dmagazine Outlet, Basement) which offer discounts up to 70% on designer clothing from previous season. For those who would like to dedicate a whole day to shopping, there are few outlet villages (Serravalle Scrivia, Fidenza Village,  Vicolungo The Style Outlets ) in Milan area, approximately an hour away.

Parks and recreation

Parco Sempione is one of the most favorite public park for the locals in Milan. It’s a large green space located between Castello Sforzesco and Arco della Pace. With its jogging tracks, green space and romantic bridges, it’s a great spot to enjoy the sunshine and relax.

Near Porta Venezia, there is another famous park – Giardini Pubblici Indro Montanelli. This park features beautiful gardens with flower beds and various interesting botanical species. While you’re there, you can also visit the Museum of Natural History and the Planetarium.

If you’re looking to spend time with your children in a beautiful green area, then the Giardini della Villa Belgiojoso Bonaparte is the perfect place. Located near Palestro, this typical 19th century landscape has one strange rule: adults are allowed to enter the park only if they are accompanied by children. You will also find a small temple dedicated to love and large water area.

Milanese cuisine

Although you may get the impression that Italian cuisine is all about pasta and pizza, in reality every region in Italy has its own delicious dishes to be proud of. The refined Milanese culinary scene features the best food delicacies in the Lombardy province.

Risotto ala Millanese is a simple, delicious dish made of rise in butter and wine, spiced up with saffron. It’s one of the most famous foods you need to try in Milan and you can feel the real taste of it in the restaurant Ratana.

Panzerotto is a typical Milanese street food and you should blend in with the locals and try the best panzerotto in town in Luini, a bakery on the Duomo square. This fried donut filled with tomato and mozzarella is a perfect snack for you to try while visiting the landmarks located on the Duomo.

One of the favorite and well preserved rituals in Milan is the apperitivo. Many restaurants and bars host buffet and special cocktails during this „happy hour“. For a trendy and chic experience, visit the Ceresio 7, a bar by the pool on the rooftop of Desquared2 building. Or if you prefer classy and romantic spot, then head straight to the garden of Bulgari Hotel.


Vacation Condos can Help You Live Like a Local

During the excitement of planning a vacation, it can be simple to forget that hotels aren’t the only option for accommodations. The Westin in St. John has many privately owned villas to rent, and they have many advantages which we’ll discuss below.

Renting a Vacation Villa Saves You Money

In most cases, a vacation villa rental can be had for a lower per-person, per-night rate than a hotel room, especially if you plan to stay more than a few days. The villas at the Westin are typically made available on a weekly basis, but some are available by the day. In some cases, owners will offer their villas at a lower rate than what’s posted on the website, so be sure to contact them for the lowest current rates.

Renting a vacation villa can help you save even more in terms of your food budget. The villas at the Westin have full kitchens, so that you don’t have to eat out every night. By buying your own food and cooking in, even for one meal per day, you can make a substantial dent in your vacation budget–especially if you’re traveling with a group.

You’ll Get More Overall

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, but cramming an entire family into a single room can quickly become exhausting. For far less than what it would cost to rent one regular-sized hotel room, you can get a multi-bedroom villa with plenty of living space. There are all sorts of amenities at the Westin, and most rentals have laundry room access–meaning that you can pack lighter.

They’re Perfect for Large Groups and Families

Booking several hotel rooms can get costly, especially if you’re booking a block of rooms that are adjacent to one another. By renting a villa in St. John, your group will have ample room to move about–and not just in the bedroom. There are spacious living areas, dining rooms and kitchens, and all of the other creature comforts you expect. The Westin’s villas make it easy to unwind after a long day of sightseeing, or to sit down and enjoy a home-cooked meal away from home.

Live Like a Local for a Few Days

The villas here come in varying sizes, and they are all part of the Westin Resort. Most are privately owned, but all are managed by the Westin. Since the villas are part of a larger residential area, you’ll immediately become immersed in the local culture. You can shop for local produce at the grocery store, pick up dessert at a local bakery, or enjoy a great dinner at one of the area’s wonderful restaurants. By renting a villa at the Westin, you can live like a local and have an unforgettable vacation.


Tips in Testing and Maintaining Your RV Batteries

Maintaining an RV is not an easy task. To keep your RV in perfect running condition, it is important to check its batteries once in awhile. It would be a disaster to find yourself in the middle of nowhere because your battery is dead and help is not in sight. As such, knowing how to test and maintain your batteries is a part of your responsibility as an RV driver.

sfeThe truth about charging

Keep in mind that your lead acid battery is capable of self-discharging. The factors that come into play are time (how long it’s been unused) and temperature. This means that even if you don’t use those batteries, you must charge them to avoid sulfating. This is a condition when a battery is no longer capable of being fully charged. There are no remedies if your batteries have already sulfated. If this happens, replacement is the only option.

Overcharging and undercharging both have negative effects on the life of your batteries. Always follow specific charging durations. There are many ways to do this. You can plug the RV charger for a full 8 hours once a month. You can also take out the batteries from the RV and charge as required. Some people also plug battery conditioners and maintainers whenever those batteries being stored. Additionally, be mindful of the battery’s water levels. If the plates are exposed, replenish with about ½ inch level of mineral-free water.

If charging is confusing to you, better call an RV service provider.

Make cleaning a habit

With prolonged use, dirt and grime can build up on the surface of the batteries. This can cause major damage and corrosion. Make your own cleaning agent by mixing equal parts of water and baking soda. Use a wire brush for easier cleaning.

Caution: don’t do this while charging the battery!

