Enjoying the Sights While Fishing

I am a fisherman.  Now that doesn’t mean that I am one of those people who has a house full of fishing equipment, who owns his own boat and who gnashes his teeth every time he comes home without catching anything except seaweed.  I am an amateur fisherman who goes fishing just to enjoy being near the water and listening to the sound of the ocean.  So my fishing routine is simpler than those who are really serious about it.  I start by leaving home early in the morning, so I can be on the beach before daybreak.  That lets me enjoy the sound of the incoming tide see the morning sunrise.  I pick out a good spot along the beach, stretch out a blanket and put my rod and reel in my casting boot.  I put on my sunglasses from the Sunglass Hut, – got ‘em for less than $150 – eat my morning sandwich and drink my morning juice.

Before the sun clears the horizon I make my way to the water’s edge and cast my line out into the tide.  I am not a really good surf caster, but I usually manage to make it out about 50 to 60 yards; far enough to attract the attention of a good-sized sea bass or grouper.  Once the line is out I relax in my beach chair and listen to the waves and birds while waiting for a fish to take a nip at my lure.  In the meantime I enjoy watching the morning sunrise through the latest style sunglasses I purchased with my Groupon from the Sunglass Hut.  They are a great deal since the Groupon gave me a discount of 60% off the price for their selection of already reduced glasses and frames.  They are really effective in protecting one’s eyes from harmful rays.


On a good day I may land two or three good-sized fish.  I rarely keep them; unless I feel like fixing one for lunch or dinner…in those cases I bag the fish in ice until I get home. But I usually throw those I catch back into the water.  I fish mainly for the opportunity to enjoy the water and the atmosphere.  Besides, to be honest, I’d rather let someone else clean, scale and fillet the bloody things!




Playing Golf In Bali Will Add Additional Fun

We are in stressful world, so people will plan their visit to new places.  Some will plan their visit to bail, since it is the amazing place to visit. You can plan more activities during your trip. It is an exotic island, surrounded with water and green environment. Especially, you can play golf in bail, since it is more interesting. Playing golf in this green field will add additional fun and entertainment to your trip. Golf courses are also taken, so you can join now and start playing it. More number of clubs is in operation to offer golf practice for you, so join with them. 18 holes are placed in order to play this game. It also prevails as the best golf destination, so play golf in amazing environment. It will offer you new experience.

You are surrounded with water and amazing natures, so playing Golf in Bali is really interesting. It will offer you unique experience, which you can’t gain while playing golf in various places. During your visit don’t forget to play golf. Clubs are there to offer golf for visitors. They specially designed it for attracting visitor, so you should try playing golf. Experts have designed the place for playing golf, which will offer you different experience. When you search through website, you will come to know about clubs which offers golf playing in Bali. Especially, resorts are also designed golf filed; you offer best experience for tourist. You can also visit https://golfscape.com/indonesia/bali-golf-courses for further details.

Play golf without fail on your trip to Bali, since it will yield you best experience, so you will feel overwhelmed. They selected beautiful landscape in order to design this golf field. Playing golf in the beautiful environment will give toy good and long-lasting memories, so try out without fail. They won’t ask you to pay high, since it is affordable, so no need to hesitate to play golf during your Bali visit.

Gain unique experience

To offer unique experience for visitors, they planned it; visitors will also like to play golf in this amazing environment. It will yield you best entertainment, so try out it without fail. If you hesitate, then you will miss out real entertainment, so never give chance for it. Moreover, you trip won’t get fulfilled without playing Golf in Bali. Playing in these surroundings will give you new experience, which you can’t expect in other places. You can book it now through online. Online booking is also available for you, so book it sooner.

Clubs are in operation in various placed in Bali, so you can play it easily. It is in short distance, so you no need to travel long. Play golf in amazing Bali climate and entertain yourself. They offer you various amenities, so check out in above website and get detailed information. Reviews and ratings are too good, so book without fail. If you not yet planned your trip to Bali, then plan it now for playing golf game. Playing golf in this venue will make you to plan frequent trip to this place.


Modes of transportation for Playa Del Carmen from Cancun Airport

Reaching to Playa del Carmen from Cancun airport can become a bit tricky. There are different modes which can be taken to reach Playa del Carmen. It is necessary to understand what are available Transportation from cancun airport to playa del Carmen. Followings are a list of traveling options that can be taken.

