Take A Tour To Key West!

Florida is an amazing state where you have a number of places that you can visit and never get bored. Each city, when toured, will never make you feel bored and whether you take Miami tours, Key West tours or any other tours, you won’t be disappointed.

One tour that you must have is from the various Miami to Key West tours that are available. You have the option of taking various tours, such as train tours, trolley tours, boat tours on boat with glass bottoms, snorkeling tours and many other such tours. All of these tours cover the places that you have to visit while you are on the island of Key West.

Places to visit while you are on tour:

One of the first things that you need to take part in while you are in Key West is the Fantasy Fest. This is basically a festival that has the ability of attracting more than 80,000 travelers every year. This festival was first founded by Key West’s Tourist Development Association. The purpose of this festival, initially, was to attract the travelers while it was the Halloween season, which also marks the end of the season of hurricanes, when the arrival of tourists to the island was few and slow.

The next place that you should visit is the Studios of Key West. These studios are located among the historical armory buildings of the island. This studio was built in the year 2006 in order to represent the artistic community of the island. People who visit the studios can see the exhibition hall, the working studios, the neighboring cottages, the sculpture garden and also the residences there. Currently, newer and newer programming tasks are being introduced in the studio which includes various lectures on humanity, cultural partnerships, innovative ideas for different audiences, particularly artists and also comprehensive sets of workshops; all of these without any cost!

The next place that you also need to look at is the Contemporary Dance Company of the island. This is basically a nonprofit establishment and comprised of not only the professional dancers, but also the residents. Many of the people take a bus from the city of Miami to this place in order to have a glance at the one of a kind and completely unique performances which have been organized and performed by the members that are part of the organization. All of these performances are held at various venues spread across the island. Often, people go to the Coffee Mill Dance Studio located in the Old Town so that they can have a look at the rehearsals.

Another place that you need to visit is the Botanical Forest and Garden. This is a frost free arboretum and a botanical garden which also has a number of samples of various champion trees.

One other place that should also be on your list is the spectacular Me Fisher Maritime Museum. Here, visitors can have a look at the treasures of silver and gold collected from various ship wrecks from all around the globe.