Be mindful of your battery’s temperature

Don’t even think of charging a frozen battery. Likewise, store unused batteries at a non-freezing temperature (preferably 4 to 16C). Freezing temperatures could cause the battery to harden and eventually crack. This will induce electrolyte leakage.

Exercise caution

Handling your RVs can be harmful if not done right. Don’t forget to remove your jewelry. Keep your rings and bracelets off for a while, you won’t need them anyway. Use protective rubber gloves whenever working on electrically charged equipment to ensure your safety. Also, don’t forget to put on those safety glasses.

Written by the staff at Quality RV. They service the whole state including St. Louis, Kansas City, Columbia and the Lake of the Ozarks.

Best Buys In Abu Dhabi

Gone are the days when options to shop in Abu Dhabi were finite, now, the city boasts a number of big and stylishly luxurious shopping malls. Needless to say, the Abu Dhabi tour is partly completed without shopping. After all, you must take away with you something that is redolent of your visit to this wealthy city. On top of that, the city gives you an opportunity to buy traditional stuffs from local shops as well. Read on to know what to buy and from where in Abu Dhabi.

downloadCarpet Souq

The idea of buying Persian silk carpets from bazaars should be given a second thought if you want to shop smartly. Al Mina’s carpet souq is the finest and the most authentic place one can buy carpets from. As far as price is considered, the bargain purchase option will always work over here. Al Mina is the place where the average families rush to purchase carpets and cushion covers. The traditional geometric patterns inspired by the Bedouin communities can easily draw the customers’ attention.

Gold Jewellery

Women’s love for gold will certainly intensify in Abu Dhabi, as the city has a wide range of designs and styles to satisfy the taste and make a woman look her best. Buying gold in Abu Dhabi is a fascinating activity, as its supply in the city is in abundance. Among the wide range of styles include clean traditional designs, elaborately decoratedArabian wedding designs, and ostentatiously costly western designs. The Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre is home to gold souk, where visitors can find many jewellers, some of being the largest of the Gulf.


Abu Dhabi is shopaholics favourite place and its credit goes to huge and luxurious shopping malls that have high-end brands in galore. Marina Mall, the flashiest mall of the city shares the scenic beauty of the breakwater area. The shopping mall houses some of the leading global brands like Hediard and Louis Vuitton.

The Abu Dhabi Mall based in the Tourist Club region is in itself a shopping city and has more than 200 stores operating here. Though new in this array, the glitz and the charm of Abu Dhabi is clearly visible in the Galleria Mall. With some of the high-end brands like Marg Jacobs and Jimmy Choo running successfully here, your hunt for the finest collection can certainly come to an end. Other popular shopping malls you can rush towards during the stay are Central Market, Al Wahda Mall and Yas Mall.


There is no dearth of reputable galleries in Abu Dhabi, which feature interesting and engaging exhibitions of traditional artefacts and local art. Located on Khalidiya Street is the Folklore Gallery, which is an ultimate place to catch a glimpse of the local art and make the most of framing services.

Besides, there is “Hemisphere Design Studio and Gallery” where works of local artists are put on display. If you are an admirer of ancient art and antiques from countries like Rome, Africa, China and Egypt, then Barakat Gallery is worth visiting. Located in an incredible Emirates Palace Hotel, Barakat Gallery can hold visitors’ attention completely with its wide range of items including statues, neck pieces, coins and jewellery.

3 Incredible Destinations in India for New Year Celebrations

The New Year’s Eve is always a special day, as you leave the old year and along with the bad and unwanted memories behind you prepare yourself to welcome the New year with great joy, hope and enthusiasm. While the New Year’s Eve is still quite a few days away, it would be best to start the party planning for the day. If you are bored with the same old house party with the same people, you can escape that feeling of déjà vu by traveling to new places. What better way could it be to bring in the new year by stepping out of your comfort zone and going to an unknown place and get a new experience that you can remember for a long time.


So here is a list of amazing destinations across India where you can head to for the New Year’ Party:


A quaint town on the south west coast of India, Pondicherry comes to life during the New Year’s Eve. Tourists from all over the world come pouring right from the Christmas and stay back for the New Year party. The place is known for its pristine beaches with white sand, cool blue sea and not to mention its delicious sea-food, you think that’s a La Goa, Pondicherry is even better. The most distinct thing about this place though is the presence of two distinct cultures of French and Tamil, which also adds its charm to the celebrations that takes place. Not to mention, the place has got cheap booze too. No matter, if you want to go alone, with your friends or family, Pondicherry will surely leave you with some amazing memories. Start planning right now and make sure that you book your travel tickets online from sites like Paytm and look for Paytm discount coupon to get discount on your bookings.


Snow clad Himalaya’s, lush green landscape, cool weather, hoards of foreign tourists provide a perfect setting to celebrate New Year’s party and at Manali you get it all and even more. The breathtaking view of the place around will surely excite your senses and the feeling will linger around in your body for a long time. While it gets cold during the night sip on some special hot chocolate and feel the warmth and coziness seeping through your mind. The place is best enjoyed with friends, especially if you are a fan of raving and love trance music.


Goa and Party are synonymous to each other. The beautiful little city located just about 8 hours from Mumbai plays host to a sea of tourists all year around but nothing beats the excitement of a New Year party celebration. The place has the perfect setting that lets you enjoy the most hardcore partying experience of your life. The electric night party that includes booze, music, sea in the backdrop and fun provides the perfect setting to let your hair loose and dance your way through the night till the wee hours. From Baga to Palolem, Goa welcomes dirty feet with arms wide open for the New Year celebrations.