The benefits of getting a rental car

Going on a trip to a foreign land seems like something that is bound to be exciting as well as mind boggling. Of course, there is so much time that we spend deciding what part of the world one wants to visit, is it going to be Paris or Portugal? Are you going to decide on some exotic island or you want to visit the culture filled streets of Japan? There are so many amazing countries and cities that you can spend your vacations and holidays in and explore their language, tradition, customs and culture. No matter what country you decide on, there are other preparations that you should always plan ahead. For example, while planning a holiday in the Bahams you need to carry a lot of swimsuits as well as clothes that you can wear outdoors an not get a heat stroke Etc. Apart from packing all your essentials and things like cameras, your phone chargers, your credit cards Etc. You also have to make flight arrangements and look for the different hotels and resorts that you want to rent a room in. It would be smart planning on your behalf if you reserve rooms at some hotel early because then when you reach at your holiday destination you don’t have to roam all the hotels to look for which one suits your financial needs best. A smart move will also be to make reservations for rental car as well. This will be a great help because as soon as you land there will be a rented car waiting for you outside of the airport that you can take to your hotel and later drive in it to explore the city.

Imagine if you are planning to spend your vacations in London or New York and if you have your own car as well, you can enjoy the trip double with less worries. You can go wherever you want to. Your wife can do a lot of shopping  for the people back home and you an carry out other activities like going to the famous clubs and playing different types of games. You can visit the beaches and take the sun bath for as long as you want. You can fulfill even your little desires which you couldn’t if you don’t have your own car. So if you have plans, include this one in it too, and cherish your trip more. There are so many companies who give you the facilities of renting a car outside the country. All you have to do is to contact them and tell them the date and time. One of the famous and trustworthy one is Playa del Carmen They have different packages for different days. Select the one which suits you the best and when you arrive at the airport, the car will be there waiting for you. All you have to do is to jump in and drive it wherever you want. Now you can enjoy your vacations to its fullest.

The Ultimate Checklist for Every Traveller

Travelling for some can be about leisure while for others it is about business. But travelling can also be very daunting if you are not prepared to face the natural and man-made deficiencies of your destination. Before you embark on a trip to any part of the world, glance through the checklist below to get the best out of your vacation.

Get Fit Before You Start Out

Travelling involves experiencing different climactic conditions, new varieties of food, and several other environment changes. It is, therefore, important to examine one’s health before setting out on a journey. Visit your family doctor and obtain prescriptions for all existing conditions, avail the required vaccinations and have a thorough dental check-up too.

Load Up On Your Knowledge

Every country across the world has its unique set of customs and traditions. Travellers should respect these practices to avoid the wrath of the locals. Thus, it is important to learn in depth about a destination before travelling to that same place. Additionally, garnering more knowledge about a country makes one feel at home.

Keep Your Finances in the Right Form

Credit cards, debit cards and travellers’ cheques are some of the common ways through which people choose to pay for their overseas expenses. A Forex card has an edge over other modes of payment as it is cost-effective (unaffected by currency conversions), easy to use and dependable too. Load your Forex card with sufficient funds to support you throughout the travel. Also learn about the procedure that needs to be undertaken in the case of loss or theft of the Forex card.

Carry All Essential Documents Without Fail

Passport, visas, travel insurance, a copy of the itinerary and emergency contacts are some of the important documents that you must double check before taking off. It is recommended to have scanned copies of these documents in your email account to make sure that they are easily accessible in case of an emergency.

Put Your Electronic Gadgets to Best Use

Using the right electronic gadgets can add so much fun and ease to your vacation in any part of the world. Use your smart-phones and tablets to access maps and local information within seconds.

Pack Right

Finally, and most importantly, be smart while you pack your clothes and other essentials for a long holiday. Employ the mix and match technique by coordinating a variety of tops that can go with a few lowers. Make a list of all travel essentials like travel adapters, medicines, socks, an extra pair of shoes and a vanity kit when you set out for a holiday.

