Popular And Most-Visited Parks In New York City


NYC is home to some really beautiful public parks and green spaces. These natural monuments are a great way to relax, get some sun, laze around, enjoy a picnic and have quality time. There are some 1,700 parks in the five boroughs promising you a great escape from the bustle of the city. So, head to one of these popular parks and enjoy nature’s riches!

Here is a list of some of popular parks in New York City:

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park may lack the rustic charms of a typical public park but it makes up for it with its facilities. A portion of the Brooklyn waterfront was used to make this 85-acre green space teeming with natural beauty and manmade attractions. Attractions here include a carousel, merry-go-round, sports fields, playgrounds, basketball courts and a skating rink.


Central Park

A walk through the lush green setting of Central Park is a dream for people who visit NYC. The park is a manmade wonder giving visitors a lot to enjoy. A day is not enough for wandering around this massive park that has some 50 fountains, 35 bridges and arches, numerous sculptures, monuments and playgrounds. It’s so big that visitors often resort to central park bike tours to explore it fully.


Flushing Meadows – Corona Park

This park is the second biggest in NYC and it’s much more than ample green spaces. The park has created many milestones in  art, architecture, culture and sports. It has hosted some of the world’s biggest  fairs and its mammoth steel globe icon was actually created for the 1964 World’s Fair. Major attractions include the zoo, boating lake, Skate Park, playfields and a hockey center.


The High Line

When in NYC, take time to visit the outdoor park, The High Line, a 1.45-mile-long linear park built in Manhattan on an elevated section of a disused New York Central Railroad spur called the West Side Line. The High Line has been redesigned and planted as an aerial greenway and rails-to-trails park.[Go along the walkway adorned with splendid gardens and outdoor sculptures. A stroll along the walkway will offer you a great view of the Hudson River. The park is a great place to find calm in the midst of urban chaos.

Hudson River Park

This park gives you the prospect of gazing at the Hudson River and New Jersey while you walk or bike. You can skate as well while taking in the views of the river from the strip of Waterfront Park stretching from Battery Park to 59th Street. Other major attractions here include kayak rides i and youth sports.

Prospect Park

The 585-acre Prospect Park is in the heart of Brooklyn. Visitors come here to get lost in the serenity, right in the middle of the city. Landscape enthusiasts consider this park to be a masterpiece and it truly lives up to their expectations. Enjoy a picnic,, strolling through the vast stretches of green or watching the leaves turn–you can do it all here.

Visit some of these popular parks in NYC and enjoy nature in the city.     —

5 Tricks to Fly Cheap Within the US

Going on a vacation gives you time to relax and forget your worries. You can refresh from your busy lifestyle and enjoy fun destinations. Unfortunately, the cost of your airline tickets can get in the way of the fun.


By using tricks to save money on airline tickets, you will have more of your budget left for entertainment. If you want to have a great vacation, get cheap tickets. Use the following 5 tricks to learn how to fly cheap within the US.

#1 – Travel During the Work Week

If possible, you should try to travel during the middle of the week. In fact, Wednesday is the cheapest day to travel within the US.

Most people wait until the weekend to start their trip. They leave late Friday or early Saturday. This makes the weekend the busiest time at the airport.

Airlines often have trouble filling the seats during the middle of the week. So, flights are generally cheaper during the week than on the weekends.

There is no golden rule that says you must travel during the weekend. See if you can work Monday and Tuesday and then take the rest of the week and the following Monday off. This gives you the time to plan your trip around the best times to book a flight.

#2 – Follow Airlines on Social Media

If you know that you will be leaving on a trip within the next few months, you should start following airlines on social media. Follow the official accounts of the top airlines.

During the past couple of years, airlines have begun targeting customers through social media. They offer discounts and special savings to their followers.

While you may not receive a deal that you can take advantage of, you may get lucky. It does not hurt to follow these airlines and keep an eye out for these deals. After your trip, you can always decide to unfollow these airlines.

#3 – Book Your Tickets on a Tuesday Afternoon

Numerous studies have found that Tuesday around 3PM is the best time to book flights in the US. On average, airlines offer the largest discounts during this time.

You should use online travel aggregators to find the lowest price. Start looking in the early afternoon and then book the cheapest flight.

This will not guarantee that you will get the lowest price, but it does provide the best chances of getting cheap tickets. You should continue to check prices each day of the week.