  1. Prepaid Hired transportation service: This is an essential service for a group of people traveling together. Rides are booked before reaching the place and there is no need for looking any further. Name of the person who is coming to pick can be easily known by just making a phone call. It is much recommended to know the contact number of the person who is coming to take you. Just make the call and you will certainly know that you met the right person. The driver already knows where to take you and they will not stop on certain places to drop someone else. Stop can only be made if you want to use a bathroom or have snacks or sip of beer.
  2. Taxi ride: Taxi ride is for couples or fewer numbers of people who are traveling. Just get only those taxis which are authorized from the airport. Reaching Playa only takes 45 minutes and it is not full of a bumpy ride. There is a union who controls the transportation of taxi and fare rates are already decided beforehand.
  3. Colectivo: Colectivo is like a van than collects 10 people before leaving. There is no specific timing about when it will leave. Doesn’t worry about leaving times as travelers quickly fill colectivo up. The only problem with this ride is that it stops at hotels where a passenger has to reach. To catch this ride just walk to TTC kiosks near the terminal and purchase the ticket. There is another way by just walking outside and people will come with offers.
  4. The bus ride to Playa: If planning for a bus ride then always remember to take ADO buses. This bus is licensed to by Mexican Bus Company. This bus is available just outside terminal 3 and if you land in any other terminal then just by walking few steps you can reach terminal 3. There will be many people who will provide many offers to you. Just ignore them and keep on walking towards the exit. The timings of buses are according to the timings of the arrival of flights. Even if one bus is missed don’t worry another bus will in 30 minutes.

The above are the basic means of Transportation from cancun airport to playa del Carmen. There will also be people who would say that they will give a free ride. Remember that nothing comes free and there is always a price behind it. When reaching Playa Bus terminal there are many taxis for reaching the hotel or needed place. If the hotel is just walking distance away then call a guy with triciclo (tricycle). He will carry your luggage and in few minutes you will be checking in your hotel.

What Traveling in College Can Teach You

Traveling is one of the best things for college students, because there are so many life experiences that can have a major impact on your entire life during your formative years. Indeed, your education can go far beyond the theories and the lessons learned in books and lectures when you’re in college, whether you’re a student at Hofstra University or University of San Francisco. This is because you will be able to experience a lot of new things firsthand, and those experiences will inform the way that you live your life and the way that you see the world. Here is what traveling in college can teach you.

A New Language

If you plan on studying abroad during college, then you could definitely finish learning whichever language it is that you took in high school. Most people don’t get an adequate enough education when it comes to foreign language while they’re in high school, and that’s why it’s so important to spend some time abroad building on the foundations of the language that you learned in class.

Heightened Perspective

No matter who you are or where you’re from, your own world perspective is very much limited to the culture that you were raised in. People who grow up in urban neighborhoods have much different perspectives from people who grow up in suburban neighborhoods. This is why some of the best trips for students in college are the ones that will lead you to communities that are drastically different from the place where you grew up.

Cultural Awareness

In addition to seeking experiences that broaden your perspective, you want experiences that expand your cultural awareness. It can be easy to form your opinion on a particular culture based on the way that you’ve seen it depicted in the movies, television, or on the news. However, until you actually go to that place and spend time with the people, your cultural awareness will always be limited to the perspective of others and their own personal agendas.

New Ways to Cook

If you love to cook, then there is no better way to expand upon your repertoire in the kitchen than with a little bit of travel. Whether you are learning completely new dishes, or simply new renditions on the recipes that you already know, you’re going to become far more nuanced in the kitchen when you travel to new places and spend some time in the kitchen.

Different Learning Styles

One of the most rewarding aspects of studying abroad is that you will experience a completely different educational system, no matter where you go. Some universities are on completely different time schedules, some of them give long breaks before finals, some expect participation in each and every class, and some don’t expect any participation at all. In any case, the way in which you learn will have to adjust to the educational system, and you will find all kinds of new ways to learn new material and apply that knowledge in your projects and exams.

Top 5 Cities for College Students to Visit in Europe

There’s no better time to travel then in the peak years of youth. With minimal obligations and commitments, there is an inherent freedom associated with those early years – that time when kids slowly start to become adults, still eager to learn about the world while beginning to carry out enough responsibility to take care of themselves. In a dream world, all young adults would be afforded the opportunity to traverse the globe and experience all cultures far and wide, without having to worry about time or expense.