Holiday Travel with Family- Tips for an enriching and exciting Holiday

Vacationing is a fun and enjoyable activity. Family vacations are an opportunity for the family members to bond with each other. Many of the families find vacationing together, a tedious task especially if they have children. Staying at home is therefore preferred by most of them. But to make family vacations fun and enriching you need to know the tips seasoned travellers follow.

All the experienced travellers follow a set of common rules which helps to enjoy every bit of their travel together. Use these tips to plan and execute a stress-free holiday with your family.

  • Choose the right travel destination – Individual travellers can travel to any destination; they don’t need to be very choosy. But a family has individuals of different age groups who have different preferences. So before picking a random destination consider the needs of the others including that of children. Look for destinations where both the children and the adults can have fun.
  • Plan a light Itinerary – Every destination will offer lots of activities and attractions, but when you are holidaying with family, you might want to cut down on the numbers. Squeezing in too many activities can wash you out. When vacationing with family choose quality over quantity; make the best out of that one adventure or activity instead of trying out several ones. Chart out some time for everyone to rest so that they feel recharged for the next one.
  • Carry a travel Diary – It can be a diary or a planner where you can note down all your important travel information including contact info of hotels, airlines, travel agents, travel insurance agents, itineraries, etc.
  • Travel Light – Whether you are with family or travelling alone, it is a golden rule to pack light. Pack your intimate wears in a zip bag. If possible pack for each day in separate zip bags. You can then tuck away the used clothes in the same bag. If you have old and worn-out innerwear and socks, take them along. This way you can throw them away after use, and this will create space for souvenirs.
  • Don’t be impulsive, plan ahead – Spontaneity is exciting but not when holidaying with family. Kids easily get uncomfortable; you can’t expect them to be excited about wandering for hours on the streets looking for accommodation or waiting for long hours for a room or dining. Plan ahead and make all the necessary reservations. This way you don’t have to put up with cranky kids or frustrated family members.
  • Get Travel Insurance for better protection – When you are travelling with family, it is better to play it safe. Anything can happen when you are vacationing with family – unexpected medical bills, cancellations, baggage loss, etc. Travel insurance will cover all the unexpected costs, and you can peacefully enjoy your family vacation. Making a travel insurance comparison is the best way to find the right travel insurance for your family.

Getting the Benefits of Print Media in the Digital Industry

Looking for printing services to promote your business? Get your hands on the impressive deals presented by 55 and get all the benefits to improve your sales.

How does the print media become helpful when you can promote your products and services online?

You might be wondering the same as the internet has been completed revolutionized and thinking about advertising the product/service through print media might be old school. But what you don’t know is that the digital world has to offer a lot when it comes to the print media. Believing in print media now is a bit hard as the digital media has taken the hot spot.

Guess, again.

Digital media has got its own advantages but the existence of the print media is still there. Here are the benefits 55 printing.commedia provides the business organizations that help them in promotional sector:

Infinite Exposure

With the help of print media you can promote your products or services to a wide range of views instead of advertising them on televisions or the radio. Advertising in a newspaper or a magazine makes people confront your ad again and again which somehow makes them interested in what you are offering them. The reader can study the ad whenever they want instead of being tied to the time limit

Target Marketing

Some print media items play the main role in target marketing. When businesses need to formulate a certain readership then they always go for print media in order to get their job. 55 provides the best chances for the business organizations is accomplishing their goals and achieving their targets. In order to professionally deal with the customers, even the well-known business organizations make the use of print media to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

Flexibility of the Position

Every advertiser has got the choice to where they can publish their ads. According to the budget, the advertiser selects location from where they get the maximum visibility. The location can be at the back of the magazine or the front of the newspaper. There are several locations the advertiser can select on the newspapers too that have got different sizes such as quarter-page advertisement or a full page advertisement.

Constant Readership

When advertisements are being published on print media then they ad stays in the media for a long time. In this way, the readership becomes constant and the loyalty remains. This constant readership reinforces the message that the advertiser wants to convey and creates a continuous campaign that covers up various aspects. The print media ads roam around not only in a town but they can travel various places and can lead the customer right back to you.