#4 – Use the 24-Hour Rule

Almost every travel expert will tell you that you should check the rates for a flight 24-hours after booking your flight. Airlines may offer a price drop as the seats begin to fill.

If you notice a price drop within 24-hours, there is a good chance that you can get the airline to refund you the difference in price. Or, you may be able to cancel your existing flight and book a new ticket.

The exact details of how to get a refund or cancel your existing flight will depend on the airline. Before you book your flight, make sure that you read their cancellation policy. Find out how their refunds work. Some airlines may convert the difference into frequent flyer miles.

#5 – Book Your Flight at the Last Minute

The final trick for booking cheap tickets within the US is to book at the last minute. When an airline cannot fill the seats, they will often slash the prices of the remaining tickets.

This gives you the opportunity to get amazingly low prices on flights within the US. The only problem is that you may find yourself traveling to second or third choice destination.

The key to booking at the last minute is to have a few destinations in mind. Make a list of three or four places that you would like to visit. Check the rates for all locations.

Plan your vacation as you would any other vacation. Pack your bags and take the time off from work.

A day or two before the day that you would like to travel, look for deals on last minute flights. You can save even more by combining this tip with the previous tricks.

For example, you could plan on leaving on a Wednesday and book your flight on a Tuesday afternoon. In the morning, before departing, check the rates. If they decrease, then ask for a partial refund.

This way, you are combining the idea of booking on a Tuesday, traveling last minute and checking for lower rates within 24-hours.

You now have 5 solutions to help you fly cheap within the US. You should not have to spend a major part of your travel budget on your airline tickets. Use these suggestions to get the best deal possible.


Where is Your Next Great Adventure Taking You?

If a vacation sounds like a good thing in the near future, will your next great adventure take you?

For millions of Americans, traveling around this nation (and the world for that matter) is one of the great opportunities one has in life. That being the case, knowing where to take that next trip to can prove challenging at times.

A number of factors enter into one’s decision on where to go.

Among them:

  • Finances – Typically the most pressing issue, how one’s finances are doing can dictate where a trip may take them. If finances are tight, one may decide to keep the trip closer to home, not to mention scale it back a little as far as how much time they take off. On the flip side, having plenty of time off (not to mention the money to spend) can mean a longer trip, one that may end up meaning visiting one or more countries etc. If you might plan a vacation to Brazil or another part of the world, give consideration to using a travel company to help you in finalizing all of your plans. Yes, the Internet has made it easier for individuals to book their own trips, but those in the travel industry can oftentimes find ways for travelers to save some money here and there;
  • Time – How much time one has available per vacation of course enters into the decision of where to travel to. For example, if you only get a week or two of vacation time a year at work, will you (if permitted) put all of the time together at once for one big trip or use days here and there? For those travelers who can string together two, perhaps even three weeks of vacation a year, there is a good chance they may take a trip to a far-off destination for two weeks. Whether that means a trip to South America, Europe, Australia, Asia, the list can go on and on. Always figure with such trips on losing a day both coming and going to flying, so factor that time element in;
  • Climate – Another important factor is what the weather will be like where you’ll be going. For example, if you are planning a venture to Brazil and/or other South American destinations from say December to February, keep in mind that it is summertime there, not winter. As a result, it is important to plan accordingly for both what you take in clothing and also what your outdoor recreation activities might include. If you have any health issues as they pertain to climate (allergies etc.), keep those in mind on where you go and what time of the year it is that you go;
  • Learning – Although many individuals (and families) take vacations just to get away from it all for the time being and recharge their batteries, others use vacation time as a learning experience. This factor especially comes into play when people are in college. If you’re looking to get out and learn during your school years or just after, a trip to a faraway destination or two can be the perfect recipe for additional learning. Such an experience (or two) can help you decide what you want to do with your life post-college, so consider the opportunities available to you in visiting other parts of the world;
  • Goals – Finally, what are your goals when it comes to traveling here or around the world? Some travelers have goals such as seeing all 50 states, while others make it a point to visit as many countries and/or continents as possible. By mapping out your travel goals, you can ultimately save money and frustration along the way. Doing trips on the fly can be fun, but they can also prove taxing and ultimately costly. By planning things out as far in advance as possible, you can limit the bumps in the road that may come your way.

If your next great adventure is awaiting you, what are you waiting on?

Get your planning done today, allowing you to get that adventure started sooner rather than later.

When you do, you will have a trip to remember for the rest of your lifetime.