Yet, reality unfortunately puts restraints on the globetrotting excursions and adventure plans of young adults today. Whether it be financial limitations or time constraints or the schedule of school, lengthy and extravagant trips abroad aren’t always possible or practical. Even with these limitations, it’s important for college students today to spread their wings and experience new and different cultures through travel.

To help, we’ve put together the top five European cities all college students should visit. No matter your budget or the busyness of your schedule, you absolutely must visit these cities during your higher education career.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic

Ever wanted to stop reading about fairytales and the land of make-believe and actually visit one? There’s no closer replica to the picturesque landscapes of those classic storybooks than Prague, with its winding cobblestone roads and ornate architecture. Treat yourself during the day to a stroll around the popular tourist site of Old Town Square, sampling hot sweet rolls and visiting the many galleries. At night, pop on over to Lucerna, a famous nightclub that only plays American hits from the ’80s and ’90s on Friday nights, and explore the various other bars and clubs that make up the city’s booming after-hours scene.

  1. Barcelona, Spain

While Madrid may be the official capital of Spain, Barcelona is no doubt the youth capital. Full of passion, culture, and art, it’s one of the most popular European destinations for college students. You can check out the incredibly fascinating architecture designed by Gaudi on your way to Sagrada Familia, a major church construction project that’s over a century and a half years old. Be sure to book your plans in early March when Abroadfest is happening, which is basically a massive continental party for students across Europe.

  1. Rome, Italy

What list wouldn’t be complete without Italy’s famed capital city? Whether you’re five or ninety-five, everyone must put this historical landmark on their bucket list. Why is it even more important for college students to see? Having come right off the heels of having read and studied the city’s history in school will afford students more appreciation when actually seeing and experiencing it in person. Toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain, channel your inner gladiator at the Colosseum, and enjoy a little gelato on the Spanish Steps. There’s so much to see and do in Rome that one trip likely won’t be enough.

  1. Paris, France

Like Rome, Paris too is a must-see for all ages. Spend a day devouring the Louvre and finally getting a glimpse of the (often less-than-impressive) Mona Lisa followed by a voyage out to the ostentatious Palace of Versailles where the royal family escaped used to escape the city (and where Kim and Kanye got married). Then climb the Eiffel Tower and watch the skyline light up in the most romantic city in the world. Whether your single or taken, you’ll fall in love with ol’ Parie.

  1. Munich, Germany

College and beer go together hand in hand, so what better way to pay homage to the world’s best brews than to jet off to Germany? Stop by during Oktoberfest for a citywide celebration of live music, festive dancing, and tons of drinks. It’s a one of a kind experience that’s beyond belief. While you’re there, check out the cars of your dreams at the BMW Museum and enjoy a pretzel at Marienplatz.

Just because you can’t see it all in one single trip doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of any and all opportunities to traverse the world. Whether you’re a senior at USC Online or a sophomore at Cornell University, traveling students far and wide absolutely must put a trip to Europe on their to-do list. So get off your computer, pack your bags and head off to one of these five fabulous cities while you’re still young.

How to Get Cheap Kilimanjaro Flights?


You have listened about the cheap Kilimanjaro flights that are available sometimes to your due to some certain reasons and promotions as well. But, the most important thing is to hit the cheap flights on time and get them for your next upcoming tour to Kilimanjaro. Getting to know about the cheap flights is not just important for the travelers but also for the travel agents as they need to provide the ultimate an economical services to their clients and they have to know about such kind of offers and promotions as well. With the information about such flight the agents can make sure their client will get the best flights as this will enhance their profit margin and also increase their good will image among their clients. To know more about such flights and also to track them down here are the following sources then can help you to the major level.

Call Your Agent!

If you are a traveler then your first approach is your agent who uses to manage your flights and other arrangements all the time. Only he will help you to know more about such flights scan arrange one for you on your demand. But if you are an agent yourself then you can contact your follow agents and ask them about the sources or can also discuss about the latest approach and promotions with reference to the cheap flights.

Search Online!

The next thing that could help you is the internet, you can simply make online searches for the cheap flights, as a number of online portals do have mentioned such flights and the airlines also mention their low cost flights sometimes to inform the angers and passengers as well.

Subscribe To Airlines!

