4 Tips to Make Your Thailand Getaway Memorable

Every so often, we need to escape from the commotions of daily life and go somewhere where we can feel ultimate relaxation, peace and fun. If you are looking for a place that meets the said requirements, Thailand is the place to be. It is one of the wondrous countries which magnificence and beauty will make you want to come back once again.

When it comes to modern structures, tropical beaches and crystal clear waters, as well as having rich ancient history, Thailand is one of the top destinations where you can do several activities to make your stay worthwhile.

  1. Choose your travel spots wisely.

The places you go to during a trip can make or break your entire experience. If you choose the wrong place or location, you would not be able to enjoy fully the beauty of this country. Research well before you make a decision. It is best if you buy guidebooks or hire a local tour guide to keep you company. You can also do your own destination list by checking the internet. Be aware also of the travel advisories ahead of time so you would not compromise your safety in the end. Learn the mode of transport, too, so you would know how to get from place to place and ease your travel.

  1. Try Thai local food and drinks.

A number of travellers ignore this tip and they tend to stick with safe food such as sandwiches, burgers and the like. Thailand is known for its delicious delicacies, and in order to make your trip memorable, you got to try their mouth-watering food. Try also their local beers and drinks and you will surely find it satisfying.

  1. Spend some time with the locals.

Thailand has a rich culture and history. In order to know a certain place or country, it is not enough to visit the scenic and iconic spots it has. Interact with the locals and get a feel of what true life on Thailand is. Talk to them and share stories with them. Your conversation with them will not only win you friendship but also great stories which you can bring back home.

  1. Take your trip easy.

You got a list of activities and places you got to see in Thailand, but do not put too much pressure on yourself. It is perfectly alright if you were not able to follow your itinerary especially if you find yourself enjoying a certain place. You can stay longer as much as you want. Travel slowly and take everything easy. Do not race with time. Give yourself enough time to appreciate where you are and what you see at the moment. There is still another time to travel again and visit the places you were not able to see or do the activities you were not able to do.  It does not guarantee that too much of everything will enhance your experience. Sometimes, the few places you get to see, the more memorable the trip becomes.


Traveling from place to place will give you the opportunity to learn not only the world around you, but also learn something about yourself. Do not just travel for the sake of ticking off an item on your bucket list. Travel to enjoy. Travel to cherish. Read this great article from Zoomlite for more travel safety tips.