Experience happiness like never before, At luxury resorts in Kabini

No wonder everybody is enjoying the virtues of technology irrespective of its drawbacks. Technology has eased even the difficult pathway of saving life, but irony to this wonder is that it has increased the virtual bonding instead of actual. People love to stay connected with friends and relatives through social media, but don’t forget virtual world is like an illusion that can help you pass time, but cannot provide happiness in real. Discovery village offers you a long list of amenities that helps you experience blissful moments.

Resorts in Bangalore for day out are your complete package of fun, frolic, learning and unforgettable experience.  With its various activities like Zorbing, Survival camping, paintball, mining, trekking, Bazooka, Bull ring, Helium stick you get to know and learn about various things. It will not only help you make better use of vacation, but also gift you with lifetime memories. These games and activities are specially created for enthusiasts who wants to make best use of their vacations and weekends.


The Good resorts in Bangalore provide you with a comfortable stay at camps and cottages. With nature in its vicinity, you enjoy brilliant landscape. As an adventurous person you may be able to catch first sight of rare birds and species that dominate the surroundings. Residing on the bank of Kabini River it presents various water games to the aspirants who are looking for some refreshing break amidst sweaty monsoon.

It’s not only the water games that attract the visitors it’s the nearby Nagarhole wildlife sanctuary that is another feather in the crown of good resorts in Bangalore. With arranged safari ride you can explore the jungle life at the sanctuary that is missing these days due to compression of forests arisen fromcutting down of trees.  With two different amusement options, luxury resort in Kabini becomes an excellent place for team outing.

You have the choice to spend your vacation or weekend. You can either mix and match water and jungle activities or you can just select water games. Undoubtedly, you will be spoilt for choice between the two.  There is well maintained indoor and swimming pool and enough space for outdoor activities. Canoeing, raft building, Parasailing, kayaking is just a handful to name a few. Coracle rides are assisted by trained professionals so that you get the pleasure you deserve.

Creativity, planning, leadership, ice breaking are some of the skills that you acquire and develop by spending a day at these resorts. You experience that happiness in your life which escaped from your life long ago. Team building activities have made it an excellent place for team outings. Adding more pleasure to your comfortable and enjoyable stay these resorts contribute the major share of sightseeing place rightly matched with activities that you can enjoy while resting at the resorts.

5 Essential Things to Consider When Traveling with Family

Traveling with the entire family is one of the greatest pleasures in life. It is the ideal time to unwind and bond with each other in a place where you can all enjoy. As a family, you have to ensure that you make time for things like this to keep your bond stronger than ever.

Preparing to travel with the family can be stressful. However, it is full of excitement and fun. You just have to plan things ahead and make sure that everyone is safe while you are on a vacation. Hence, here are some tips you might want to consider when traveling with your whole family:

Make reservations

One of the most important things to keep in mind when traveling is making reservations in advance. Always remember that you are not the only one who’s traveling, so you have to consider your family, especially your children. As parents, you are responsible to make transportation and hotel reservations before your actual day of arrival to your destination. Your children’s comfort should always come first, thus, avoid unnecessary frustrations during your trip.

Pack light

No matter how hard it is to pack light whenever you travel, you have to practice it. In case you are going to multiple destinations, you have to lighten your load. It will be difficult for all of you to drag everything you have packed for miles. Therefore, simply bring only those important stuff you will be needing in your trip. Avoid over packing and you will certainly have fun throughout your vacation.

Avoid drinking and drug driving

Though it is a vacation and it is the perfect moment to have the best time of your life, you still need to be cautious of your actions. You are in a different place, so you better act accordingly. There is a time to have fun, but be responsible for your actions at all times. You must avoid drinking, especially if you have minors with you, as well as drug driving, which is truly dangerous.

Choose the right destination for your family

Before booking a trip with your family, you have to ensure that everyone agrees to the destination first. Apparently, the place where you will travel can make or break your trip. That is why you have to consider everyone’s suggestions and then decide later on. This family vacation should let you all enjoy and at the same time relax.

Create your travel itinerary

It is important that you plan your itinerary ahead. Since you will be going on a trip with a bunch of people, everything should be well-planned. In addition, when you create your itinerary, you will most likely to save more time. At least, you already know what to do on this day and simply follow things as planned.

Indeed, going on a vacation with your family can be stress-inducing, yet exciting. You will definitely encounter some frustrating things along the way, but in the end it will be priceless. Spending time with your loved ones is truly one of life’s greatest takeaways.


