Ghost tours

3 Tips for getting the most out of ghost tours

Ghost tours have been popping up left and right all over the world (and especially here in the UK), with hundreds of thousands of people all over the world looking to connect with the paranormal and capture evidence of their existence whenever possible.

It goes without saying that there are all kinds of spooky and scary places in the United Kingdom, and you aren’t going to have any lack of opportunity to try and hook up with professional ghost tours that dramatically increase your odds of coming across paranormal activity.

At the same time, you’ll want to utilize these tips and tricks reliable to get the very most out of your time spent on any of these ghost tours.

Let’s dive right in!

Do your research ahead of time

After you have selected the best ghost tours to work with you want to do as much extra research as humanly possible about the location and the spirit that you are going to be hunting.

The Internet is going to be your best friend when it comes to getting your hands on the kind of inside information that dramatically improves your odds of connecting with these spirits and the other world.

You’ll want to know about the specific times that these spirits present themselves, the specific rooms than these spirits usually appear in, and any other details that will give you the best chance of coming across the paranormal when you are going on these tours.

Always choose the right ghost tours to find the kinds of spooks you’re looking for

Because there are so many different kind of ghost tours that you can connect with in the United Kingdom, and so many different locations that you can investigate with different kinds of ghosts and paranormal activity, you’ll want to be sure that you are working with the right ghost tours that feature locations with the kinds of spirits you’re hoping to see

Ghosts, demons, entities, and all kinds of other creepies and crawlies exist, and if you want to see a specific type of ghost or spirit you want to be sure that you are visiting a location that showcases or features that kind of activity to begin with.

Bring equipment to capture every moment

At the end of the day you don’t want to waste an opportunity to come across something really special, something life altering, and something that most people never have the opportunity to experience without equipment that allows you to capture that experience and share with others.

Yes, you’ll likely be able to snap a couple of quick shots with your camera phone and then may or may not show the kind of detail that will help people really feel and experienced same things that you did – but if you’re able to bring higher quality gear (including a video camera with a quality sound capture device) you’ll really be on to something special!

You might have to spend a little bit more, but some of the better ghost tours in the area are going to provide this kind of equipment to their attendees. This might be a direction that you are should seriously consider moving forward in.

Investing for World Travel

Many Americans would love to travel more if they just could save up money faster. Sometimes it is easier to invest in properties in the country or city you wish to visit. Many frequent vacationers will invest in condos or beach houses in order to save money. Sites like Airbnb help travellers find cute homes to rent out at a fraction of the cost. There are also many sites dedicated to travelling tips and ways to cut cost on food or how to eat like the locals in Europe, such as Travel + Leisure. When planning your vacation, you have to start saving early. For many, it may take too long to save money as their budgets are already maxed out. However, there are great resources to help you save more money without necessarily cutting your everyday expenses.

Online Travel Perks

Just like other industries, most of the revenues in the tourism and travel industry are shifting to the Internet. Online retailers are able to sell travel packages at a fraction of the price straight from their website. Sites like Priceline has been able to drive traffic by offering last-minute deals on the most popular destinations. You can subscribe to their newsletters and emails to find out more about the discounts they offer weekly. On these sites, you can find cruises and even rent a car once you get to your destination. Sites like Tripit will compile customized itineraries based on your preferences. Planapple helps you plan the perfect trip by creating, organizing, accessing and sharing your vacation plans.


Talk with a travel agent to make sure you understand how much money you will need to save for your desired trip. Do research online and try apps like WorldMate that helps you manage all your itineraries and reservations in one place. As you decide which countries you would like to see on your trip, make sure to check out the CDC website. This site will let you know if you need to take any shots before entry or whether the conditions are safe to visit.

Saving Strategies

One of the most popular ways to save for a vacation is a traditional savings account. However, there is a faster way to increase your savings, and that is the stock market. By learning the stock market, you can trade and gain profits. You can then take these profits and use them towards world travel. Why not make your money work for YOU? As you begin trading, you should make sure to use a securities fraud attorney. A securities fraud attorney will help in making sure that all your trades are valid and there is no fraudulent activity going on. If you do not have time to trade, hire a day trader or become on yourself. A securities fraud attorney may be able to recommend one to you. Check out this tutorial from Wall Street Trader.

