The Ultimate Checklist for Every Traveller

Travelling for some can be about leisure while for others it is about business. But travelling can also be very daunting if you are not prepared to face the natural and man-made deficiencies of your destination. Before you embark on a trip to any part of the world, glance through the checklist below to get the best out of your vacation.

Get Fit Before You Start Out

Travelling involves experiencing different climactic conditions, new varieties of food, and several other environment changes. It is, therefore, important to examine one’s health before setting out on a journey. Visit your family doctor and obtain prescriptions for all existing conditions, avail the required vaccinations and have a thorough dental check-up too.

Load Up On Your Knowledge

Every country across the world has its unique set of customs and traditions. Travellers should respect these practices to avoid the wrath of the locals. Thus, it is important to learn in depth about a destination before travelling to that same place. Additionally, garnering more knowledge about a country makes one feel at home.

Keep Your Finances in the Right Form

Credit cards, debit cards and travellers’ cheques are some of the common ways through which people choose to pay for their overseas expenses. A Forex card has an edge over other modes of payment as it is cost-effective (unaffected by currency conversions), easy to use and dependable too. Load your Forex card with sufficient funds to support you throughout the travel. Also learn about the procedure that needs to be undertaken in the case of loss or theft of the Forex card.

Carry All Essential Documents Without Fail

Passport, visas, travel insurance, a copy of the itinerary and emergency contacts are some of the important documents that you must double check before taking off. It is recommended to have scanned copies of these documents in your email account to make sure that they are easily accessible in case of an emergency.

Put Your Electronic Gadgets to Best Use

Using the right electronic gadgets can add so much fun and ease to your vacation in any part of the world. Use your smart-phones and tablets to access maps and local information within seconds.

Pack Right

Finally, and most importantly, be smart while you pack your clothes and other essentials for a long holiday. Employ the mix and match technique by coordinating a variety of tops that can go with a few lowers. Make a list of all travel essentials like travel adapters, medicines, socks, an extra pair of shoes and a vanity kit when you set out for a holiday.

Charming Agriturismo

Those who choose a farmhouse for their holidays has an especially sensitive soul to nature and loves being surrounded by greenery all around to relax in contact with the remaining wild places. For this reason, the selection of farms Charminly ensures accommodation perfect in every detail, in step with the times but at the same time absolutely sustainable. In many cases those who choose to give birth to a holiday leave well-established careers in other industries or are often young people who decide to buy old ruins or land forgotten to give birth facilities can accommodate the tourists who are looking for quiet places it can recharge in contact with nature.


Among these Charming Agriturismo we have the pleasure of mentioning

The Perazzeta, an ancient farmhouse recently transformed in an agriturismo located in a privileged position enjoying the views of Lake Bolsena with around a forest, a flower garden and an olive grove that wind gently until you get to the lake shore. The rooms, six in all, have been obtained from the old stables and the pigsty and built of stone, terracotta and striking beams. Also noteworthy public spaces, bright and airy, as the patio where you can enjoy a hearty breakfast, the library, the snack bar and the heated indoor pool with Jacuzzi and views of the lake.


Another characteristic Charming Agriturismo is definitely L’Adagio located Baldaggio, in Liguria and only 8 km from Nice. The hotel, nestled between the green mountains, has been converted from an old stone cottage that evening lights of incredible charm thanks to the skilful play of light that ensures a glance not bad. Inside the visitors will also have the opportunity to relax completely thanks to a modern spa, a solarium and even bowling. The property, which is on two floors, has five suites with bedroom and living area and 4 rooms each dedicated to the four elements: water, fire, earth and air. Extremely refined setting that blends perfectly with the quiet of nature all around to ensure guests a truly charming holiday.


How to Make Your Holiday One-of-a-Kind

A holiday is a very rare thing these days. With either work or family commitments, it can be quite tough to take some time off even though you desperately need it. So when that time does come around, it only makes sense that you make it your best getaway yet! Good holidays do not simply make themselves though; they require some legwork on your part. Unless you have decided to quit your job for good and spontaneously move to Chile to teach English, inspired by that article that asked you to seize your life, you are best off putting in some planning. Perhaps this guide will give you a kick-start.


Pick a Location

There are literally hundreds of countries on this earth and thousands of cities… so where would you go? How do you know where you want to go? Well that really depends on what you want to do. Are you looking for a relaxing, breezy holiday away from the hustle and bustle? Or are you looking for something a bit more fast-paced? If you want to dance all night and explore the sights and sounds of a vibrant city for instance, then Vegas is a great option! If on the other hand you want to laze in a hammock and roam around without a sense of time, then head to any location in Asia.Indonesia is actually an extremely favoured location, so if you have not been there, give it a shot!