You can also subscribe to the airline and a traveling agent and get their regular newsletters and updates that will help you to know about what is next coming by the airlines. To manage your business and to provide you clients the best options and services you have to get this subscription form all the airlines so you will have a number of options and a wide range of information as well.

Visit Blogs!

As a traveler or an agent you can visit the traveling related blogs on regular basis as your primary or secondary source to locate the best price flight tickets. As on these blogs the bloggers mention such kind of things to make their blog more effective ad helpful for the people. So here you will definitely get to know more about such cheap flights and you will understand the technical procedure behind them. Just keep on thing in your mind that these are totally legal and authorized flights.

Have Follow Ups!

To know more about the cheap Kilimanjaro flights you need to have follow ups of the information that you have got once. If you keep traveling to Kilimanjaro then you have to make sure you will have all updated information. On the other side an agent it is your duty to keep tracking such useful information.

5 types of shoes to travel with for comfort

Besides being an everyday essential, the type of shoes you take on a trip contribute to your comfort on your journey and even after you get there, Just imagine if you were to a jet off to San Francisco with a pair rugged trekking boots as a friend told you it was a hilly location – only to find out that they didn’t mean the trekking kind of hills and to your dismay, you’re on your feet a good part of the trip – walking to and from sightseeing locations. Now, not only have you earned a chunky travel buddy who can also moonlight as a pair of dumbbells, but you also have blisters the size of pancakes to go with it.In short, it’s very important to pack the right types of shoes, no matter what your pre-flight itinerary. Remember that true style and fashion, comes from a place of comfort. Now we don’t mean that you’d have to settle for a dull pair of your best walking shoeslike grandma’s knitted slippers but there are plenty of designs in the market that cater to various aspects of traveland that are ideal for a number of temperatures and terrains. When you discover what it is you need, you’ll be able to find a perfect balance between comfort, fashion andstyle.

Rubber flip flops/Sandals: This is an obvious essential especially if you’re headed towards a more humid clime or are going to be lounging poolside for a good part of your trip. A pair of flip flops are light to carry, doesn’t take up much space and if they ever get wet, well, they dry out in no time at all.

Mesh sneakers/Runners: There’s no better way to be prepared for a few hours of exploring the city than, than with a pair of stylish comfort shoes. You may have to traverse through malls, markets, streets, parks and so forth and a pair of sneakers are ideal for all these aspects of a new city.

Polished Oxfords/Stilettos: With the promise of ‘meeting new people and learning about new cultures’ comes the lovely prospect of being invited to or stumbling upon a great party. A pair of polished oxfords or patent stilettos is definitely a pair of stylish shoes you shouldtravel with. These will always add a dab of sophisticated appeal to your get-up on that special evening.

Loafers/flats: No matter the length of your expedition, a pair of comfortable shoes for travel is always a good idea. A pair of loafers or flats are not only practical but can also be casual or dressy depending on the itinerary for the day.

The infamous pair of trekking boots: Now although these beasts may take up considerable space and weigh more than you’d like it to, a sturdy pair will surely give you all the protection and support you need – especially if you’re headed to a destination whose terrain will let nothing else endure or survive (footwear-wise of course).

In addition to carrying along the right pair of shoes, make sure you have the right accessories to go with them plenty of clean socks, insoles and so on. Most importantly, break-in your new shoes, much before the trip to avoid unnecessary discomfort, shoe bites or blisters.

With this list of 5 shoes, you are well-prepared to meet any crazy or new experiencethat awaits you. Know for certain that you’ll be well prepped to face your adventure inreassuring comfort and fashionable style.

How to survive in the wilderness like a boss

You’ve watched a lot of Discovery Channel and think that you’ll be good if you ever get lost when bushwalking or exploring the wilderness huh? Think again. A few hours of watching survival fantasies involving urine-drinking and frog-licking might not save you, what you need are the basics if you are to survive in the wilderness.

We’ve complied what you need in order to survive in the wilderness like a boss – straight from a cadre of survival experts. The key to surviving in while in the wild is preparation. However, this post won’t be about preparing for disasters at home or stockpiling food. This will be a short article about the skills, tricks and the essentials you need in the wilderness.