By using the stock market to maximize your earnings and profits, you can finally go on the vacation of your dreams. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy the sights of the world by investing in the stock market. Call Thomas Law Group if you feel you have been the victim of stock fraud. We are here to help you recover any losses owed to you.


What Impact Does Human Behaviour Have on That of Gorillas?

With growing demand for research programmes into gorillas and into eco-tourism, the impact of the increase in human contact on gorillas is a mounting issue, both in terms of the transmission of disease and the psychological impact on the apes. Research is required into the best way of managing this as tourism in this area develops.


Image Credit

The Study

Bai Hokou is a study site located in the Central African Republic. It was chosen in 1997 as the base for a long-term project looking at developing gorilla sites for research and eco-tourism. Featured in the American Journal of Primatology, one of the aims of the site was to study the effects of human impact on gorillas and consider how best to minimise the disruption to their lives.

The findings of a preliminary study in 2006 found that the presence of researchers and tourists correlated with an increase in aggressive behaviours and a decrease in resting behaviours amongst the gorillas. There is a distance recommendation of at least seven metres between humans and gorillas, and further research has been carried out looking into whether this is sufficient. The results indicated that when the distance between humans and gorillas increased to ten metres, there was a significant decrease in aggression. The research also found that an increase in the number of people present resulted in a decrease in group feeding and an increase in aggression.

The Recommendations

There were two main recommendations that came out of this study. Firstly, to aim to ensure a human-gorilla distance of at least ten metres where possible; and secondly, to limit research or tourist group sizes to up to six people if necessary, but to just three if possible.

As eco-tourism grows in areas like Uganda gorilla trekking, it’s essential to continue researching its impact to limit and manage any detrimental effects. If you’re considering this sort of eco-tourism, visit Steppes Travel for gorilla trekking holidays or similar established tour operators who will be experienced in offering ethical trips.

When eco-tourism is done well it can have a significant positive impact on local communities, providing income and employment as well as conservation. Ongoing research is needed into how this can be done with the least impact on gorilla populations.

Take Your Holiday in Style

The holiday season snuck up on you this year, and now you find yourself unsure where to go and what to do. Modern technology placed the entire world at your fingertips, and now you are faced with so many choices, you find yourself unable to decide. The hot destination that you should look into this year is Dubai. Not only is this opulent city beautiful on all fronts, but the resorts and amenities it harbours are unparalleled in their beauty and level of service. Whether you are on a business trip or need to book a holiday for you and your loved ones, there are thousands of activities and attractions available to explore. Over the course of the last fifteen years, Dubai built a thriving tourist and business hub, and this is reflected in every aspect of your stay, especially the hotels.

What to Look for in a Hotel Resort

If you are travelling with your family, you understand the importance of a place everyone can enjoy regardless of age or interests. The facilities at The Vogue in Dubai are top class, and of course you want only the best. The greatest hotels offer more than 150 rooms and suites and at least one restaurant, although many have two. You can enjoy five-star cuisine with unparalleled flavour and decadence right inside your choice of accommodation, and your day can then start with a full stomach and a happy attitude. For those on a romantic holiday away from home or for the overworked parents in need of a break, there are even jacuzzis, steam, and sauna rooms available for your enjoyment. Even your kids are not left out, as the most reputable hotels offer a kid’s club for their entertainment while you sit back and relax in the warm waters of the Jacuzzi. You deserve this time away from the stress of your everyday life, and the right choice of hotel will make or break your holiday.

Book Online and Get the Best Deals

Dubai is famous for its opulence and towering skyscrapers, and you deserve the chance to surround yourself in that splendour. No matter what your reason for the visit, your stay should be perfect from the first day to the last. Take the time to go online right now to find the hotel that best suits you and your loved ones, and your wallet will thank you for the savings. Your holiday season is just around the corner, and thus, it is imperative that you book your stay sooner rather than later in order to save as much as possible. The most reputable hotels in Dubai can guarantee the very best prices for your stay, do not require silly policies such as tipping, and even offer free booking. Therefore, you are set up from the very beginning to experience the holiday of a lifetime. Your loved ones will be hard pressed to think of a better adventure to talk about for years to come.


Looking to Move Abroad Temporarily – Here’s My Experience

Have you got a scholarship or an invitation to live abroad for a year or so? Do you wish to carry your belongings or leave them behind? Well, if you can move with them well and good but if you are wondering where to store them, worry no more.