Where to Stay

This is going to shape your holiday a great deal. Take a visit to Indonesia for instance. You could either opt for a hotel stay or homestay to experience the traditional Indonesian life, but it also depends on which part you are going to. If you are hoping to visit the electric city of Bali, then you could also consider Bali villas Seminyak, which are right in the heart of all the shopping and luxe restaurants. Your accommodation matters, but try to stick to your budget instead of spending more than you planned. If you decide on your location early enough, you will be able to scour the Internet for special deals and discounts.

List Your Activities

Well, you need not necessarily list down ‘lazing on the beach with a cocktail’, but you should put down what you want to do during your time off. This not only helps you plan everything out accordingly for the days you are travelling, but it also helps you budget better. You will be able to research different places that offer the same activities, such as tours and adventure sports like bungee jumping, skydiving, and so on. You might even be able to join tour groups who are like-minded and can be a lot of fun!


Aside from these very important factors, you should remember that being aware of the country’s cultural and religious traditions is very important. You could even be held liable by law, so do not offend anybody. After all, you are in their country, and it is in poor taste to make fun of them and their way of life. Be respectful, make an effort to learn the basics of their language, and always be polite. Cultures vary greatly from one corner of the globe to the other, so make sure you read up and are well versedbefore you step off that plane.

Other than that, just enjoy yourself!

Organize a motorcycle roadtrip in Thailand

Are you looking for an exciting adventure in a new exotic country? Thailand is one of the best options available for a motorcycle tour, as it offers a complete array of different landscapes and activities. From rice fields to dazzling island beaches, going from buzzing Bangkok to calm tribe villages of the north, Thailand is a great country to be discovered with a motorbike. How to organize yourself before heading there?


  • Budget

First of all, make sure you have the appropriate budget before leaving. Thailand is a well-known country to have an interesting value for money in terms of food and accommodation. If you decide on a small budget beforehand, you will be able to adjust on your standards of living’s expectations there.

You will be able to find street food in every big city, prices ranging from 20 to 100 baht (0,50 to 2,50 €) for a full plate of local specialty. Try a Tom Yum Goong (spicy shrimp soup), a Pad Thai (Thai style fried noodles) or a Pad Krapow Moo Saap (fried basil and pork). Yum!

For the accommodation, you will be able to find very standard guesthouses at 150 baht per night to luxury five-star hotels.

Regarding the rental of motorcycles, count 150 to 450 baht (5 to 15 €) per day, depending on your choice of bike.

  • Climate

With its 514 000 km2, Thailand has different climates from North to South. Depending on where you go, weather won’t be the same from one season to another.

Best season for riding in North Thailand is from November to February then March to May. Between these periods, temperatures can go very high. From March to November, the monsoon season causes rain to fall at its heaviest.

The Southern part of the country has different climate constraints. On the West coast it can rain a lot and be stormy from April to October, while on the East coast most rain falls between September and December.

Globally, the country is tropical and humid most of the year.

  • Activities

Thailand motorcycle tours are a great way to enjoy a nice ride across the country and discover every landscape it has to offer. But what about the time on which you’re not on your motorcycle and want to enjoy some time off? Here are our recommendations of fun stuff to do.

  • Have a fish spa: treat yourself and get little fish to come to remove dead skin and impurities – very common in Thailand!
  • Visit the Temple of the reclining Buddha: This 43 meter gold statue located in Wat Poh will impress you without any doubt.
  • Take a tuk tuk: this very cheap means of transport will give you a glimpse of the local way of living.
  • Eat insects: be brave and buy some from street stalls for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • Visit Bangkok’s Grand Palace: discover Thai’s culture in Bangkok with these intricate painted white and gold temples

Now saddle up and enjoy your ride!

Barcelona’s commercial tradition and culture

Barcelona has a unique history and way of life. On this small group walking tour, you get to experience Barcelona’s shopping & sensations. You will be able to capture Barcelona’s commercial tradition and culture through the shop windows of the Gothic, Born & Sant Pere Quarters.

Barcelona Commercial Tradition & Culture

This walking tour starts at Placa Sant Jaume. You then head to La Ribera- El Born neighborhood where you will find some of the best beautiful gothic architecture in Barcelona. It also has a Bohemian style with many cafes & small design boutiques where you can do shopping.