If you’re planning on travelling to the United States and you come from one of the 38 countries that participate in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) you will need to go through the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). This is basically a computerized process that determines U.S. visitors’ eligibility, when the travellers are from VWP countries.


Signing up for this type of travel authorization was first available as an option in August 2008, after which it became compulsory in January 12, 2009.As of April 1 2016 an e-passport has also needed to participate in the VWP.

When to apply for your E.S.T.A
To avoid disappointment, and disruptions to your travel plans, it is best to submit your ESTA application as early as possible, even before buying your flight tickets. In fact, it’s ideal if you do it as soon as you start your travel planning.

However, it isn’t always possible to plan ahead, and emergency and last-minute travel is a reality. Luckily,the DHS accommodates late applications. In the majority of cases, a traveller’s eligibility is determined instantly on the ESTA website, see (www.esta-visa.ie) after his or her application is successfully submitted online. You should aim to leave at least 72 hours wherever possible.

Your E.S.T.A approval
Your ESTA approval is valid for two years (one year for Greece), or up until the expiration date of your passport, depending on which of the two happens first. During theperiod of validity, you are allowed to travel multiple times to the U.S. without having to submit extra ESTA applications.It is, however, important to note that if you’re authorized through ESTA, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re admissible to the U.S. Admissibility falls under the responsibility of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and it is determined when the travellers arrive in the country. They can refuse you if they deem it necessary to preserve the security of the US.

VWP travellers needn’t carry a paper printout of said approval with them to the airport, as their ESTA status is communicated to the carriers via DHS. However, the DHS recommends that applicants print out their ESTA response as a means ofrecording their ESTA application number. Thus, carrying your print out in your wallet, even though unnecessary, won’t hurt. If you forget your application number you can retrieve the information you need via the ESTA website. All you need to do is enter your name, date of birth, passport number and passport issuing country in the system.

Application fees
The ESTA application carries a fee of $14. This toll includes both the processing charge and the authorization cost. The former tariff, which amounts to $4, applies to anyone requesting the travel authorization and the applicants are charged upon submission of the application. The remaining $10 authorization fee is only charged to the applicants’ credit card if their application gets approved. If the applicant is denied travel authorization, he or she will only be charged the $4 processing fee and must then resort to applying for a visa through the normal channels to be able to travel to the U.S.

Accepted payment methods
The only way you can pay for your ESTA applications is via credit or debit card; with the ESTA system accepting only MasterCard, American Express, Discover, VISA, JCB Card and Diners Club. However, it’s quite acceptable for a family member, friend or even your travel agent to settle the balance for your application or for a group application, because the name of the traveller doesn’t need to match the name on the credit or debit card. Submission for processing depends on payment, so until the payment information is obtained, applications won’t be sent to start the processing stage.

The Perfect Time to Unwind at Como Lake

In many places all around the world, there are several places bombarded with heavenly appearance where you cannot resist its superior features and structures. These places are considerably great and alluring to see but with human manpower used to enhance the beauty of the location, many people are interested to see it personally. Italy is one of the best places in the world that promotes tourism especially in Como Lake. There, you will find the grandest and finest tourist destinations where unending comfort and nonstop relaxation will put you in good mood.

Many tourist attractions at Como Lake will fill your senses and reach the limit of your emotional excitement. Como Lake has been visited by many tourists, coming from different places all around the world. That is why there is no wonder why it is filled with a lot of travelers and explorers. There are spectacular tourist attractions that triggers the guests to take pictures for souvenir. Como Lake is also prominent for its wildlife, spa and landscapes. It is considered as a venue for windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing.


After that strolling activity, you may be tired and want to bring back the energy you’ve lost during the entire day. Worry nothing about that for Grand Hotel Tremezzo and Spa will let you enjoy the benefit of anti-ageing, anti-stress and cozy treatments that you may be looking for. This distinguished spa offers balanced services for both me and women. You will not just enjoy the whole scenario of wondrous places at Como Lake but you will also be provided with quality services regarding your beauty and relaxation needs at perfect rates. The wonderful place will meet your expectations. Plus, it can be easily found in the city because Grand Hotel Tremezzo and Spa has been known for so many years. They are outstanding in offering first class services with a wide range of perfection. You are also very much welcome to go and stay at the five star vacation hotel- the Grand Hotel Tremezzo that offers delightful spaces that are ideal for guests who are on a vacation or travel. Grand Hotel Tremezzo is the perfect luxury hotel in Como Lake!