You can actually travel for years and leave your belongings in safe custody. When I got an invitation to further my studies in the U.S , It was a tough decision to relocate there since I had invested a lot on home property. I was willing to travel but the big question was “what about my belongings?”. After wide consultation with friends, I came to learn about companies offering removal and storage services. I did a deep search about the reliability, service and safety concerns, and settled for Wynnes Removals and Storage Company in my home town- Sussex in UK. The company profile and their reputation all over UK impressed me and I decided to give them a try.

About Wynnes Removal and Storage Company

Wynnes removal and storage is a team of friendly, trusted and reliable experts based in Brighton, East Sussex in the UK. The Company is composed of experienced personnel with the technical know-how of packing , storage and moving businesses, homes and companies in the UK and throughout Europe. Their charges are pocket friendly and their services are top notch. When they arrived at my premises as we had agreed, they immediately began sorting and parking items in an organized manner. I had no idea that I would need boxes to do most of the packing, they knew it and of course came with different box sizes which they used for packing most of the little items. The team worked with a lot of precision and still made it on time.

How this company helped me with my storage needs

First of all, Wynnes has a fully secured storage facility in Sussex measuring 4,500sq. Their storage services are cost effective and highly secured to trust them for all commercial and domestic belongings. The stores are neat with easy access and well labelled boxes. The storage facility offers 24-hour access and free parking for visitors. I only had to place a 24-hour notice to be allowed to store my belongings with them. I was amazed at their charges, for instance my belongings only covered 35sq ft of which the charged me 13.85 per week. However, I missed the 10 % discount offer awarded for 2 years plus storage service since I was travelling for only a year.

Why you too should choose Wynnes for removal and storage service

No matter the size of your job or region , Wynnes are always just a phone call away. Their services cover the following;

� Business and Commercial Moves
� International Moves Abroad
� Domestic UK home removals

Important things to consider

Also important to note is the credibility of your customer. Wynnes removals and Storage have all it takes to be trusted in their job:

  1. They provided me copies of insurance which guarantee compensation in case of damage or loss of my property. It is an insured company with a transit insurance of up to $50,000 which can again be increased on request and Public liability insurance cover of up to $100,000
  2. The company history is good with several customer reviews and good reputation over the years.
  3. The company has well planned logistics coordination team with own trucks well maintained and driven by experienced long time drivers.
  4. The team was punctual and as they packed my stuff, they went on to verify and documenting everything in place.
  5. They also offer references of past clients and their contacts thereby as a new customer, my doubts were cleared after talking to some of the customers they had served before.
  6. The company is also a registered member of trade association.
  7. Their security was good and after loading my belongings on their truck, we both signed against the items packed.
  8. They also gave me their 24-hour contact line which is 01273 279 133 for alert anytime I felt like. There is nothing they didn’t do to win my trust, all there procedures were well coordinated and showed great professionalism. I was impressed and today I can’t hesitate to recommend them for the great job.

Other services offered

Relocation and courier services

Well, besides moving and storage, Wynnes (whose website is” also offer relocation and courier services. If you hire them for relocation, they will arrive and pack and load your belongings on their truck and again offload the stuff and help you arrange them neatly in your new home. For courier services, they deliver even a single item without any extra charge. Once the quote has been done and an agreement reached, you only have to sit down and wait for their delivery.

Removals boxes

If you are stranded with how to pack your items, just contact wynnes for tailor made boxes for whichever item you have. Forget about the tattered boxes you have at home since they will be putting your belonging at risk of falling. Just contact Wynnes and you will have purpose made boxes from Sussex removal Specialists. You can get the quotes from home by making a simple phone call and you will be supplied the right wrapping materials and boxes to make your movement stress free.

Man and Van Removal services

Lifting furniture, beds, fridges and other heavy stuff from your apartment isn’t easy. However, Wynnes’ makes it easy for you. They have professionals who will do the parking and wrapping and finally carry the luggage into their van and transport it to the desired destination safe and sound. Do not worry, just ask for the quote, pay and then relax as you wait for the job to be done. the man and van services are fully insured so every time you hire this team be rest assured that you are protected.

Furniture removals

From changing your old sofa sets, beds and office furniture, look no further than within Sussex. Wynnes’ group of experts will do exactly that for all types of furniture. Just get the quote for this and let them handle your precious furniture. This service is insured so the safety of your expensive furniture is guaranteed as well.