In addition, you will also get access to independent shops with clothing, accessories & jewelry all designed and made in Barcelona. The El Born Cultural Centre is up next for this tour. It was initially the Old Born Market and was the first market in town constructed in the fashion of the architecture of Paris. In this centre, you get to see how life in the city was before and after the siege of 1713-1714.

After the Cultural Centre, you will head to the Mercat de Santa Caterin. This is a food market that will duly catch your eyes with its undulating brightly colored roof. It was Barcelona’s first covered food market. Its refurbishment completed in 2005 by architecture practice of Miralles & Tagliabue. In this market, you will get to be served with some quite outstanding quality products from the stalls.

During this tour reveling in Barcelona’s Commercial tradition and culture, you will get to connect with the city’s lifestyle with all you senses. Ranging from smelling mixture and variety of fruits & vegetable produce of the Mercat Caterin, touching the mosaic tiles & clothes textures in boutiques to experiencing the taste of some nougat and cured ham among others.

You will be treated to a shopping guide & map by Barcelona Shopping line that you can use when you go back to discover other boutiques in the city. Also, you will be given a Discount card (usable even after the tour) and a 1 Euro discount for the guides visit at La Casa de la Seda.

This tour could be the start of your many shopping sprees in Barcelona.


Why is camping good for health

Whenever we talk about camping, the first scenario that comes in our minds is that some young people who do not like to live the life of responsibilities are running away from home and wasting their time on the mountains and jungles and spending the money of their parents. We usually think that these people are not good friends because they can make us like them too. However, when we examine the same situation with a keen lens, there are many benefits of camping which can actually produce great effects on our health.

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1.    Distraction from the routine:

No one can digest the change easily. People these days are dealing with their lives like a robot. They have forgotten that they are human beings and they have family, friends and relatives in their life as well. In order to be the first in the race, they don’t like to spare any time for themselves too. Going camping is the best thing that can distract you from the routine and in turn it will help you make yourself connected with nature. This is necessary to function properly in life. Let’s understand it with the example of a machine. If you continuously run a machine for many hours, it will lose its life. In the similar way, if you continue working day and night, it will cause bad effect on your health.

While on the other hand, if you take some break and go for some camping with your friends. It will help you to fresh your mind and you will come back energetic and enthusiastic.

2.    Closeness with nature:

As many of you may have heard that nature is a great healer, it is a true statement. The power of nature is immeasurable. It has the power to heal each and every thing. In these days, almost more than half of the population of the world is suffering from depression. This is because everyone is in the fight to be the first. Now if you consider it, only one person can be the first. That person will be so happy and satisfied, but the other people in the race will lose their motivation and their self-esteem too. This makes them the patient of depression. Taking some vacations and going to the camping is the best option for them because in this way they will be close to the nature and this can help them heal their psychological wounds.

3.    Endless health benefits:

Apart from the best impacts on the psychology, there are many physical benefits of camping as well. Camping can make your body active because it requires an active effort. In this way, it is a good exercise for each and every muscle of your body. On the other hand, camping means so far away from the urban life and this means there will be no pollution of cars and industries. So you can fill up your lungs with the fresh air and stay healthy. Camping require tents and other equipment too. If you are planning to go, check out the family tent reviews before buying anything. They can help you get the best thing for your best journey.

Tips and tricks to help you pull off the perfect prom

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Prom season is finally here, and most kids are only going to get one or two cracks at making sure that their prom night is a night they never forget – which is why you’re going to want to pay close attention to all of the inside information we offer below.

Yes, the majority of your prom has likely already been planned by a prom committee (and you’re only going to have a little bit of influence over those decisions, if any at all), but you are going to be in complete control of most every other detail of prom night.

This gives you a lot of leverage (and a lot of responsibility) when it comes to making sure that prom night is something really special for you and your date or group of friends.

To help you really had the ground running and to be sure that you pull off the most successful prom night possible we’ve put together a couple of quick tips and tricks for you to focus on below.

Let’s dive right in!

Go off the beaten path when looking for a prom dress

If you want to make sure that you are the only one wearing your prom dress that night shopping at the same stores and locations that all of your friends are shopping isn’t really the approach to take.

Instead you want to jump online and look for dresses, get outside of your local area and shop at stores you may never have visited before, or begin looking into vintage pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind. That’s the best way to make sure that your prom dresses totally unique outside of having someone sew one for you!

Start planning early – especially when it comes to transportation to and from prom

Most people are going to be attending prom with a big group of friends, and if you want to be sure that you make a big splash when you arrive at the venue you’ll want to be sure to get the best prom car hire West Midlands service to help you out.

Unfortunately, a lot of your classmates are also going to be looking to work with the best prom car hire West Midlands service as well, and that means there are only going to be a finite amount of limousines available that night.

