Going Out on the Town? Why Getting a Party Bus may be Right for Your Group

If you’ve never been on a party bus, leave alone a party bus in New York, you’ve been missing a lot. These are vehicles kitted out for over-the top celebrations; services tend to try to outdo one another with onboard entertainment, large-screen TVs, dancefloor lighting, smoke machines and strobe lights. Many tour companies go much further, and turn their party buses into theatrical experiences where visitors both take in the sights passing by, and have a blast with fun experiences in the bus.

The Ride, one of the top party bus experiences in NYC

The Ride is one of the best-known party bus experiences in the city. According to the New York Times, the bus is pure theater not only because it entertains those on board, but also because it actually takes the party to the city outside.

At $1.3 million, the coach itself does not fail to impress. It’s a fun, high-tech ride with glass walls for great views, window-facing stadium seating and great professional commentary from the onboard tour guide on the sights passing by. With high-tech lighting effects and large-screen TVs all over, it makes for a very pleasant time.

What makes the ride special is the way it turns the entire city into a theatrical spectacle. The company installs street actors all over the city to reenact iconic New York moments such as the Alfred Eisenstaedt V-J Day Kiss or the Marilyn Monroe billowing skirt spectacle; depending on the tour, there could be street dancers and many other fun events, all of which tend to add up to a very New York experience. It’s something that only an artist could create. As it happens, the talent behind the ride is Michael Counts and John Bobey the avant-garde Broadway creators. The Ride is a special experience that can quickly put any visitor in the New York state of mind. It takes less than $50 to take a party bus tour in NYC.

Other choices exist

While The Ride may be the foremost of the party bus tours in New York, other attractive choices exist.  TMZ and On Location offer party bus tours of New York’s world-famous movie locations, for instance, and Hush Hip-Hop works wonderfully for hip-hop fans. One adventurous party bus company called The Party Ride offers unlimited drinks. You can have a great time when you pick a ride that works for you.

It’s worth doing a party bus tour for the sheer theater of it all

New York is world-famous for its attitude and its creative spirit, and much of it tends to be in ample evidence on any good party bus tour. Finding one that addresses your interests can be a great way to spend a few dollars and a couple of hours, and in the process, get to know the city in a unique way.