Well, moving and storage has never been an easy job but at least with the right partner who has all your safety concerns at heart, you will find it easy. If you are also considering traveling overseas and you do not want to sell or abandon your belongings, you can have them stored for you safe and sound till the day of your return. Trust Wynnes removals and storage experts to handle all your needs and you will definitely have a peace of mind. Simply request for quotes online and you will get them ASAP.


Essential Steps to Be Taken Immediately After a Car Accident

An accident or a crash is one experience most of us would not like to have. It can be scary and many times cause severe damages. Accidents may take us by surprise as one wrong move may send your vehicle crashing. However, what matters is the steps you take post the crash. Immediately after a crash, most people experience a state of shock and are unable to figure out the next step to be taken.

How to deal with an accident?

Listed below are few steps to help you recover from the aftermath of an accident:

Stay calm

It may sound difficult, but it is essential to stay calm post an accident. It is advisable to make efforts to recollect and list all details regarding the accident. The details can be the base for filing insurance claim and also in case of a lawsuit.

Check for injuries

Immediately after the accident, it is recommended to check if anyone has injuries. People are advised to seek medical help and refrain from moving an injured person all by themselves.

After an accident, it is highly recommended to undergo a complete medical examination to check for internal injuries that may have been caused. Many times, the injuries may not be immediately visible on the body, but can have severe after effects.

Safety precautions

After an accident, it is advisable to park your damaged vehicle away from the main traffic area on the road. In case it is not possible to move the car, it is recommended to switch on the flash lights.

Seek help

Post accident, it is advisable to connect with the following people:

  • The police
  • The insurance agent

When calling the police and insurance agent, it is important to refrain from accepting blame for the accident. Such statements given to the police or insurance agent may go against you in case of a lawsuit.

Gather Information

It is highly recommended to note all possible details about the accident. They can prove very helpful in filing insurance claims and in case of a lawsuit. It is also advisable to take as many pictures as you can of the accident spot and the car body to determine the extent of damage caused to the vehicle.

Towing and repairs

In case, the vehicle is severely damaged and cannot be driven, it may be required to be towed away. Many insurance companies cover towing expenses and may offer some assistance in this regard. Hence, it is advisable to review your insurance policy on a regular basis in order to evaluate the damages covered.

The next step may call for searching for an auto body repair shop to carry out repair work on the damaged vehicle. This may be a costly affair and hence it is advisable to get cost estimates from a number of shops.

Car accidents are common and can happen anytime, over which we have no control. However, what can be controlled are the steps taken after it.


Get an Affordable Quote for Medical Travel Insurance

It couldn’t be easier to get an affordable quote for medical travel insurance than by using the net. Online insurance companies that deal with cruises in particular offer great deals, special offers and discounts. To ask for a comparison quote all you need to do is:-

  • Enter the type of travel insurance cover you require, a single trip or an annual trip
  • Where you’re travelling to
  • The date you would like the cover to start and end
  • Add any extras to your policy like winter sports or cruise cover

Next complete your personal details i.e. whether you’re travelling as an individual, a couple, a family or a group of friends. Give the main traveller’s name, date of birth and provide your email address as a means of contact. You can receive info about the many products and services on offer straight into your inbox.

Don’t forget to read important information

When you click on Medical Travel Compared, there’s a section of important information you should read. This contains points like the following that must be adhered to when buying a medical travel insurance policy:-

  1. Insurance is only available to people who permanently reside in the UK with a permanent UK address
  2. The insurance must be bought prior to leaving the United Kingdom
  3. You must be registered with a medical practitioner in the UK
  4. You must not travel against medical advice
  5. You’re not travelling against the advice of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  6. Make sure the information you supply is accurate

Spend a few moments learning more about travel insurance to have peace of mind.

Pre-existing medical conditions

It’s not a good feeling knowing you have a medical condition that may prevent you from having a holiday. Thankfully online medical travel comparison websites feature insurers who will insure you if you have:-

  1. A heart condition
  2. Problems with circulation or respiration
  3. Had a stroke
  4. A cancerous condition

The right cover can be found for you no matter what your medical condition may be and at a great price too.