Print media advertising through 55 does not gets interrupted by any other ads or hurdles instead it gets exactly to the place or customers it was targeted for. So if you are looking for quality print media services then you already know where to get from.


Charming Agriturismo

Those who choose a farmhouse for their holidays has an especially sensitive soul to nature and loves being surrounded by greenery all around to relax in contact with the remaining wild places. For this reason, the selection of farms Charminly ensures accommodation perfect in every detail, in step with the times but at the same time absolutely sustainable. In many cases those who choose to give birth to a holiday leave well-established careers in other industries or are often young people who decide to buy old ruins or land forgotten to give birth facilities can accommodate the tourists who are looking for quiet places it can recharge in contact with nature.


Among these Charming Agriturismo we have the pleasure of mentioning

The Perazzeta, an ancient farmhouse recently transformed in an agriturismo located in a privileged position enjoying the views of Lake Bolsena with around a forest, a flower garden and an olive grove that wind gently until you get to the lake shore. The rooms, six in all, have been obtained from the old stables and the pigsty and built of stone, terracotta and striking beams. Also noteworthy public spaces, bright and airy, as the patio where you can enjoy a hearty breakfast, the library, the snack bar and the heated indoor pool with Jacuzzi and views of the lake.


Another characteristic Charming Agriturismo is definitely L’Adagio located Baldaggio, in Liguria and only 8 km from Nice. The hotel, nestled between the green mountains, has been converted from an old stone cottage that evening lights of incredible charm thanks to the skilful play of light that ensures a glance not bad. Inside the visitors will also have the opportunity to relax completely thanks to a modern spa, a solarium and even bowling. The property, which is on two floors, has five suites with bedroom and living area and 4 rooms each dedicated to the four elements: water, fire, earth and air. Extremely refined setting that blends perfectly with the quiet of nature all around to ensure guests a truly charming holiday.


How to Make Your Holiday One-of-a-Kind

A holiday is a very rare thing these days. With either work or family commitments, it can be quite tough to take some time off even though you desperately need it. So when that time does come around, it only makes sense that you make it your best getaway yet! Good holidays do not simply make themselves though; they require some legwork on your part. Unless you have decided to quit your job for good and spontaneously move to Chile to teach English, inspired by that article that asked you to seize your life, you are best off putting in some planning. Perhaps this guide will give you a kick-start.


Pick a Location

There are literally hundreds of countries on this earth and thousands of cities… so where would you go? How do you know where you want to go? Well that really depends on what you want to do. Are you looking for a relaxing, breezy holiday away from the hustle and bustle? Or are you looking for something a bit more fast-paced? If you want to dance all night and explore the sights and sounds of a vibrant city for instance, then Vegas is a great option! If on the other hand you want to laze in a hammock and roam around without a sense of time, then head to any location in Asia.Indonesia is actually an extremely favoured location, so if you have not been there, give it a shot!

Where to Stay

This is going to shape your holiday a great deal. Take a visit to Indonesia for instance. You could either opt for a hotel stay or homestay to experience the traditional Indonesian life, but it also depends on which part you are going to. If you are hoping to visit the electric city of Bali, then you could also consider Bali villas Seminyak, which are right in the heart of all the shopping and luxe restaurants. Your accommodation matters, but try to stick to your budget instead of spending more than you planned. If you decide on your location early enough, you will be able to scour the Internet for special deals and discounts.

List Your Activities

Well, you need not necessarily list down ‘lazing on the beach with a cocktail’, but you should put down what you want to do during your time off. This not only helps you plan everything out accordingly for the days you are travelling, but it also helps you budget better. You will be able to research different places that offer the same activities, such as tours and adventure sports like bungee jumping, skydiving, and so on. You might even be able to join tour groups who are like-minded and can be a lot of fun!


Aside from these very important factors, you should remember that being aware of the country’s cultural and religious traditions is very important. You could even be held liable by law, so do not offend anybody. After all, you are in their country, and it is in poor taste to make fun of them and their way of life. Be respectful, make an effort to learn the basics of their language, and always be polite. Cultures vary greatly from one corner of the globe to the other, so make sure you read up and are well versedbefore you step off that plane.

