6 Amazing Destinations in India You Should Fly To This New Year

It is hard to believe that an amazing 2015 is already coming to a close. New hopes have already started building up for the year to come. But have you decided where would you like to spend the time when 2015 hands over the baton to the year 2016? Well if you have not, you surely need to speed up. Party enthusiasts are miles ahead of you and have already made their bookings. Also, online rewards program make flight bookings even more tempting and not to mention –very convenient. How about ringing in the New Year at a slightly secluded destination, which is exciting nonetheless? Boost up your search for the perfect offbeat New Year party destination with our top picks.

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  1. Mandvi, Gujarat

Mandvi is a pristine beach along the Gujrat coastline. An unexplored beauty that has lots to offer to celebrate. Laze around the beach or Swing on the hammock. Enjoy the sun and the shade. For the adventurous souls, try out skiing, parasailing, surfing and much more. Enjoy the delicious Gujrat delicacies as your tread through the town checking out the Vijay Vilas palace and the Ship building yard. Bring in your new year at this serene and peaceful location.

  1. Manvar, Jodhpur

For a royal New Year celebration, head to Manvar in Jodhpur. This desert camp and resort offers you an unbelievable celebration under the sky full of stars. A quaint set-up, Manvar caters to you a luxurious stay with mouthwatering food and wholesome entertainment. An exotic location for a regal New Year party.

  1. Jubbal, Himachal Pradesh

The small and beautiful hill town of Jubbal is a great place to welcome the New Year. The beauty of this place is unparalleled and this land is abundantly blessed by Mother Nature. For a romantic celebration, Jubbal is an ideal location. Far-away from the crazy crowded locations this unexplored destination, with its sparkling streams and lovely lakes, is sure to take your breath away.

  1. Promenade beach, Pondicherry

If Goa is the ultimate party destination, Pondicherry is also competitive enough. Beaches or booze, Pondicherry is not far behind. Walk along the beach, planning the year to come. Give wings to your imagination and fuel your aspirations. You see an Indian as well as French flavor in Pondicherry which makes it unique in its diversity. For a youthful party experience, try the Promenade beach in Pondy.

  1. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Go wild and crazy at Andaman and Nicobar with the yacht and beach parties. Clear blue skies and clean white sand greet you as you find yourself one with nature. There are lots of unexplored places in Andaman which are a treat to its visitors.

  1. Ukhrul, Manipur

Ukhrul is a virgin land far away from commercialization. It is a natural beauty blessed with splendid mountains and a rich wildlife. For a peaceful start to the New Year, that’s garnished with simplicity and honesty, we highly recommend Ukhrul. It gets really cold during winters. Bear that in mind as you plan your trip to tranquility.

New Year is much closer than it appears. To avoid disappointment, start planning today.

You have our suggestions apart from the popular ones you are already aware of. Don’t wait. Start Exploring!