This is why you’re going to want to get your group of prom attendees finalized as early as possible, getting everyone together in figuring out how you’re going to get to and from prom together (usually with the help of the top-tier prom car hire West Midlands service), and then pool your money together to put down a deposit on these services for the date of your prom.

Knock this piece of the puzzle out early and you’ll have a lot less to worry and stress about, but will also begin are indeed a completely safe and professional method of transportation to and from your prom without any headache or hassle whatsoever.

Secrets for renting the best villas in Mojacar

Each and every year, millions and millions of people visit Spain – and a considerable amount of those people fall absolutely head over heels in love with everything that the Mojacar region has to offer.

Determined to return again and again as often as their budget and time will allow, many of these visitors look to rent the best luxury villas in Mojacar to make sure that their experience here is second to none.

At the same time, there are a considerable amount of people that haven’t ever rented a luxury villa before, let alone rent any of the luxury villas in Mojacar that can be had relatively inexpensively! But that’s why we have put together this quick guide.

Utilize the details below and you will be sure to enjoy your next holiday in Mojacar far more than you ever have in the past, all because your accommodations in a top-notch villa at a price point almost too good to be true will set the tone for the trip right off the start.

Start your search as early as possible

Because the Mojacar region is so beloved by visitors from all around the world you are going to want to make sure that you start your search for villas to rent here as early in the year as humanly possible.

Far too many people plan out (months in advance, no less) every little detail of their holiday but at the same time completely forget about securing – not just finding, but actually putting down a deposit and securing – accommodations as far in advance as they can.

That’s not a mistake you’re going to want to make.

Not only will you be able to secure some of the best villas in Mojacar by planning as far ahead as possible that might not have been available otherwise, but you’ll also usually be able to save a considerable amount of money as well.

Talk about a win-win situation!

Lean on local knowledge

While the Internet has definitely revolutionized the way that people go about looking for holiday accommodations, the truth of the matter is nothing beats speaking to individuals that have “boots on the ground” in the Mojacar real estate world to help you out personally.

Local real estate agents, property developers, and smaller resort companies are going to be able to help you find only the best villas in the area for your stay. They’ll also almost always be able to point you in the right direction thanks to their experience, something that you just can’t get out of the Internet (yet).

Read every word of the contract

A holiday villas in Mojacar are going to make for one of the most memorable trips you’ve ever taken, but you want to make sure that each and every one of those memories are great memories (and not nightmares) by reading every word of the your villa rental contract.

Pay a special attention to the fine print (and there is always fine print) and go over any issues, questions, or discrepancies that come to mind. Never sign on the dotted line until you understand EXACTLY what you’re getting into when renting villas in Mojacar.

Take a Trip to Niagara Falls this Summer

When it comes to trying to plan your next vacation, many people struggle with choosing a destination that is right for them and their family. One of the best destinations in North America and even the world is Niagara Falls, which is conveniently located only two hours outside of Toronto, Ontario. The incredible blend of scenery and activities means there is something there for everyone to enjoy – consider the following items before you book your next trip.


Why Tour the Falls?

First and foremost, the beauty of Niagara Falls is unparalleled anywhere else in the world. Every second, hundreds of thousands of gallons of water falls a whooping 176 feet to the lake basin below. That’s a lot of water! And it is a marvel for any single person, couple, or family to see first-hand.

Fun Fact: The area known simply as ‘the falls’ is actually three sets of falls named: the Canadian Falls, the American Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls. These falls span between the Canadian and American border. Each one is beautiful in its own right.

In addition to the falls themselves, the entire area that surrounds Niagara Falls is tremendously beautiful. Located in the southern-most region of Southern Ontario, between two of the great lakes (Lake Erie and Lake Ontario), the weather and topography of the area allow for beautiful: vineyards, rivers, lakes, and woodlands.

Personable Guides No Matter Your Interest

It’s easy to come to the region and miss out on some of the most amazing sights, so a properly trained guide is important for any trip. That’s exactly why so many travelers and visitors look to Niagara Falls tour operators to show them the area. If you’re looking for a competent tour operator for sightseeing tours in Niagara Falls, the number one Trip Advisor rated tour operator in Niagara Falls since 2013 is See Sight Tours.

What better way to discover a region, than through the eyes of a local? When looking to truly understand an area, it makes the most sense to find Niagara Falls tours that are guided by the people who live and breathe Niagara Falls. See Sight Tours is a locally founded company based in Niagara Falls that has been in operation since 2006.