One thing must be said about pre-existing medical conditions and that is you have to disclose what the condition is and get the right cover for the condition. If you fall ill abroad, healthcare costs can be very high indeed with repatriation costing even more.

What is a pre-existing medical condition?

This is any type of condition that you have before you actually take out a policy. You will need to complete a medical screening process which is where you answer questions about your health. Insurance companies will want to know if you take any prescribed medication for conditions that have been diagnosed. If you fail to give this info to your insurer, it could invalidate the policy. There’s a useful online medical screening guide that will help you when it comes to completing this part of the documentation. Questions like the following are asked with clear, concise answers:-

  1. What is travel insurance medical screening? It’s a simple series of questions that determines how severe your medical condition is when you buy travel insurance. Even if the questions seem a little personal, your answers are kept quite confidential, so no need to worry.
  2. What sorts of health screening questions are asked? You may be asked about the medications you currently take, if you’ve been admitted to hospital recently or when you were diagnosed with the condition.
  3. Is it possible to declare some medical conditions and not others? You must let insurers know of all medical conditions you have. If you don’t, the policy will be void.
  4. How does a medical condition affect the cost of travel insurance? Medical conditions can be covered for no extra cost although it has to be said it’s very important to declare all medical conditions you may have. Insurers will base costs on the level of medical treatment you may require while you’re on holiday or if you should have to cancel your vacation due to unforeseen illness.

Compare prices for great deals

It’s worth spending time comparing prices for travel insurance to see the great deals around. Take advantage of a free and independent service where you can buy cover for your particular medical condition quickly. Check the prices from a great selection of insurers all under one umbrella on the net. All you need to do is complete one set of travel insurance screening questions which will be passed on to different insurance companies.

It doesn’t matter where you go for your holiday, however it does matter to have the right travel insurance policy in place. This will cover you should you need treatment when abroad otherwise you may face expensive bills. It’s worth paying the premium for medical insurance cover. It will certainly save you cash in the long run should you become ill when away from home.

A useful travel insurance jargon buster

To help you understand travel insurance wording click on the useful travel insurance jargon buster. Explanations are given for the following phrases and words:-

  1. An adult – a person over 18 years of age.
  2. Annual multi trip – this is a travel insurance policy that lasts for one year from the date of issue.
  3. Cooling off period – you can return your policy and receive a complete refund within 14 days of receipt of the documents. This applies only if you haven’t travelled and no claims have been made.
  4. Limits and level of cover – this is the maximum limit that can be paid out if you need to make a claim. Always check the limits and level of cover to make sure they are enough to meet your requirements.

Along with the above there’s more information about cancellation, claims handlers, curtailment and date of issue. If you need advice or guidance, a friendly team member is always at the other end of the phone.

Enroll for Active Holidays and Rejuvenate your Life

active-holidaysRecently, I signed up with active holidays and had the time of my life. Ever since I was a kid, I was always interested in sports and activities that challenged me physically. I loved experimenting and witnessing how far can I actually push my body. I used to stand out on sports day that was held annually during school days and I always managed to grab a spot in the limelight. During my late teenage years, I was fit and lively brimming with energy. However, things flipped upside down within a moment when I had to get a full-time job.

My life course changed completely and simply could not realize how lazy I had become. I lost the energetic-self in the process and recalling memories of school days and colleges simply left me depressed. To get things back on track, I planned to take a vacation. However, I wanted to ensure that the trip I was planning for was not an ordinary one. I did not want to pack my bags, visit a desired location, put up a tent and lay down straight below the sun on a beautiful beach. I knew that such a vacation was simply not on mind.

The thing that I was actually seeking was something different. I wanted to get back some action in my life. I wanted to feel the adrenaline rush through me that could help get the same thrill back that I used to witness during school days. I figured things out quite clearly and I knew that signing up for active holidays would be the best solution that could help me meet my demands. I was completely determined to make this happen and the excitement that made me unstable simply made my senses go berserk.

I quickly pulled out my laptop and started gaining more insight about how an active trip can be made more adventurous. I noted down all the essentials and now the only thing left for me was to get hold of a service provider who could help me achieve my desires. I started hunting for every travel consultant portal and tour agencies and the information that I gained simply confused me more than ever. It was quite complicated for me to shortlist all the great active holidays travel packages that was available.