Other than that, just enjoy yourself!

Organize a motorcycle roadtrip in Thailand

Are you looking for an exciting adventure in a new exotic country? Thailand is one of the best options available for a motorcycle tour, as it offers a complete array of different landscapes and activities. From rice fields to dazzling island beaches, going from buzzing Bangkok to calm tribe villages of the north, Thailand is a great country to be discovered with a motorbike. How to organize yourself before heading there?


  • Budget

First of all, make sure you have the appropriate budget before leaving. Thailand is a well-known country to have an interesting value for money in terms of food and accommodation. If you decide on a small budget beforehand, you will be able to adjust on your standards of living’s expectations there.

You will be able to find street food in every big city, prices ranging from 20 to 100 baht (0,50 to 2,50 €) for a full plate of local specialty. Try a Tom Yum Goong (spicy shrimp soup), a Pad Thai (Thai style fried noodles) or a Pad Krapow Moo Saap (fried basil and pork). Yum!

For the accommodation, you will be able to find very standard guesthouses at 150 baht per night to luxury five-star hotels.

Regarding the rental of motorcycles, count 150 to 450 baht (5 to 15 €) per day, depending on your choice of bike.

  • Climate

With its 514 000 km2, Thailand has different climates from North to South. Depending on where you go, weather won’t be the same from one season to another.

Best season for riding in North Thailand is from November to February then March to May. Between these periods, temperatures can go very high. From March to November, the monsoon season causes rain to fall at its heaviest.

The Southern part of the country has different climate constraints. On the West coast it can rain a lot and be stormy from April to October, while on the East coast most rain falls between September and December.

Globally, the country is tropical and humid most of the year.

  • Activities

Thailand motorcycle tours are a great way to enjoy a nice ride across the country and discover every landscape it has to offer. But what about the time on which you’re not on your motorcycle and want to enjoy some time off? Here are our recommendations of fun stuff to do.

  • Have a fish spa: treat yourself and get little fish to come to remove dead skin and impurities – very common in Thailand!
  • Visit the Temple of the reclining Buddha: This 43 meter gold statue located in Wat Poh will impress you without any doubt.
  • Take a tuk tuk: this very cheap means of transport will give you a glimpse of the local way of living.
  • Eat insects: be brave and buy some from street stalls for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • Visit Bangkok’s Grand Palace: discover Thai’s culture in Bangkok with these intricate painted white and gold temples

Now saddle up and enjoy your ride!

Discover Ski Dubai Amongst Other Places While on a Dubai City Tour

Dubai has catapulted itself to the top of every bucket list by being a city at the crossroads of change. Over the past ten years, the city has developed remarkably by preserving its origins with care. At the same time,it has turned into an energetic and peppy metropolis. It has inculcated historic Arab architecture, which also holds the key to lifestyles revolving around nature. Dubai has ancient pockets that have been left unturned by the touch of modernisation and the whims of time. These, you can discover for yourself on any Dubai city tour.


Start with a selfie downtown

The tours offered in the city usually include an English-speaking tour guide,and pick-up and drop services from the location of your choice. Once you have settled into the tour vehicle, the journey to discover this modern city of Dubai begins with numerous photographs clicked against the appealing hotels. These are structuresthat exude luxury and elegance such as the DAMAC Maison Dubai Mall Street. Strike a pose by the iconic BurjKhalifa while touring downtown.

Relive history at Bastakia and Jumeirah

The heritage sites of Dubai are beautiful and hold mysteries of their own. As you walk around the Jumeirah Mosque, you will notice why it is considered as one of the finest examples of Islamic architecture. Continue on to the district of Bastakia, filled with wind-towered homes specially constructed for the merchants of the historic times. The wind towers in these buildings worked the same way the ACs do in the modern buildings.

Take your time in the Souks of Dubai

Take a comfortable ride on Abra, which is the local water taxi, across the smooth waters and down to the wondrous souks of the city. Every souk houses its unique row of stores and displays. Let your eyes and nose be your guide as they lead you through the woody Arabic fragrance of incense stores to the bursting bags of Asian spices in the spice souks. The dazzling expanse of jewellery in the Gold Souk shows you why this city is called the City of Gold. Savour the smells and sights of these ancient trading pockets of the city.