Another tip to remember when it comes to the Niagara Falls tours is that regardless of what you would like to do, a quality guide will be able to cater a tour to suit your needs. You don’t have to go with a package tour if you don’t want to! Sights such as the maid of the mist boat tour, a journey behind the falls, a trip to Skylon tower, or a personal helicopter ride are just some of the magnificent sights you can see. Look into what you want, and choose only the very best! The region is rich with history and heritage, and there can be fun in many different forms of both history and common day excitement.

With professional sports teams, amazing casinos, and even water sports being available as options to pass the time, the opportunity to vacation in the Niagara Falls area is one that many families, couples, and even groups of friends have decided to do again and again.

5 Things to Do in Ao Nang

Ao Nang is a small resort town that packs a lot of fun. Located along the central point of the Krabi Province in Thailand, the beaches of Ao Nang feature clear water and white sands.


If you are considering a trip to Thailand, you owe it to yourself to learn more about Ao Nang. Discover the top 5 things to do in this wonderful resort city.

#1 – Enjoy a Relaxing Stay at a Luxury Resort

When it comes to lodgings, Ao Nang has a lot of options. You could relax and enjoy a traditional Thai massage at any of the luxury resorts in the city. There are also rustic hotels, bungalows, and charming cabins.

Whether you choose to stay at a high-end resort or a rustic lodge, you will find friendly staff everywhere you go – helping to make your stay as relaxing as possible.

#2 – Take Tours and Explore the Surrounding Area

If you want help exploring Ao Nang, then sign up for any of the available tours in the area. As you browse these tours, you could book a trip to Nopparat Thara Beach. The Nopparat Thara is one of the most picturesque beaches in the world and is zoned as a national park. Just keep an eye out for jellyfish before plunging into the waters.

If you want to get away from the crowded stretch of the main beach road in Ao Nang, you could take a long-tail boat to the nearby Rai Leh Beach. The beach is on the mainland, but access is blocked by limestone hills. The area tends to have cleaner beaches and less of a crowd. Depending on how long you are staying, you could spend a day on both beaches.

#3 – You Can Go Swimming, Snorkeling, or Diving

There is an abundance of water activities available to tourists in Ao Nang. You could go for a swim or go snorkeling near the beach. Along with these common activities, there are plenty of other options. You may enjoy taking a diving or snorkeling tour or you could even go surf.

There are several different scuba diving centers in Ao Nang. These include courses for divers of all experience levels. These scuba diving centers will take you on a tour of a known dive site where you can get a great view of marine life and coral reefs.

Along with scuba diving tours, there are numerous boat tours that will simply take you on a sightseeing trip around the surrounding region. These boat tours can even take you to nearby destinations. This includes the resort of Railay, which cannot be reached via road.

Not all of the activities occur on the water. You could also go rock climbing. Actually, rock climbing is what first brought a major tourist boom to the region. Ao Nang was originally a popular spot for backpackers seeking excellent rock climbing locations.

#4 – Fill Your Stomach with the Local Cuisine

You are going to need food during your stay. Enjoy local cuisine that combines a mixture of traditions and tastes of the surrounding area. There is food everywhere. You could enjoy a meal at your resort, visit a local bar, eat at a sit-down family restaurant, enjoy food from a street vendor, or grab a meal from an American fast food franchise.

If you really want to immerse yourself in the culture of the area, you are going to need to try the delicacies available from the various food stalls and street vendors. You will find delicious options ranging from seafood to fruity desserts.

#5 – Go Dancing at a Club or Enjoy a Few Beers

At the end of the evening, with your stomach full of tasty local cuisine, you can enjoy a refreshing drink at any of the great clubs, discos, and bars located in Ao Nang. The entertainment district is divided into two areas.

The two areas are referred to as Center Point and The Soi. Center Point refers to the stretch of bars and clubs located on the main beach road. The Soi is located roughly 200 meters from the beach. Both spots are happening areas with loud live music and plenty of entertainment.

Keep these suggestions in mind as you plan your trip to Ao Nang. Everyone will have a wonderful time if you plan ahead. Come up with additional ideas and write down some of the activities that you would like to enjoy during your stay.

Along with these tips, you should talk to the staff at the hotel or resort that you choose. The locals offer great advice for tourists. They may even help you save some money by pointing out the best deals in the area.

Have fun and remember to explore as much of the region as possible. Ao Nang is a beautiful choice for your next vacation.

Author Bio – This article is a work of Jack Chung on behalf of Phuket Ferry, a leading ferry agent. If you’re on the lookout for a ferry from Ao Nang to Phi Phi, do visit today for more details.