You can see the best location in Como Lake that includes a unique ambiance and superior comfort for you and to all the friends around you. There are several breath taking locations that are undiscovered by many, so why not take a peek and have a lot of fun and memories in this place. If the panoramic feature of the lake with Bellagio and Grigna Mountains is truly amazing, then how much more if you can come closer to it. Even the aerial photo of Como Lake showing the whole place is really fantastic. Above, you can see a narrow lake, looking like a mighty river that is winding the forests and mountains.

You will probably enjoy many tourist destinations at Como Lake. There are many jaw dropping views that can be seen there where fun, excitement and relaxation never ends. With its extraordinary beauty, it will make you feel like you want to live there.

The Best Qualities of a Great Cutlery Knife

Shopping for knives can be a difficult venture, if you do not know what you are doing. However, the most important thing to look for is a name brand that is admired by people in the industry. Great Eastern Cutlery Knives carries that kind of weight, manufacturing traditional American pocket knives. Their unique process allows them to create high-quality knives, that look and feel like authentic knives from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, also known as the Golden Age of Pocket Cutlery. Branching out with two additional brand names, Northfield UN-X-LD and Tidioute Cutlery, Great Eastern Cutlery has established a reputation for itself as the go-to pocket knife brand.

Traditional knives are made using 1095 carbon steel which is great for producing tough blades. The one downside to this is that the blade could eventually stain and rust which can be problematic. GEC knives eliminate this problem by producing their pocket knives with stainless steel springs and blades, ensuring your knife will remain rust-free and polished. They manufacture everything from hunting knives to kitchenware, and all of the blades are top quality.

Most shoppers prefer to make their purchases online. The only problem is, finding a website that you can trust to not only keep your private information safe, but also deliver your knife to you in a timely manner. There are certain signs that you can look for to let you know that you are dealing with a reputable company that sells Great Eastern Cutlery products. Places that will take the time to categorize their inventory are more likely to be a company you can trust. Furthermore, places that offer you things like warranties are also good places to shop. Lastly, a website that provides a phone number that you can call for any questions you may have more than likely is a trustworthy site. When shopping for quality products like GEC knives, make sure to look for these signs.

Book Danang Travel Package for Comfortably Exploring the Place

qaweqweTravelling to a new place is a delight. This is especially true with a city like Danang. When I wanted to visit the city, I decided to opt for a Danang travel package that covers the best spots in the city and ensures you get to see everything around. I have always been fond of cultural activities. I am always curious to know about the cultural traditions of various places. I usually make plans to visit culturally rich places. I like to explore cities, which host a lot of cultural festivals that are of interest to people. I have read a lot about the cultural festivals of Danang and wanted to experience it.

I have another friend who is also interested in learning about traditions of new places. We usually read up online or in books about the traditions of places but this is never enough. Nothing can beat the experience of personally visiting the city and actually experiencing it. You get to know about the lifestyle of the people and what they do for a living. One of the amazing things about a new place is that you get to taste and relish the delicious cuisine of that particular place. If you are a foodie, then Danang is a great place to be. You will be amazed at the variety of tasty food you get to try. This is one thing my friend and I loved Danang for was that there was so much to eat.

While we were in the planning stage for a trip to Danang, we were completely clueless as to how to go about. Both of us do not know much about the city and were confused about how to go ahead. As it is, a place that both of us are not familiar with, we surely did not know how to reach there and then struggle for accommodation or travel. This is why we thought that opting for a Danang travel package made more sense. This package includes everything required for a comfortable travel ensuring you do not have any issues in the new place.

One more highlight of the city was that it is rich in folk cultural treasure. It has a lot that you can experience. It boasts of a huge variety of folk songs and dances along with boat racing. If you like performing arts, then the folk songs and dances of this city are surely going to amaze you.

The Danang travel package covers many festivals, which you can be part of. It has a unique Ca Ong festival. This is a significant festival for the fishermen. It is connected to the progress of fishing villages. It happens every year and is amazing to attend. Another festival is the Quan the am festival that is also completely worth visiting. It is organized in Marble Mountain on a very huge scale and the celebrations are done for three full days. We visited this festival and found it to be extremely good. It includes dancing, singing folk songs and opera. It includes many other activities, which we participated in.

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