End the tour at Ski Dubai

The Mall of Emirates plays home to the first and largest indoor snow park. It is a marvellous experience to end your city tour at Ski Dubai where there are exciting snow events all year round for all ages. Take a turn on the sled run or go on a toboggan, explore an ice cave or scale a tall climbing tower. You are guaranteed to squeal in joy when you see the Gentoo and king penguins pay you a surprise visit as they pop up from their enclosures. Pick one of the five slopes depending on the lengths, gradients, and levels of difficulties you can handleto try your hand at snowboarding. It is a fun experience to end your city tour whilst playing in real snow.

Embark on this journey and discover the traditional and ancient landmarks of Dubai, where modernity strikes a balance with preserved culture.Some hotels, like those of DAMAC Maison, make your whole trip more affordable. They do so by arranging a tour around the city (under different packages and prices) and even a trip dedicated solely to the Dubai Ski.

Fun Cat Sailing Adventures

Fun Cat Sailing is a San Diego based company offering excellent catamaran rides along the stunning San Diego coastline. Offering tours geared towards small groups and couples, Fun Cat Sailing offers clients the best experience on the water. Clients will experience Mother Nature’s wonders in their natural setting, as dolphins, whales, and sea lions are frequently sighted during the sail.

Fun Cat catamaran trips are hosted aboard their two top of the line catamarans, the Tigress and the Wind Drum. Clients are captained by Captain Rob, a retired Coast Guard Captain with over thirty years of experience sailing. Captain Rob even sailed both catamarans to San Diego from Florida. Take a look at all of the great packages they offer.

The Fun Cat Catamarans

Fun Cat boasts two powerful yet quiet catamarans. They are both top of the line vessels that are kept in excellent condition by Captain Rob. Each offers a different experience while aboard:

The Tigress

The Tigress is a custom build catamaran. The low hum of the engines can barely be heard above the wind as you sail. This enables the vessel and guests to get up close to the various sea life that might be viewed on any Fun Cat adventure. Larger and louder boats tend to scare away creatures such as whales and dolphins. The Tigress is also built to avoid rolling or heeling. Rolling or heeling while on the water is often a cause of sea sickness in sailors and so guests don’t need to worry about becoming ill while aboard.

The Wind Drum

The Wind Drum is the second Fun Cat catamaran. This one is smaller in size to the Tigress and caters to sailing tours. The Wind Drum boasts powerful engines that offer some of the fastest sailing experiences in the United States. You will go further and enjoy more of the rugged San Diego coastline aboard the Wind Drum.

The Fun Cat Experience

There are several excellent reasons to choose Fun Cat for your next San Diego sailing adventure:



The Fun Cat Crew

Captain Rob and the rest of the Fun Cat crew are passionate about their job. They always ensure that guests have an excellent time while sailing with Fun Cat. Captain Rob is highly experienced and knowledgeable about the San Diego coastline and wildlife that frequent the area.

The Boats

Fun Cat only offers tours for couple and groups up to six people. This small size makes for a more intimate and fun experience than with big crowds. You will enjoy the spacious cabin and deck without the need to bump into strangers.

Fun Cat Packages

Fun Cat Sailing offers some attractive tours and packages for clients. Fun Cat packages are as follows:

  • Afternoon Sail – these tours leave at 1pm daily and includes snacks and drinks. This is the ideal choice for a relaxing getaway on the waters. You spend approximately three or more hours on the water, plenty of time to observe the various sea animals.
  • Champagne Sunset Sail – enjoy a romantic sunset cruise with Fun Cat. Cruise up the San Diego coastline viewing the wildlife and scenery while enjoying champagne and snacks.
  • 2 in 1 Afternoon Sail and Kayak – combine your catamaran adventure with some kayaking. On this package, you can also help Fun Cat crew sail the catamaran. Snacks and drinks are provided.
  • Custom San Diego Sailing Adventures – contact Fun Cat to book and arrange your own custom tour. Fun Cat caters for a variety of occasions, such as birthdays and bachelor/bachelorette parties. All aspects of the tour can be customized, including length of time, menu, drinks, and more. Fun Cat provides all the gear necessary to have a good time.

