Guide to choose the right villa for your Bali holiday

Have you ever considered booking a villa for your Bali trip? Staying in a villa will give you a different experience from staying in a hotel. While many believe that renting a villa is more expensive, villas can actually be the more cost-effective option, especially when you are travelling with your family or group of friends. Unlike in hotels, where your privacy is limited to your room, the entire space and facilities, such as living area, pool, garden, belong to you alone. If you are thinking of renting a villa for your travel, here are a simple guide to help you choose the most suitable one for your trip.

  1. Location



The first thing you need to consider is the location. Wherever you stay, it needs to fit the purpose of your travel. What are you there for? A relaxing trip will not be the same as an adventurous expedition. Every area is different in Bali. Seminyak is the tourist hotspot with plenty of restaurants and boutiques. Canggu is known to be the surfers’ paradise, and Ubud brings you closer to nature with lush greenery of the Monkey Forest.

  1. Villa design


One special thing about villas is that each has a unique design that reflects different styles and feelings. Do you like a fashionable, modern design or a traditional one that gives off the authenticity of the local culture? You will need to take a look at photos of the villas to find out what suit your taste.

  1. Number of people in your trip



Unlike booking hotels, whereby each room can be booked independently, you will need to pay attention to the maximum number of people a villa can host. The price of a 6-room villa will be different from that of a 4-room villa.

  1. Budget


Another thing that you need to consider is your budget. The price of a villa varies depending on the number of rooms, location, add-on services, and so on. Do pay attention to make sure that there is no hidden cost. Furthermore, you can also check out last minute discounts to benefit from the promotion.

  1. Special needs


If you travel with young children, you may want to choose a villa that has child-friendly facilities. On the other hand, if you are going with a group of friends, you may need a different villa. Do you want breakfast, BBQ dinner, or driver? The villas will have dedicated staff to take care of your specific needs.

  1. Quality


Not all villas are the same. When you are booking a villa, you need to make sure that the villa has a high standard of service. Looking at other travellers’ reviews will help you get a good grasp of the villa’s quality. You can also check out a trusted booking platform to ensure that the villa’s quality is guaranteed.

Above are the things you need to consider when booking a villa. In case you are not sure where to look for villas, you can always check out booking platforms such as Be sure to reach out to their customer service for help when necessary. All the best for your travel!