First, your priorities

  1. Your immediate security. If you see an impending forest fire, run like hell. If you see a wild animal rushing you, do the same. If someone is shooting at you, move to cover. Whatever the immediate danger, get away ASAP.
  2. First aid. There will be no convenience store in the wilderness, so stock up on the essentials. Put together a medical kit that includes cold and flu tablets, anti-allergy medication, something for diarrhea and indigestion, and so on. Add bandages, antiseptic, tweezers, etc. and keep it accessible.
  3. Self-protection. If predators are a danger, you must arm yourself. It could be a sharpened stick, a machete, a knife, shotgun, banjo, etc. At least have something to attack and defend yourself.
  4. Physical necessities (in order): shelter, fire, water food and hygiene.

Also, every survivalist (including myself,) paramedic, teacher and doctor will recommend one key survival tool that everyone needs to follow: positivity. Sounds silly, but this can provide you with mental fortitude to keep yourself safe in any kind of situation. Our own perception of sickness and the potential for treatment can have an effect on the outcome. In short, mind over matter will help you survive.

Learn basic first aid techniques (with or without a kit)

Cut and scrape first aid. Most cuts and scrapes can be ignored, just remember to keep the would clean and watch it for possible infection. If the wound is too deep, and the blood won’t stop, you should tourniquet to stop the blood flow. Tourniquets must at least be one-inch wide (a strip of belt, shirt or anything can work) tightened around the limb above the injury. Tighten until the bleeding stops or slows down and cover it with any clean material available.

Mending dislocations and fractures. If you or someone dislocates a bone, you need to put it back in place. For shoulders, you can either hit it on a hard surface or roll on the ground to reset the bone. You can pop back kneecaps by stretching out your leg. Fractures need a splint (a couple of sticks will do.) Stabilize the injured part and tie them together to hold the brace in place.

Self-defense against wild animals. No, you can’t just hit it in the face. The best way is to slowly back away from it, do not run, play dead or approach the animal. Make yourself as big as possible by spreading out your arm and making a loud noise. You can also try throwing anything at the animal. If these doesn’t work, you may have to fight it. Block its mouth with your non-dominant arm and smash your fist into its snout or eyes. After disabling it, find a tree to hide in before attempting first aid.

7 Best Places to Visit in Chumphon


Chumphon is an often overlooked destination in Thailand. Bangkok receives a lot of tourists and Chumphon offers the perfect getaway from the crowded city. Located about 288 miles from Bangkok, Chumphon has amazing sights – including some of the best hiking trails and sightseeing opportunities.


Make the most of your trip by checking out the following locations. Here are the 7 best places to visit in Chumphon.

#1 – Krom Luang Chumphon Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is an interesting location to visit. You get a great view of the Sai Ree Beach. You will also get to enjoy tasty local food and shop for various goods. Though, the palace itself is nothing spectacular.

What makes this location interesting is the way that locals pay respect to Krom Luang Chumphon. Do not be surprised if you hear fireworks or gunfire while visiting the museum. This is simply locals paying their respect.

#2 – Street Night Market

The Street Night Market offers the perfect place to experience authentic Thai food as well as dishes from all over Asia. There is something for everyone. You can enjoy seafood, snacks, BBQ, and even popcorn.

The market is located right next to the Chumphon Train Station. If you arrived in Chumphon via train, then you could make the night market your first stop. You can get fresh produce and enjoy less crowded streets in the morning. Though, there are fewer vendors during the morning. As the day progresses, more vendors and more shoppers arrive.

#3 – Khao Matsee Viewpoint

As mentioned, Chumphon is known for great views and hiking trails. Take a trip to the top of this lookout point to get a spectacular view of the Gulf of Thailand. The viewpoint is about 20 kilometers from Chumphon. Once you get to the top, you will find a small coffee shop.

#4 – Koh Lang Ka Jew

Koh Lang Ka Jew is a small island located near Chumphon. The beach is relatively small but is often less crowded than the beaches of Chumphon. You will find snorkeling and other fun water activities.

The beach is not the best feature of the island. The surrounding views and architecture are the real reasons for visiting Koh Lang Ka Jew. Bring a camera with you during your trip and take plenty of pictures of your stay.

#5 – Chumphon National Museum

The Chumphon National Museum is a quaint little historical museum that offers information on the history of the region. This includes info on the pre-historic and early human areas. The cost is 100 baht for foreign visitors and 20 baht for locals. You can view all of the exhibits within about one hour.