What To Look Out For On Your Fun Cat Adventure

With Fun Cat Sailing, you will be able to see many natural wonders along the coastline:


Dolphins are fairly common along the San Diego coastline. While on tour with Fun Cat guests may see common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, and Risso’s dolphins. The animals often come right up to the hull of the boat and guests can get close with them!


During certain times of the year, you will be able to see whales along the San Diego coastline. Contact Fun Cat Sailing to book your next whale watching tour. Captain Rob and the crew are knowledgeable on the times and areas where guests may see whales on a tour.

Sea Lions

California sea lions are also a common sight in San Diego. Guests will observe males and females as well as pups. The sea lions can sometimes be heard barking during tours.

Coastline Sights

The rugged coastline is beautiful to view on its own and there is also an historic lighthouse along the way.

Try Out Fun Cat Sailing

Fun Cat is fun, affordable and the best way to relax on the waters. Give them a call on 619-866-7245 or visit them online to book your next sailing adventures.

Where is Your Next Great Adventure Taking You?

If a vacation sounds like a good thing in the near future, will your next great adventure take you?

For millions of Americans, traveling around this nation (and the world for that matter) is one of the great opportunities one has in life. That being the case, knowing where to take that next trip to can prove challenging at times.

A number of factors enter into one’s decision on where to go.

Among them:

  • Finances – Typically the most pressing issue, how one’s finances are doing can dictate where a trip may take them. If finances are tight, one may decide to keep the trip closer to home, not to mention scale it back a little as far as how much time they take off. On the flip side, having plenty of time off (not to mention the money to spend) can mean a longer trip, one that may end up meaning visiting one or more countries etc. If you might plan a vacation to Brazil or another part of the world, give consideration to using a travel company to help you in finalizing all of your plans. Yes, the Internet has made it easier for individuals to book their own trips, but those in the travel industry can oftentimes find ways for travelers to save some money here and there;
  • Time – How much time one has available per vacation of course enters into the decision of where to travel to. For example, if you only get a week or two of vacation time a year at work, will you (if permitted) put all of the time together at once for one big trip or use days here and there? For those travelers who can string together two, perhaps even three weeks of vacation a year, there is a good chance they may take a trip to a far-off destination for two weeks. Whether that means a trip to South America, Europe, Australia, Asia, the list can go on and on. Always figure with such trips on losing a day both coming and going to flying, so factor that time element in;
  • Climate – Another important factor is what the weather will be like where you’ll be going. For example, if you are planning a venture to Brazil and/or other South American destinations from say December to February, keep in mind that it is summertime there, not winter. As a result, it is important to plan accordingly for both what you take in clothing and also what your outdoor recreation activities might include. If you have any health issues as they pertain to climate (allergies etc.), keep those in mind on where you go and what time of the year it is that you go;
  • Learning – Although many individuals (and families) take vacations just to get away from it all for the time being and recharge their batteries, others use vacation time as a learning experience. This factor especially comes into play when people are in college. If you’re looking to get out and learn during your school years or just after, a trip to a faraway destination or two can be the perfect recipe for additional learning. Such an experience (or two) can help you decide what you want to do with your life post-college, so consider the opportunities available to you in visiting other parts of the world;
  • Goals – Finally, what are your goals when it comes to traveling here or around the world? Some travelers have goals such as seeing all 50 states, while others make it a point to visit as many countries and/or continents as possible. By mapping out your travel goals, you can ultimately save money and frustration along the way. Doing trips on the fly can be fun, but they can also prove taxing and ultimately costly. By planning things out as far in advance as possible, you can limit the bumps in the road that may come your way.

If your next great adventure is awaiting you, what are you waiting on?

Get your planning done today, allowing you to get that adventure started sooner rather than later.

When you do, you will have a trip to remember for the rest of your lifetime.