Get an Affordable Quote for Medical Travel Insurance

It couldn’t be easier to get an affordable quote for medical travel insurance than by using the net. Online insurance companies that deal with cruises in particular offer great deals, special offers and discounts. To ask for a comparison quote all you need to do is:-

  • Enter the type of travel insurance cover you require, a single trip or an annual trip
  • Where you’re travelling to
  • The date you would like the cover to start and end
  • Add any extras to your policy like winter sports or cruise cover

Next complete your personal details i.e. whether you’re travelling as an individual, a couple, a family or a group of friends. Give the main traveller’s name, date of birth and provide your email address as a means of contact. You can receive info about the many products and services on offer straight into your inbox.

Don’t forget to read important information

When you click on Medical Travel Compared, there’s a section of important information you should read. This contains points like the following that must be adhered to when buying a medical travel insurance policy:-

  1. Insurance is only available to people who permanently reside in the UK with a permanent UK address
  2. The insurance must be bought prior to leaving the United Kingdom
  3. You must be registered with a medical practitioner in the UK
  4. You must not travel against medical advice
  5. You’re not travelling against the advice of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  6. Make sure the information you supply is accurate

Spend a few moments learning more about travel insurance to have peace of mind.

Pre-existing medical conditions

It’s not a good feeling knowing you have a medical condition that may prevent you from having a holiday. Thankfully online medical travel comparison websites feature insurers who will insure you if you have:-

  1. A heart condition
  2. Problems with circulation or respiration
  3. Had a stroke
  4. A cancerous condition

The right cover can be found for you no matter what your medical condition may be and at a great price too.

One thing must be said about pre-existing medical conditions and that is you have to disclose what the condition is and get the right cover for the condition. If you fall ill abroad, healthcare costs can be very high indeed with repatriation costing even more.

What is a pre-existing medical condition?

This is any type of condition that you have before you actually take out a policy. You will need to complete a medical screening process which is where you answer questions about your health. Insurance companies will want to know if you take any prescribed medication for conditions that have been diagnosed. If you fail to give this info to your insurer, it could invalidate the policy. There’s a useful online medical screening guide that will help you when it comes to completing this part of the documentation. Questions like the following are asked with clear, concise answers:-

  1. What is travel insurance medical screening? It’s a simple series of questions that determines how severe your medical condition is when you buy travel insurance. Even if the questions seem a little personal, your answers are kept quite confidential, so no need to worry.
  2. What sorts of health screening questions are asked? You may be asked about the medications you currently take, if you’ve been admitted to hospital recently or when you were diagnosed with the condition.
  3. Is it possible to declare some medical conditions and not others? You must let insurers know of all medical conditions you have. If you don’t, the policy will be void.
  4. How does a medical condition affect the cost of travel insurance? Medical conditions can be covered for no extra cost although it has to be said it’s very important to declare all medical conditions you may have. Insurers will base costs on the level of medical treatment you may require while you’re on holiday or if you should have to cancel your vacation due to unforeseen illness.

Compare prices for great deals

It’s worth spending time comparing prices for travel insurance to see the great deals around. Take advantage of a free and independent service where you can buy cover for your particular medical condition quickly. Check the prices from a great selection of insurers all under one umbrella on the net. All you need to do is complete one set of travel insurance screening questions which will be passed on to different insurance companies.

It doesn’t matter where you go for your holiday, however it does matter to have the right travel insurance policy in place. This will cover you should you need treatment when abroad otherwise you may face expensive bills. It’s worth paying the premium for medical insurance cover. It will certainly save you cash in the long run should you become ill when away from home.

A useful travel insurance jargon buster

To help you understand travel insurance wording click on the useful travel insurance jargon buster. Explanations are given for the following phrases and words:-

  1. An adult – a person over 18 years of age.
  2. Annual multi trip – this is a travel insurance policy that lasts for one year from the date of issue.
  3. Cooling off period – you can return your policy and receive a complete refund within 14 days of receipt of the documents. This applies only if you haven’t travelled and no claims have been made.
  4. Limits and level of cover – this is the maximum limit that can be paid out if you need to make a claim. Always check the limits and level of cover to make sure they are enough to meet your requirements.

Along with the above there’s more information about cancellation, claims handlers, curtailment and date of issue. If you need advice or guidance, a friendly team member is always at the other end of the phone.