After a thorough refining process, I finally had my eye on a particular package for which I subscribed for. This package was simply marvelous and the content included in them was something that I did not find in any other packages. The package stretched for a span of five days and the contents involved primarily to lure customers was hiking, swimming, bicycling, surfing, and running. Looking at this package convinced my senses and I signed up for the same. The good part about this package was paying a little extra had got accommodation and meals included.

I felt as if I found the best deal and I could not ask for more. In addition to all the benefits, the service provider also had arranged for first aid in case of any minor or major injuries that may occur in the process of taking up any physical activity. I attended the entire session and I have to admit that I had a good boost of rejuvenation.

Holidays Active Limited
United Kingdom
BD18 3LA
Phone : 07855 557316

A New Level of Luxury with Hotels in Goa

Think of Goa and the first thing that comes to mind is its picturesque beaches and happening nightclubs. And why not, these things have put this small state on the global map. Every year, millions of holidaymakers, not just from India but from all corners of the world, come here to spend a few days away from the monotonous, dull life. International artists and DJs come to perform here at the various events organised. Even in the off season, when no such functions are held, the myriad points of interest keep tourists occupied. Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral, Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary and Goa State Museum are some attractions that travellers love to visit here. Be it summers or winters, to provide accommodation to the people coming here, hotels in Goa remain prepared in all seasons. One such property that offers a luxurious stay with all the modern amenities is Taj Exotica.

The Accommodation

At a 45-minute drive from the international airport, the 56-acre lush Taj Exotica Goa is a great place to retreat with family or friends. This opulent resort is another feather in the cap of the Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces group. The lavish rooms of the hotel feature plush decor and state-of-the-art amenities. Guest would not have to go too far for scrumptious meals as Taj Exotica Goa has multiple fine dining options. Those who would like to spend a lazy afternoon swimming a few laps or enjoy rejuvenating therapies can head to the on-site pool or the signature Jiva Spa

Things to Do during a Holiday Here

Though there is a plethora of things that can be done in Goa, adventure sports are something that people love to try. This state, with a shoreline of more than 125 km, is a hub for myriad adventure sports like jet skiing, snorkelling and parasailing. Another sport that has also gained immense popularity in Goa is scuba diving. There is no better way to explore the underwater world than this activity. The state is full of places where tourists can go to try scuba diving, with the most popular one being Davy Jones Locker. Here, divers can go to a depth of up to 14 metres to discover ship wreckages. The different species of fish found here like tuna, barracuda and mullets, make the diving more exciting than usual. Many hotels in Goa can be found near these diving sites so that tourists can conveniently access them, and enjoy this favourite sport.

People are often unaware but Goa is also a centre for trekking. Those, who want to explore its terrain, must go for this adventurous activity. The Western Ghats that cover more than 15 per cent of the total area of the state make it perfect for trekking. More and more people, every year, are opting for trekking excursions in the state. Treks to Neuti Beach and Dudhsagar Falls are some of the most sough-after trails here.

See The Big Five on an African Safari

Firstly let me begin by explaining what the Big Five are. This term is used to describe the Elephant, Lion, Rhino, Leopard and Buffalo. The most sought after of all the big game in Africa.

One of the best places to view the Big 5 is on an African safari in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.

The Kruger National Park however has a large concentration on Leopard. Typically the most difficult to spot due to their shy nature, the Leopard is the most missed sighting by the majority of safari enthusiasts. They do not appear across the park, but only in select locations. For more information on where is best to see them visit

The best time to go on safari in South Africa is towards the end of winter. The temperatures are not nearly as icy as in the middle of winter, so early morning and late afternoon game drives are more bearable. The middle of winter often sees temperatures near zero, and if you’re in an open top vehicle, traveling across the plains, it’s not that much fun.

The best month to go on safari in South is probably August. The vegetation is not too dense so game spotting is easier, and the enjoyable daytime temperatures result in active game.

The Kruger Park additionally offers a wide variety of accommodation. You can go the full luxury route for a lot less than you may think, or you can start off in tented accommodation. There is of course a lot in between in terms of good three and four-star accommodation.

Self-drive safaris options are available in The Kruger park, as long as you remain on the paths of the suggested routes. Nobody wants you veering off into the wild and becoming a statistic.

If you are staying at a lodge that offers game drives, there are normally two. The first leaves early morning around 5am and offer tea, coffee and snacks in the bush.