#6 – Wat Chao Fa Sala Loi

Wat Chao Fa Sala Loi is a Buddhist Temple that dates back over 100 years. It houses the body of a monk named Luang Pu Song placed in a glass coffin. This is truly a unique destination. It is believed that Luang Pu Song was so holy that is body did not decay after he died.

The temple includes a large Sala tree with a strange trunk and beautiful orange flowers. It is open daily between 8 and 5pm. If you are going to visit Chumphon then take the time to visit Wat Chao Fa Sala Loi and pay your respects to the revered monk.

#7 – Chumphon Night Market

Here is another spot for you to visit – the Chumphon Night Market. The Street Night Market contains a wider selection of items. But, the Chumphon Night Market is still a great destination for tasty food. You can find a wide range of delightful snacks and meals.

You should visit the market at night. There are more vendors and a larger selection of food for you to choose from. Eat grilled squid, fresh fruit smoothies, steamed corn, and hundreds of additional choices.

These are just a few spots to visit during your trip to Chumphon. You should also consider visiting Ao Thung Makham Noi-Yai, the Juvenile Soldier Monument, and Khao Chao Mueang. If you are going to spend a few days in Chumphon, then take the time to explore the area. Ask tour guides, hotel receptionists, and others for further recommendations. There is no end to the wonderful locations you can visit in Chumphon.

If you want to take a break from the crowded streets of Bangkok, then take a trip to Chumphon. Plan your trip ahead of time so that you can fill your days with as many fun activities as possible. Time will fly, so you will want to be prepared.

Chumphon is a backpacker’s delight. There are plenty of great sites to check out. Go hiking in some of the most beautiful national parks in the world. View spectacular waterfalls, rivers, and mountain ranges. Make a copy of this list and enjoy your trip to Chumphon.

Author Bio – Max Scholl, the author of this article writes on behalf of Ferry Samui, a leading ferry agent in Thailand. If you’re looking for a ferry from Chumphon to Koh Tao, do visit FerrySamui.com today to make a booking.

10 travel tips for backpackers in Australia

  1. Have plenty of funds available

    The Australian government recommends a minimum of AUD $5,000 for travellers but be aware that this won’t go very far, especially if you’re spending time in the big cities. You’ll find the general cost of living in Australia to be expensive, so make sure you have backup funds available for times of need.

    2. Arrange your finances

    If you don’t already have a suitable credit card (ideally one that doesn’t charge for international transactions), make sure you apply for one before you go. Investigate opening an Australian bank account because you risk being hit with heavy ATM charges if you reply on this as your main finance method.

    3. Take out a membership for international hostelling

    You can get an international hostel membership for around £25 a year, which will save you money on daily hostel rates. If you’re going to be in Australia for several months, this adds up to quite a good saving.

    4. Wear adequate sun protection

    The sun is strong in Australia and if you don’t wear sun block and/or cover up, you’ll risk bad sunburn and could endanger your health. A very high protection factor (e.g. SPF 50) is recommended and make sure you apply this religiously when out and about in the sun.

    5. Take out health and travel insurance

    Visiting a GP in Australia will cost you around $60 and if you require further treatment, your bill could soon add up. Suitable international health insurance and travel insuranceare of paramount importance when traveling abroad.

    6. Make your international phone calls via the Internet

    There are many different internet applications that allow you to communicate with friends and family back home for free (depending on Internet charges). Public WIFI zones are good for this. If you’re replying on your mobile it could be expensive!

    7. Source a cheap Internet service

    Do your research on the best internet deals when in Australia. You can pay ridiculous amounts for dongles that don’t perform well and there may well be better options, especially if you’re going to be based in your own apartment for a period of time and could benefit from WIFI.

    8. Avoid expensive taxis

    Be aware that going by taxi is an expensive way to travel. For example, in Sydney, you pay a flat rate as soon as you climb into a cab and then $2 per kilometer. Travel after 10pm by taxi incurs a surcharge too. You’ll find that traveling by bus is a much cheaper option.

    9. Acquire a car

    Getting a car or finding someone who has a car and can drive you is a great way to explore the country and go to places off the beaten track, such as colourful landscapes and coasts.

    10. Be informed about your visa

    Find out what your visa restrictions entail before you set off to Australia. If things go well, you may want to stay longer than planned and knowing if this can be arranged and how to do so will save you time and trouble in the long run.